Haven’t we had enough of Bush and Clinton “politics”?  Evidently these two dynasties don’t think so.  They continue to want to “rule” America.  So…. it looks like we are in for another prolonged battle of the same old politics.  Nothing new or fresh…just the same old politics!

In a previous blog, I stated why Hillary Clinton would not be good for our country.   Now, it is time to give reasons why Jeb Bush would not be good for our country.

Jeb agreed with all the decisions his brother, G.W. Bush, made while President, including invading Iraq.  Anyone who thinks Jeb will govern differently than G.W. is mistaken.  With Jeb’s selections of the same people who “ran the government” for G.W, we would be on that same path again!  Those who believe Jeb is more moderate are sadly mistaken.  He has made it one of his goals to “appear” moderate.

Jeb has selected the same Foreign Policy advisors for “his administration” that were in G.W.’s administration.  The same Foreign Policy advisors who took us to war in Iraq!!   It looks like the G.W. administration all over again!   Jeb would have no problem taking us to war with Iran.  Jeb may be a “smoother talker” than his brother but have no doubt he will have the same extreme conservative agenda.

Some of Jeb’s e-mails while governor have been deleted recently (as he derides Hillary for deleting some of hers).   He has also “back tracked” on statements he made in the past.  A typical politician’s ploy to create a “clean slate”!  He will not be able to “delete” news videos of his views or his agenda.  They will “come out”.

Although Jeb Bush has been less critical of President Obama in the past, now that he is running for president he is being more critical than ever. These are the typical Republican criticisms when they can’t really find anything else to “get Obama”.  Jeb is going along with the standard Republican behavior to ingratiate himself among his fellow Republicans.

Jeb Bush has already met his financial goal for his campaign.  He has the “Bush” name.  This is not a difficult task when your father and brother are previous presidents!  You have the same experienced help from those who have already done fundraising for both of them. This is not exactly a difficult, new or “pristine” way of fundraising.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled there is no limit to campaign contributions nor do these contributions need to be made public.  The court has also allowed Wisconsin (possibly many other states as well) to repress voters rights.  The U.S. Supreme Court has possibly helped “crown: another Bush president again!!


Does anyone believe members of the U.S. Supreme Court do not have their own bias??  Does anyone believe because they are the highest court in the country, they can put aside this bias when ruling on issues brought before them (ones they choose to consider!).  Being on the U.S. Supreme Court does not automatically make a judge “un-biased”

Anyone who has knowledge of the Supreme Court members (past and present) are able to “decipher” this bias. To start, all we have to do is know which president appointed them to the Supreme Court.  For instance, out of the last eleven Judges nominated, nine were nominated by a Republican president and four were nominated by a Democratic president.  Some of them have retired.  If one were to note how these judges voted in recent years, it would be a good “eye opener” as to their bias.

In 2000, this highest court in the land stopped the voting for the President of the United States.  They “crowned” George W. Bush president.  This court has “overturned” one of the most important Voters Rights Acts since it was made into law.  This court has ruled to put no limits on election contributions from the wealthy and corporations. This court has ruled these contributions can be in “secret”.

Now, this court has refused to even consider the challenge to the Wisconsin Voter ID law which requires state issued photo ID.  This law affects 300,000 voters in Wisconsin.  Most of them who vote Democrat such as the elderly, college students, the poor and African Americans.  This not only gives Wisconsin Republicans a clear victory to determine “who votes” in their elections.  It also “opens the door” for other states trying to pass the same repressive law.  It has been proven that voting fraud in any state is almost non-existent.  However, if a political party such as the Republicans can willfully change the voting laws to suit themselves and the highest court in the land gives them a “pass”, what do we need this U.S. Supreme Court for?

The current U.S. Supreme Court has done more to repress the individual’s constitutional rights than any other court since its inception!  When a member of the U.S. Supreme Court attends and takes part in one political party’s affairs and ignores the other political party altogether, does this say un-biased?  When a wife of a member of the U.S. Supreme Court is visibly helping a particular political party that spreads lies about the other side, does this sound un-biased??

These are just some of the reasons that there should be term limits for the U.S. Supreme Court, just as well as there is for the President of the United States.  Once these members are “in”, they are set for life.  They can be as “biased” as they want and no one has any recourse to take them out of the highest court in the land.  This is absolutely intolerable!!


They are at it again!!  Sen. Mitch McConnell presented the Republican’s 2015 Budget.  The wealthy members of the U.S. Congress have cut the sick, homeless and hungry people out of their 2015 Budget.  This includes the “working” poor, Veterans and the elderly on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  They left “no stone unturned” when it comes to these cuts!  There is no end to what these members of congress will do to “balance the budget” so they can keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations!  At the expense of everyone else!


