I read an article written about Senator Bernie Sanders entrance into the presidential race.  Part of the title read “even if he can’t win”!!  Now, that is quite an opinion!  Although Sanders has just entered the race, the “political pundits” are already predicting his loss!  Whoa!  Hold on a minute!  The thought his entrance is only a good thing for the Democrats because it will give Hillary a “sparring partner” is extremely limiting and I suggest they “expand their minds” and listen to his reasons for entering this race.

This pessimism is based on the fact Hillary Clinton holds a lead in the polls, has more money than “Midas”, has more operatives and has “secured” the endorsement of “most” of the party’s leaders.  Really now!  Can any political pundit think “outside the box” just once??  Is it possible Sanders message will resonate with the public more than anyone expected?  Is…

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I am not talking about a “Military” policy.  This is about a political, economic and environmental “scorched earth policy”.  If Republicans (controlled by Corporations) take charge of the U.S.A. in the 2016 elections this is what I envision for 2020.  No more government funding for anything except the military to wage their never ending wars for more profits!

There are no environmental regulations so the Corporations keep “warming up the planet”!  There are still the oil, coal, chemical and other air polluting factories (owned by the Koch brothers and other billionaires).  We need oxygen masks when outside.

There are no other factories in the U.S.A.  Everything is produced in foreign countries where the jobs have been shipped.  There are no regulations on these companies as far as the environment, product toxicity, or work conditions go. There is no “warning label” on anything produced.  These are the only products available in the U.S.A now.   These products are “throw away” because there are no set standards for workmanship or what the product is made of.  There is no concern for trade balance because the U.S. has nothing to trade!

There are no family farms or organic food producers.  The Mega Agricultural Corporations have total control of what and how much food is produced.  All food is produced in foreign countries to ship back to the U.S.A. There is no Food Safety and Inspection Service to check the food for bacteria, toxic ingredients, mold, age, packaging, etc.  There is no label of ingredients on any product.

There is no Social Security or Medicare.  All except the 1% senior citizens are warehoused in large complexes throughout the country (owned by Corporations).  There is no funding for the hungry, homeless, mentally ill or jobless.  There are no jobs available.  Those who have jobs serving the 1% are paid a below poverty level wage with no benefits.  Other work needed done for the 1% are done by robots.

There is no health care for 99% of Americans because no one can afford the health insurance premiums except the 1%.  The Affordable Care Act (“Obama care”) has been repealed!  The 1% have personal doctors and hospitals at their command.  There are no public health clinics, public hospitals, medic one, 911 numbers for emergencies, ambulances, etc.  There is no federal prevention or control of disease.

There is no funding for recovery from hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes, erupting mountains or any other act of nature. There is no funding for roads, bridges, highways or airports. They are all decaying and unsafe to use.  The 1% have their private helicopters on their estates and jets housed in private airports for transportation.

There are no funds for education; pre-school, grade school, or high school. There are no funds to maintain the existing decaying schools. No funding for teachers. The only schools open are private schools for the children of the 1%.  All colleges are closed except the Ivy League ones for the 1% offspring.  The student loan for college does not exist!

There is no government agency checking the quality of water we are drinking.  Whatever pollutants go into the water stay there.  This includes pollutants from factories. The populace has water rations. The 1% have their unlimited safe, clean water source.  Power grids, no longer being funded or maintained, are failing.  The 1% have their own power source.

There are no U.S. Courts or federal prisons. The United States Supreme Court is now an extension of the Corporation government (“The Corporation Supreme Court”).  There are no federal arms control.  No gun control.  There is no federal law enforcement.

There are no public lands, national parks or forests, federal landmarks or federal buildings. There is no fish & wildlife service. There are no fishing regulations and the supply has been depleted.  There is no protection of wild life or reserves for them.  They are becoming extinct.

There are no government science departments because the Corporation government does not believe in science!  They have no science classes in their private schools or colleges. These schools and colleges curriculum is determined by the Corporation government.

