Even though I don’t think Hillary Clinton is the best Democratic candidate to run for president, there is no question in my mind about how unqualified Chris Christie is to be president. Who does he think he is fooling?

Since Christie became Governor of New Jersey the unemployment rate is higher than any surrounding state.  Christie cut education funds.  Christie would not fund the $2.4 Billion that was promised to the state’s retirement fund.  On Christie’s “watch”, his state has been downgraded eight times because of “financial instability”!  Christie wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.  And, of course, there is always “Bridgegate”!!

When 70% of the people in the state you govern say they would not vote for you,   I wouldn’t plan on winning any more political positions!  Christie can “huff and puff” all he wants.  That doesn’t change the fact his political aspirations are no longer possible.  His time is past.  Giving a speech on “foreign policy” is not going to change things.  Especially, since Christie has no experience in foreign policy whatsoever!

Whoever you are, the choices you make define you.  The choices Christie has made tells everyone he is not qualified to be president!

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