Both houses of Congress are full of members who have garnered themselves at least a million and in most cases, many millions in their time in office.  These millions are not from their salary.  These millions are from the wealthy, Wall Street and corporations to “buy” their votes to stop laws they don’t want.  They have received “favors” from the lobbyists on K Street and many other greedy organizations. The list is long for those who contribute to this kind of “buying spree”!  It tells us how much these people in congress truly care for the American people.  As long as they keep getting the “larger part of the pie”, these greedy congressmen will continue to be bought.  Their part of the pie keeps getting larger every year!!


The only solution to this ongoing problem is term limits   for all members of the U.S. Congress,   just as there is for the U.S. President.  The longer these “crooks” are in congress, the more they become “addicted” to the money and power.  The longer they are in power, the more they become “crooked”!   The real problem is the same crooked congressmen make the laws!  They will never allow a law to pass that limits their terms in congress!  This is a very real threat to our Democracy.  We have already seen what happens when these wealthy congressmen are in control.


I am sure many people feel strongly about this issue but feel powerless to do anything about it.  Since these crooks will never pass a “term limit” bill, it is up to the voters to vote them out of office.  This is the only choice we have.  I do believe the majority of the American people want term limits for these crooks so if they vote these crooks out, we have a chance to change things in congress.  Democracy can still work.




What the zealots celebrating Netanyahu’s win in the Israel election don’t understand is this is not good for Israel’s people.  In fact, because he made racist remarks to win this election, Netanyahu has actually made his country less secure and Anti-Semitism a larger problem now.  He has hurt all Jewish people, no matter where they live.  He has done nothing to help the country’s economy or the Israeli people.  The good news is Netanyahu has unified the Arabs into one party that is now the third largest party in the Knesset.  They finally have representation, in spite of his racist remarks.

In his address to the U.S. Congress (thanks to Rep. John Boehner and other Republican zealots) Netanyahu not only interfered in U.S. Foreign Policy, he also interfered in the Foreign Policy of the other countries involved in the very sensitive negotiations still going on with Iran on nuclear peace.  I doubt these countries will want to have anything to do with Netanyahu.

How about all the countries who are for a two-state solution for peace between Israel and Palestine? When Netanyahu declared he would never agree to this, he not only “slapped the face” of these countries leaders, he made it more difficult for the rest of the Middle East as well.  Netanyahu has certainly not gained any “credible authority” in the eyes of the rest of the world!  He is leading his country to war!

Compare two of the different Jewish American organizations in the United States.  One is AIPAC whose members are more loyal to Netanyahu than they are to America or Israel.  I suggest these Netanyahu “loyalists” move to Israel to see just what effect Netanyahu’s leadership has had on that country. The other organization is “J Street” which is made up of “true” Jewish Americans who are not Netanyahu loyalists. These members are Pro- Israel, Pro-America and Pro-Peace. They want a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

There is a “connection” between 1/3 of the Jewish people and 1/3 of the American people.  These are the zealots who care more about getting their own way than what is best for their country!  On the other hand, the majority of people in each country want peaceful solutions.  Yet, these minority zealots (in both countries) are voted into office where they make the laws that govern the majority. The “silent majority” better do something about this or both country’s Democracy is in peril with the “zealots” in charge!



Although several senators are trying to climb out of the “cesspool” they have created, the freshman Sen. Tom Cotton, is making it “bigger”!  He continues to make more public comments. This senator has no knowledge when it comes to foreign affairs.  Cotton stated Iran has already taken over countries, including “Teheran”…..which, evidently he doe not know is the capital of Iran!

Cotton quotes Prime Minister Netanyahu (who may or may not be Prime Minister of Israel tomorrow) as if Netanyahu has any say in the matter.  Today Netanyahu said if he remains in charge after the election, there will be no Palestinian State on his watch!!  This is the role model Cotton looks up to!

Cotton is not totally alone in this mess. There are still the other forty six who signed the letter. Another Republican, Rep. Bob Corker, wants to introduce a bill in the House that will give congress the authority on any deal before it is implemented.  Since the negotiations haven’t been completed yet, wouldn’t a reasonable representative “of the people” at least wait for the details of the agreement?  In all fairness, I must add that Rep. Bob Corker did not sign the infamous letter.  I give him credit for that.  Sen. Mitch  McConnell is doing his usual “get President Obama” round of talk shows setting himself more firmly in the “cesspool”!

These senators care nothing about the fact they could have possibly undermined the effort of many countries to reach a peaceful agreement when it comes to nuclear arms. These senators are fully aware other countries are involved.  It does not bother them that they are interfering in other country’s foreign policy as well as the U.S.