 There is no Coast Guard to patrol U.S. waters or oceans.  No NOAA.

There are no Post Offices. Those who can’t afford a computer for communication have no means of communicating.  Only the 1% can afford new tech phones.  There are no longer any “land lines”.

There is no warning system for impending disaster. No Homeland Security.

There is no regulation of cable, radio, TV, satellite and wire.  Only the 1% can afford those now.

There is no “religious freedom”.  Anyone practicing any religion other than Christian or Jewish is a “terrorist” and will be incarcerated for life (in one of the Corporation’s prisons).

There is no Federal Reserve.  All currency and credit is controlled by Wall Street.  There are no regulations on banks.

There is no U.S. Treasury because there are no federal taxes.  Profits from The Corporations are brought back to the U.S. since they are no longer taxed.

There are no elections. Members of both houses of congress have passed laws for their terms to continue as long as they choose and they appoint their replacements.  The law applies to the president as well.  The Corporation government does not need the House and Senate building or the White House.  There is no funding to maintain them.  This is not a problem for members because they never did spend a lot of time in D.C. anyhow. They now do all business from their private estates by “group skyping”.  They are only “in session” a month out of the year to pass laws the Corporation government wants passed to keep the populace under control.

Welcome to 2020!









ISIS has taken control of Ramadi.  Wasn’t this the same city where, not too many years ago, U.S. soldiers lost their lives fighting for?  What about Fallujah?  What about Mosul?  What about the Anbar provinces mostly controlled by ISIS now? The list goes on!  The cities and regions once fought for and held by U.S. and Iraqi soldiers are now being controlled by the latest terrorist group born.  All because of  G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, General Tommy Franks, General Colin Powell and others.  These people have never been held accountable for starting an unnecessary war costing thousands of U.S. service men and women their lives (as well as Iraqi soldiers and civilians) and trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

These Bush Administration liars have their retirement pensions, health care and all the “perks” of working for G.W. Bush.  They make millions of dollars from writing books and speaking engagements to continue the lie. Yet, they have never had to answer to anyone about the terrible toll their invasion of Iraq has had and is still having.  All you have to do is “google” any one of them and you will find their participation in that war.

What these “War Hawks” did then wasn’t enough!  To add “insult to injury”,  a “very confused” G.W. Bush gave George Tenet the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” for telling him the invasion of Iraq would be a “slam dunk”!!

Now, years later, they are still “defending” their actions.  As if there is any defense for all the killing and destruction caused by them.  They are blaming President Obama for the present Middle East turmoil caused by their actions!  What a bunch of hypocrites!!

However, the Obama Administration has never brought them to justice.  Something is wrong when a sitting president will not pursue justice for all the lives lost and treasure spent in an unnecessary war!  I don’t care how difficult it may be!  “Diplomacy” is not called for here!  Obama’s inaction is something he will regret someday, if he doesn’t already.

Gates tells us President Obama does not have a “Middle East Policy”.  I would like to know what Gates “policy” was when he went along with the Iraq war!  Lindsay Graham and “joined at the hip partner”, John McCain, want to send U.S. troops into Iraq again!!  Have they learned nothing?  I wonder how many of them have investments in the companies that produce the military equipment used in war.  Dick Cheney and Halliburton’s connection are well known.

When is President Obama going to do what needs to be done, regardless of Republican backlash? Leave Iraq and let the Mideast handle their own problems. We never should have interfered in these countries to begin with.  History told G.W. Bush that but he wasn’t interested in history lessons.

This sectarian conflict will never cease, no matter what the U.S. does (propping up the current regime with more money).  The leaders are corrupt. The Iraqi army runs away from defending cities from ISIS.  The religious factions are not interested in national unity. They will fight to the death for their beliefs.  Meantime, we are losing valuable resources that are desperately needed for our own country.

