Republicans Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsay Graham and Rep. John Boehner are out in force to do everything they can to stop the U.S. (and other countries involved in the negotiations with Iran) before they even reach an “agreement”! They continue to use the word “agreement” when the negotiating stage is at “a “framework”!  Sen. Corker wants to have a vote in the Foreign Relations Committee on April 14th even though there is “no agreement” or anything concrete to vote on!  Sen. Cotton keeps using his tried and useless “scare tactics”.

McConnell and Boehner went to Israel to strategize their “plot” with P.M. Netanyahu to stop this “framework”.  Netanyahu, the “perpetual pessimist” now wants to include his own demands in this “agreement” even though he is not now or has he ever been involved in these delicate negotiations.  He has been steadfast in saying “Any deal would be a bad deal”!  In other words, he now wants to have “his own deal” with Iran!  This guy gets more brazen every time  he gets together with these “stooges”!  All of them ignore the fact that Netanyahu is the leader of a foreign country insinuating himself into another country’s foreign policy!! These “stooges” could care less what is best for our country!

Boehner said “It is clear that this deal is a direct threat to peace and security of the region and the world”!  I guess this poor “deluded” fellow believes having a war with Iran would bring “peace and security to the region and the world”!!  McConnell has said as much.  As for Lindsay Graham…..he outdoes them with his statements; “The best deal comes with a new president” and “Everyone on our side could do better”!!  Again, he refers to a “deal” that hasn’t even been made yet.  How does he know what a “new president” would do when we don’t even know who the new president would be?  This leaves no doubt as to what his and his cohorts are really doing.  They are still trying “to get Obama”!  I think all of them have been in congress too long and need to go home to “pout”!   They have no sense of responsibility to the American people.  They are willing to have a war rather than give President Obama credit for a peace agreement with Iran.  They know perfectly well that a war with Iran would destabilize the entire region as well as other countries involved.  They know perfectly well that the unnecessary war in Iraq cost at least Four Trillions dollars and the loss of more than 6,800 lives of  U.S. soldiers with over 52,000 wounded.  We still don’t know the exact number of Iraqi’s innocent women and children killed in this misguided war!  “Those who “disregard” the past will repeat it”!

I don’t know how many or the names of the Democrats that are joining this “Republican farce”. I do know one that has given “fodder” to the Republicans.  That is Sen. Chuck Schumer. Now that he believes he will be the next Senate leader of his party, he is “flexing his muscles” like a “puffer fish”!  He is another one who has been in congress too long and needs to go home!  The other Democrats going against an agreement with a peaceful solution should go home too!!









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