So far my blogs have been political.  I’m taking a break from the mundane political scene and writing about something else going on in our country.  Corporate greed and nonexistent customer service from them.  COMCAST is a prime example of this.

Who hasn’t placed a call to COMCAST for help with a problem?  This huge conglomerate is everywhere!  This conglomerate is probably the least concerned about customer satisfaction than any other mega business in the country.   There are others that may be close but none can top COMCAST in greed or unreliability!

For example:

1) Trying to get help from COMCAST is like calling an “out of service” phone number (which actually happened to me once for a full week!!).

2) When your call is finally answered, you get the recording that says to get help you can go online.             Never mind your problem is with the internet and you can’t get online!

3) Next, you have to wait until the advertising for COMCAST’s services are finished.

4) Next, you go through the steps and choose the number they give you for the type of help you want.

5) Next, the recordings begin to go the “round robin” route!

  1.    a) “We are experiencing a larger volume of calls than normal at this time.”

.           Really??  This recording is not just now and then.  It is all the time!

  1.   b) Next, we get the loud music being interrupted by another recording “we value your business”

Yah… Right!!

  1. c) The longer we are on hold, the better chance of being totally disconnected!

6) When you finally get a customer service person, you cannot understand them!  I feel badly having to ask them to keep repeating everything.  It’s not their fault COMCAST won’t hire American workers that we can understand (does that sound familiar?).

7) We are not only unable to understand what the customer service person is saying.  90% of the time this person is unable to fix the problem and transfers you to “someone who can help”.  Then you are disconnected!   Also, when I have called more than once the previous customer service (one who couldn’t fix it) made notes the call was for a totally different problem than one I had.

8) Whenever anyone wants to transfer you to another department, 96% of the time the line disconnects.  It also disconnects when they put you on hold when they are trying to fix the problem.

9) At times the speed of the internet will be lower than half the speed you are paying for.  IF you call about this, they will admit the speed is “incorrect” and will put it back to the level you paid for.  YOU HAVE TO CALL IF YOU WANT IT BACK TO HIGH SPEED!!

10) I have had the DVR replaced every three or four months for the past three/four years because they always go “haywire”! The last time I had it replaced the “tech” told me they only replace faulty

DVR’s with used ones.  In order to get a new DVR you have to pay for a tech to come to your home to replace it!!  In other words, if your DVR isn’t working, in order to get one that does, you have to pay for a service call.  In talking with every tech who has replaced my DVR I have found ways COMCAST tries to “ding” you for more money!

There are so many more instances of bad customer service it would take too many pages to list them all.   The city I live in signed a ten year contract with COMCAST (I still wonder why??).  I have been dealing with these same problems for years.  A couple years ago I finally decided if COMCAST Customer Service can’t help me after four calls in a 24 hour period, I will not call them again (to get another uneducated “tech” or be disconnected!).  I called the Department of Cable Communications for the city to report the problem and on several occasions I did get an immediate response from COMCAST.  However, it was usually just a credit on my bill and not enough to make any real difference.

After giving up on any meaningful help from the city, I asked for the name and phone number of my   states COMCAST Corporate Headquarters.  Thankfully, she gave it to me. I had tried all other avenues to get this number, including going to the COMCAST website which was a total waste of time!

When I called Corporate Headquarters I had to press a “secret’ extension number that was given me to get the VP of Customer Relations. In the past years I have talked with three different VP’s.  Evidently this is such a high stress job, they don’t last long or they treat the customer so badly they get a promotion!!  After several talks with the first VP, the next time I called her “secret extension” number had been changed!  The excuse was she was out of the office so often they had to delegate these calls to someone else!  The second VP did not last there very long.  The last VP was probably the best one I talked with and did get some concrete results from.  Over the past year I have come to realize even his “hands are tied” by COMCAST as to what he is authorized to do.  My question is “why should I have to call COMCAST Corporate Headquarters to get help?”

It wasn’t bad enough COMCAST was allowed to merge with NBC Universal four years ago.  Now they are trying to “merge” with Time Warner Cable.  COMCAST is telling us this merger “would bring substantial benefits to consumers”.  The opposite has been true since the merger with NBC Universal.  They continue to raise their prices on cable and internet services.  They continue to charge more for outdated and degraded equipment (DVRs).  They expect customers to return this equipment for exchange at a COMCAST Service Center.  They don’t take responsibility for getting it to the customer!!

If the COMCAST/Time Warner Cable are approved, COMCAST would have more control and power over millions more cable and broadband customers.  Not only control over the use of these services but the content as well.  I would hope the two federal agencies responsible for these mergers (FCC and Justice Department) seriously consider the ramifications of these mergers before signing off on another one.  As the saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you….Fool me twice, shame on me”!!!

NEWS ALERT:  Just heard the news COMCAST has dropped its bid of $45 Billion for Time Warner Cable.  Guess the FCC and Justice Department weren’t fooled twice!!  However, this does not change the customer service one gets from COMCAST!!

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