The only conclusion I can draw from this type of unconscionable behavior by these forty seven men is they don’t want a peaceful agreement.  They want war!  Evidently, the military industrial complex has all of them in their back pocket!



First, Rudy Giuliani said President Obama does not love America.  Next, he made demeaning racist remarks on Meet the Press.  What’s next?  Maybe the media attention he craves will stop after his third blunder.


Rudy‘s claim to fame is he was Mayor and made many public appearances after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City.  I give him credit where credit is due.  However, he made mistakes before and after the attacks that could have made a difference in lives lost.  It was his insistence that the Office of Emergency Management Headquarters be located in a building that had already been identified as a target for terrorists.


Rudy’s comment that President Obama was not “brought up the way you and I were” is so hypocritical it is unbelievable!  As his role model, Rudy praised his uncle, Harold Giuliani, who did time in jail for a robbery conviction.  This uncle also helped another uncle of Rudy’s with a loan-sharking business run out of his bar.


How many people know Rudy avoided the draft in the Vietnam War by getting a half dozen deferments.  How many people know six uncles of Rudy’s avoided service in WW11?  These are his “role models”!


Rudy got an annulment from his first marriage.  His second wife and mother of his two children found out he wanted a separation on a televised press conference!  Talk about being a “role model”!  He is not the person to be “throwing stones” at anyone!  His life has been full of “shady” friends and business partners and too many deceptions.


President Obama grew up with loving grandparents.  His grandfather and an uncle served in World War 11.  President Obama is a loving husband and father.  He has taken us out of a recession that crippled this country.  He does the best he can to help the American people in spite of all the obstruction he gets from congress and people like Rudy Giuliani.


Rudy Giuliani has become a bitter man because his “days of glory” are over. He will do or say anything to be in the “spotlight” again.  What is he doing for this country he claims he loves so much??  Absolutely nothing! 



The Republicans in congress are not giving us a chance to catch our breath from their last fiasco before they start another one.  Because Netanyahu’s speech didn’t have the effect they wanted they are trying again. This time, forty seven Senators wrote an open letter to the leaders of Iran warning them the possible nuclear deal the President (and other countries) are negotiating won’t mean anything and it won’t last because these Republicans are in charge!  In this letter they wrote “President Obama will leave office in January, 2017, while most of us will remain in office well beyond then, perhaps decades”!  WOW!  This is the most optimistic bunch of “hoodlums” (only older) I have ever heard!

Evidently, these hoodlums aren’t thinking very far ahead.  Do they really believe they will be re-elected after eight years of spending their entire time in office playing their game, “Let’s Get President Obama”??  After totally ignoring the majority of Americans and the needs of this country?  Because they are encouraged by the minority of radicals in their party, they think they are indestructible. These radicals, like those who came before them, will fade away and be replaced by people who may actually care about this country. These hoodlums forget how quickly things can change.  Their destructive behavior will come back to haunt them.

I am not in agreement with everything President Obama does but I do know this.  Faced with this outrageous behavior from Republicans from the day he was elected to office, he has been courageous throughout.  He has been calm, courteous and conciliatory towards all of them.  The night President Obama was first installed as President, a group of Republicans had a meeting to discuss how they could undermine this President.  It is well documented and Senator McConnell (from Kentucky) said their top priority was making President Obama a one term president.  This has been their agenda from the day he took office and have not deterred from that course in six years!  These are some of the people you have running the United States government!!

President Obama has many serious issues to handle but is still serving his term in office as a courageous, intelligent and thoughtful President who cares deeply for our country (yes, he does love America!), even after all the hoodlum attacks.  I wished I could say the same for these forty seven so called “Senators”!




I don’t think anyone has given the alternative to Hillary Clinton running for president.  It is Hillary not running for president!  She could just graciously tell everyone she has done enough for her country.  That she feels the current media attacks on her trustworthiness as well as all the other Clinton negatives that keep resurfacing are not the way she wants to live her life.  I for one would certainly understand and welcome her decision. There comes a time for everyone when enough is enough!  I believe this would be good for the country and the Democratic party as well.

It appears the “loyal” Clinton supporters feel it is Hillary’s “turn” and there should be no competition.  They have made it extremely difficult for anyone to run against her (politically as well as financially). Her supporters truly believe she would win.  They also believed she would win the 2008 primary election as well.  I don’t think it serves any good purpose at this point to “put all your eggs in one basket”!  Our democracy means “choice”, not “coronation”.

No one has the courage to talk about the age factor for fear of being called “biased”.  However, it is a factor whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  It is an important factor when it comes to the presidency and should be discussed.  How important is that factor especially in a possible two term presidency?   It should be addressed along with all her qualifications, etc.  It is part of who she is whether people want to address it or not.

