politicsbahhumbug.me  blog will be comments and thoughts about what is happening in our country. This will include politics, corporations, wealthy people, middle class, poverty, health care, wages and anything else that affects every one of us who live in America. To begin, the 2016 Presidential election is already the talk of the talkers, almost two years before the actual election.  TV, radio, etc. are full of who is in, who is out, who is on top, who is on the bottom, etc., ad nauseam. This, of course, is the bread and butter of the hosts of these talk shows.  They will tell us the latest gossip about one of those supposedly (but not actually declared yet) entering this race….past remarks that differ from what they are saying now…who has the biggest backing of the wealthy, etc. When watching or listening to these talk shows we should remember what they say isn’t necessarily true.  It is their “take” on the truth.  I have to laugh when someone says journalists, reporters, etc. are “unbiased”.  Every person, no matter what his position in life is definitely biased about the way they think the government should work.   With these people, their bias will come through in their reporting.  How they expose this bias is only by a matter of degree.  Their reporting is on a “biased” TV station as well, based on who owns this station and his own “bias”.  There is no way to get around this except to do our own research for the true facts of every statement made.  I recall one particular host of a long standing, “supposedly unbiased and respected” political TV program.  When asked why he didn’t question his guests when they were telling obvious lies, his answer was “It’s up to the viewer to research the facts.”!!  This election is for the most important and powerful position in America.  We can’t leave it up to others to decide who the leader of our country should be.  This goes for members of congress as well. There have always been the “movers and shakers” in politics but not to the degree it is today.  Today the wealthy of this country can control who wins, who votes, who gets the most attention in the media, etc. with the financial support for a candidate of their choice.  (a candidate who will get laws passed to benefit themselves).  They not only try to “buy” the presidency but the majority of seats in both houses of congress.  They also “buy” the U.S. Supreme Court (appointed by the president they placed in power).  Remember this highest court in America stopped the vote counting and “anointed” G.W. Bush as president in 2000!). On June 27, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his acceptance speech for the nomination of his second term in office.  He said “These economic Royalists” complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America.  What they really complain of is that we wish to take away their power.”  He added “The immortal Dante tells us Divine Justice weighs the sins of the cold blooded and the sins of the warm hearted in different scales” and “The forces of organized money are unanimous in their hatred for me.” It is disheartening to realize nothing has changed in the past eighty years as far as the intervention in our democracy by the wealthy ‘Royalists”. What is happening to our country today is certainly not what our Founding Fathers envisioned.  An informed vote is the best way to get “the scoundrels” (those who vote on behalf of the “Royalists”, not the American people) out of office to begin the change that needs to take place in this country.  An informed vote says you have done your part.