This is not the complicated issue those in charge would have us believe.  They are crying “Wolf” once again.  They are the “Wolf” trying to put fear in our lives based on their belief of what “might” happen if we left the Middle East.  They have no “crystal ball”!  If we look back on the invasion of Iraq, we will find the same “mind set” today as those who were in charge in the G.W. Bush Administration.  How well did that work out??

The G.W. Bush Administration opened “Pandora’s Box” and no one will ever know all there is. The sad difference is this isn’t just Iraq any more. What about Syria?  What about Lebanon?  How many more countries will become involved in this genocide?  What will Iran do?  What will Somalia do?  What if?…..What if?.….What if?

The questions for the President and Congress are “How many other countries are you willing to get involved in?”  “Where and when does it end?”  “How are you going to fund all these “operations”?  “Do you care or consider how this is affecting every living American citizen?”

Anyone who tells us ”It is complicated and we can’t leave the Middle East” is “blowing smoke!!”

We do have a choice.  It takes courage to make the right one.










I used to think Jeb Bush was smarter than his brother, George.  After hearing Jeb’s “not running for President” comments that sound like a confused first grader, I have no more doubt.  They are equally “uneducated and confused” about what being a president requires. Consequently, Jeb, like his brother, George is not qualified to be president.  The only difference is George was at least smart enough to realize he wasn’t presidential material.  But… he handed everything over to Dick Cheney!  Which, in retrospect, was probably worse!  Jeb, already assuming he will win, has all of his brother, George’s, Administration lined up to take their place in his. I wonder which one Jeb would choose to run things!

Marco Rubio is another “uneducated” contender who keeps changing his mind about what his “beliefs” are.  Along with Jeb Bush, Rubio believes invading Iraq was the right thing to do!  Of course, again, like Jeb, he didn’t have to serve in that war!  Not only were thousands of lives lost but trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars were spent.  The outcome of this “right thing to do” is all of the Middle East in turmoil and the opportunity for yet another terrorist group (ISIS) to be born!  The difference between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio is Rubio actually thinks he can lead this country!  Which, in itself, may be more dangerous than handing that job off to someone else!

What about Chris Christy?  With the “Bridgegate” fallout, his States financial situation, his use of public funds for personal use and his outright hostility toward any citizen that has the courage to question his leadership….Christy has shown his inability to lead!  Christy saying he would choose Sarah Palin for his V.P. is the height of his ignorance!  Where was Christy in 2008?  Chris Christy is Sarah Palin’s twin brother!!

The rest of the better known Republican contenders for president; Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry (not declared yet) and Rand Paul are in a race to see which crazy comments gets the most votes from the tea party, from anti-government states that want to secede from the Union (sure wished they would!) and the ever hypocritical Christian coalition that goes to church every Sunday but practices none of the teachings of Jesus.

There are other prominent Republican politicians that are not in the race.  No matter.  The media has a “special affection” for these non-contenders so gives them the attention they crave by quoting every one of their stupid remarks!  Boehner answers a question with “Are you really going to ask me that stupid question” and Paul Ryan answers by talking everyone to death!  Lindsay Graham and John McCain are joined at the hip and pretty much repeat each other’s asinine remarks.  Yes, the Republicans have a “wealth of misfits”.  However….. this doesn’t mean the “low information voter won’t vote for them.  They already have!!





Remember when everyone was concerned about the latest technology invading our privacy  equating the situation with Orwell’s book “1984”?  I wonder if anyone remembers what the book envisioned in the future. I wonder if Orwell is spinning in his grave, wishing he had predicted Smart Phones and Drones.

Once in a while when I go through my many computer files, I wonder who is “being fed” everything I type, scan, download, search, every comment I post on the internet, etc.  It’s a good thing I don’t spend too much time dwelling on this. Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA classified information, was so upset he revealed National Security Secrets and became a traitor to his country.  Or…did he do it because he wanted the recognition and a book deal??