What it boils down to is do we want another campaign where the Republicans muddy the waters so much it will turn to mud?  Consequently, this campaign for president will not be about who is best suited to lead our country.  It will be about Bill and Hillary.  Only this time it will be about Hillary and Bill and their entire political past.  Whether what is said is true or not.

Yes, Hillary has worked tirelessly in politics.  That has been her choice. I do think she cares for the American people.  However, this does not preclude the fact her first priority will be winning the race. As campaigns go.  I am concerned she will make “misstatements” as she did in the 2008 primary.  We know how that worked out.

I admire Hillary Clinton for all she has accomplished and give her credit for what she has done.  However, for the good of this country, I feel she should not continue the path for the presidency.  Her past as well as her husbands, will continue to be the spotlight news and this will take away the time that should be spent on issues that are important to the American people.  Again, whether the news reports are right or wrong makes no difference.  It is the time spent on them when this time should be about what is important for America, not what is important for the Clintons.

There are surely more qualified Democrats who can do this.


Preface:  This post was done on March 4th of this year when it was a “hot topic” in the news.  I still don’t understand!


I cannot understand President Obama’s insistence to Fast Track the TPP!  I do not understand why he is not giving the US Congress the details of this agreement before they have to vote on it.  Nor do I understand why he does not go to the citizens of this country and explain his reasons (not the short explanations he has given). This is contrary to everything I believed about this president.  I believed he would always be transparent and open about what his agenda is.  He took a much longer amount of time to explain his health care program, which was needed. Why won’t he do the same concerning

the TPP Agreement?  This agreement needs the same amount of explaining, if not more.

it is common knowledge that all the previous trade agreements have resulted in the loss of jobs for Americans.  The pay for the foreign workers who make these products is minimal.  These workers are made to work long hours with no overtime in appalling work conditions. These agreements have certainly not helped the poor in these countries.  These countries continue to break the rules without any consequences.  The only people these agreements have helped are the corporations who make outrageous profits at the expense of American jobs and the labor of people who have no choice.

I understand how much our president cares for the “downtrodden” (whatever country they live in) and I appreciate his concern.  However, this agreement falls short of actually helping them in any true sense.  As much as I am sure he wants to help them, he must remember he is President of the United States, not the world.   I believe he would serve the citizens of this country better if he continued to work on the many problems here in America.

This article is not intended to “criticize” our president.  It is to ask for clarification on every one of the details in this agreement and the hope he will consider the will of the American people on this Fast Track proposal.


Boehner/Netanyahu – Conspirators??

Boehner/Netanyahu – Conspirators??

The fact Rep. John Boehner (leader in one of the most powerful institutions in America) invited a leader from another country to speak to Congress without telling the President and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s acceptance tells us a lot about both men and their grab for power.  It is a slap in the face to every American as well as the President of the United States!!

While the President is in very difficult negotiations with Iran concerning nuclear weapons these two men are trying to throw a “monkey wrench” into these negotiations.  This is very close to “treason” on Boehner’s part and certainly at the very least, an intrusion into U.S. policy and our democracy by Netanyahu.

The United States and Israel’s friendship has never been questioned until Netanyahu decided to deliberately intervene in our foreign policy.  He told G.W. Bush he wanted the U.S. to invade Iraq!  He will not have “peace” talks with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian West Bank where Netanyahu has boldly taken land for Israeli settlers. Netanyahu does not want peace with the Palestinians and he wants us to bomb Iran.  This is his “foreign policy”!!

The U.S. has given billions of dollars to Israel to support their economy and weapons to defend themselves.  President Obama has continued to fund and arm Israel. Yet, Netanyahu continues to blame Obama for the current relations between the two countries.  The fact is President Reagan was not concerned about having a good relationship with Israel. He did many things Israel was unhappy with.  However, no one blamed him for that strained relationship.  Netanyahu’s only concern is winning the upcoming election in his own country.  He is an egotistical trouble maker and does nothing to help his own people.  He should be concentrating on how to make peace with the Palestinians rather than interfering in other countries foreign policy!!

As for Boehner.  He is also a loser.  He has sold his soul for power.  He knows the right thing to do for our country but he chooses to ignore it.  He chooses the wrong way in order to appease his rebellious friends in the House so he can hold onto his “power”.  What he refuses to accept is the fact that he no longer has that power or any control over these renegades.  These “friends” could care less about him or our country.  Their concern is to get their own way and make laws to reflect these ways, whether it is good for the country or not!  What a bunch of charlatans!

This is just one example of what is happening to our democracy today.  When the few can dictate policy, there is something very wrong!