The reality is there is no line of communication that does not present the same question; Smart Phone, iPad, TV, etc., except face to face conversation.  Even then, that conversation could be recorded without your knowledge.  Even the U.S. Post Office has your name, address, phone number, etc. in their computers.  We are a nation of “sharers” even though some people on social media do not fully understand what and who they are “sharing” their lives with.  It isn’t just this country but countries around the world.  It is a world beyond Orwell and continuing at a rapid pace.

The corporations are making billions of dollars with every new technology product. The previous ones are considered “throw-away”.  After a year’s use (or sooner) they become obsolete. Replaced by a product that has more apps, more storage and sends more to the Cloud (the big file cabinet in the sky).  These new products need other new products that  “speak the same language” to be able to communicate with each other to accomplish one given task!  New computers need new printers, new phones need new ways to download pictures to print, on and on ad nauseam.

Schools even require a computer for students to do homework.  Some banks charge for printed monthly statements because they want you to do your business online (it’s cheaper for them!).

Have you ever tried to reach a corporation that sells all these products??  Some do not even have reliable service through their customer service phone number. You have to send them an e-mail through their company site! Then you get a form letter thanking you for your e-mail and if you are very lucky, you will actually get someone “out there” to help with your problem.

What does a family who cannot afford a computer do?  How do they help their child with the homework that demands one?  How does a senior citizen who cannot afford a computer get their monthly bank statements without cost?  How does anyone get a problem solved without days of back and forth e-mails with someone who may just be a fast typist, not a trained technician to help with their problem?  How?  How?  How?

Yes, we are way beyond 1984!


President Obama is telling some members of the U.S. Congress, the Unions in the United States., the environmental community in the U.S., the middle class (what’s left of them) in the U.S. and the majority of the U.S. population that they are wrong!  I must say, this is certainly condescending to those of us who believe the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) is bad for America.  This does not sound like the President Obama I once admired and trusted.

Before I go any further, let me preface this by saying I have been an Obama supporter and give him credit for taking us out of a devastating recession and doing what he could (with the Republicans fighting him at every turn) for the American people.  This is why I am so confused with his insistence that the TPP be approved.

I have read and listened to the pros and cons on this Agreement and there is no doubt in my mind that it is not good for America.  I understand this Agreement is not completed yet but what is known that has been agreed upon is contrary to everything we, as a country, believe in.

Have you heard of Jim Keady (“Education For Justice”)?  He was willing to stand up for what he believes in.  In 1997, Keady lost his coaching job at St. Johns University because he refused to wear Nikes!  He went to Indonesia where he lived for a time with the Nike workers and on the wages they were getting then ($1.25 an hr…..more than the 56 cents an hour the Vietnamese are getting now).  It didn’t take him long to lose a significant amount of weight.  He saw how impossible it was to live on these wages.  He saw what these workers endured to earn such a “pittance”!  Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike is worth 20 Billion dollars!!

 Nike made 365 Million pair of shoes in 2013.  Not a single shoe was made in the U.S.  Nike has 26,000 jobs in the U.S.   Nike has 90,000 jobs overseas!

 In 2000, Keady went to Indonesia where the third largest producer of Nike products is.  He helped organize a demonstration outside a Nike’s Headquarters. The demonstrators were illegally fired from their jobs and threatened by the police and military.  Keady said there are still cases of workers being verbally and physically abused as well as cases of “Union busting”.  Keady has been working for justice for these workers for the past 15 years.

The TPP has the same rules as in the 2009 Agreement.  Rules the 500 “Corporate Trade Advisors who helped write” the TPP Agreement got.  During the period the 2009 Trade Agreement   has been in effect, the labor has gotten worse.  They actually rolled back the labor and environmental standards!

President Obama promises new jobs for Nike if this trade deal goes through.  If Nike would just ship the jobs in foreign countries back to America, there would be more jobs in America! If the corporations who have shipped jobs overseas would ship those jobs back to America, we would have minimal unemployment!!  This isn’t just about Nike. They are just an example of all the greedy corporations sending jobs overseas.

In 1970, 25% of jobs in this country were manufacturing jobs.  Today it is at 9%.  Since 200l, we have lost almost 60,000 factories in this country. Trade agreements are one of the reasons for that.  As far as what these trade agreements are doing for the workers, the environment, etc. in those countries, I suggest you watch the documentary “Beyond The Swoosh”!  It is not a pretty picture!!

President Obama said “If we don’t write the rules for trade around the world.  Guess what.  China will do it.” This is a “politician” speaking.

The magic word is “ENFORCEMENT” of these rules!  The United States has never been able to “enforce” these rules in any past trade agreements.  So, how does Obama plan on enforcing them?  Obama tells us he wants to “level the playing field”.  Wouldn’t we all!  When our trade deficits have done nothing but climb higher every time a “trade agreement” is approved, how does he plan on “leveling the playing field”?  In the past forty years since trade agreements, the middle class has almost disappeared.  Tell them about “leveling the playing field”!

It truly saddens me to write this because, as I have said, I have been an Obama supporter. However, he has not been transparent about the TPP.  He has kept much of what has been agreed on from the public.  He has been a “typical politician” going around the country trying to sell this “boondoggle” when there are so many other issues that need his attention.  Here’s a thought.  He could be spending this time bringing the Wall Street (big corporations) gang to justice for what they did to this country instead of giving them another way to make more money off the backs of the indigent in all those countries!  I still do not understand how he could insist on an agreement that will take more jobs from Americans while “feeding” these same big corporations!  I guess maybe I have “been fooled twice”.  Shame on me!  Then again, what was my choice??  Another president shipping jobs overseas!

I compare President Obama’s insistence on a trade agreement that isn’t finished yet (one which the public has little knowledge of the details) with the Republican’s insistence on voting on the U.S./Iran Nuclear Agreement before it is finished.    It is a sad day indeed!






I read an article written about Senator Bernie Sanders entrance into the presidential race.  Part of the title read “even if he can’t win”!!  Now, that is quite an opinion!  Although Sanders has just entered the race, the “political pundits” are already predicting his loss!  Whoa!  Hold on a minute!  The thought his entrance is only a good thing for the Democrats because it will give Hillary a “sparring partner” is extremely limiting and I suggest they “expand their minds” and listen to his reasons for entering this race.

This pessimism is based on the fact Hillary Clinton holds a lead in the polls, has more money than “Midas”, has more operatives and has “secured” the endorsement of “most” of the party’s leaders.  Really now!  Can any political pundit think “outside the box” just once??  Is it possible Sanders message will resonate with the public more than anyone expected?  Is it possible the apathy of the voting public will be changed to enthusiasm for voting?  We certainly need “someone” to do that!

So far, the campaign for president is the dullest I have ever seen.  If they want to start this process so unnecessarily early, they could at least have something exciting to say!  There is no one who truly gets the people “revved” up.  The Republican line-up is all about trying to please the tea-party wing, cautious in what they say, yadda, yadda, yadda!  Hillary Clinton on the other side is trying to back away from her husband’s failed policies, telling people what she knows they want to hear but is also cautious about telling them what she would actually do as president.  This is what our political process has come to.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

When someone like Bernie Sanders finally comes along with a sincere and strong message, not mincing words or thinking about how it will affect his “poll ratings”, the pundits don’t know what to do with him.  He doesn’t fit into their nice “little box”!  Maybe it’s time they “opened that box to include more”!  If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.  When you have some journalists and TV hosts working in sync with the politicians you know our country is in trouble!

Last but not least is the fact Bernie Sanders has not changed his message, his beliefs, his concerns for the middle class in all the years he has been in politics.  What other candidate can truthfully say that??  What other politician can say that??