Articles have been written about the Koch brothers “American Legislative Exchange Council but I wonder how many Americans are aware of how dangerous this corporate organization is.  The purpose of this organization is to impose the corporate agenda in every elected position in the entire country.  Corporations pay the Koch brothers’ ALEC to allow their lawyers to write corporate legislation for Republicans to introduce and then pass into law.

If you think the Koch brothers have done all the damage they can do.  Think again!  They are just getting started!  Their goal is to take over all of America, not just Congress and the White House.

An offshoot of ALEC IS ACCE (The American City County Exchange).  This is an ALEC-operated project beginning in 2015.  ALEC is the “Daddy”, working at the national and state level.  ACCE is the “Son”, working on city and county governments.  Sounds preposterous?  Anyone who does not take these organizations seriously and does nothing about them will feel the results of their actions!  They have already taken over governorships, state legislatures and other political positions in a state (think Attorney General, Secretary of State (elections), etc.), city councils, county councils, etc.

Not enough to get you riled up?  How about their plans to abolish public pensions, unions, minimum wage and so much more.  For more information search ALEC at The Guardian.

These Republican organizations will continue their agenda until they are stopped!!










 Preface:  This article was written but not complete before the good news from the U.S. Supreme Court on upholding the ACA (Obama Care) and the legalization of marriage for the LGBT community in all states. I thank President Obama for this and congratulate him.  However, in spite of all the good news for Obama and this country, this article pertains to his most recent presidential actions that many Americans feel very strongly about.  Their voices need to be heard as well.

With reference to the title of this article, I begin: This must be President Obama’s position now!  He has been doing more legislation to benefit the wealthy and corporations than he has for the American people recently. It is hard to face the fact that the President I sincerely believed in seems to have changed his values. That is the only conclusion I can come to with these recent actions.

I am not writing this easily. I do believe Obama was sincere during his campaign and most of his presidency.  I believe after almost six years of continuous Republican obstruction he has given up and given in!   I guess he just couldn’t “go the distance”!  I truly believed Obama was stronger and more dedicated to the American people than this.  It breaks my heart!!

Obama joined the Republicans on the largest and worst Trade Agreement our country has ever seen, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).  The full content of this Trade Agreement is still unknown. Yet, Congress voted on it!!  After the required time and Obama’s vote on this, it will be too late to add any amendments or amend anything in this agreement.  It will be impossible to undo for six years!  With the majority of the American people and literally all the labor unions against this agreement, Obama has ignored them and pushed it through Congress.

There will now be drilling in Alaska thanks to the Obama administration.  Also, according to an article by Carl Hiaasen: ….“in January, the Obama administration proposed a plan that would open offshore oil leases in the Atlantic ocean from Virginia to Georgia.  Ten new leases would be granted in the Gulf of Mexico; one is in the eastern zone near Florida.  Obama has also moved to allow seismic testing for possible offshore oil and gas reserves all the way from Delaware to Cape Canaveral. The process involves the staccato firing of big compressed air guns deep in the ocean over periods of weeks.  Prominent scientists from Duke, Cornell and other institutions say the method poses a “significant threat to marine life.”

There are so many things Obama could be pushing as hard for as he has the TPP.  What about funding for the infrastructure problem in America?  That would create jobs.  What about working against these corporations shipping jobs overseas instead of helping them?

Whatever happened to the “Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act”; “to investigate and prosecute fraud in every corner of the financial system or the “Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission” “to investigate the financial fraud that led to the economic meltdown”?  I have not heard of one person being held accountable.

What happened with the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009” to close offshore tax avoidance loopholes?  Corporations still have their offshore tax havens!

Obama expanded trade agreements to include stricter labor and environmental agreements such as NAFTA.  Yet, there has been no action on any of these rules.  These agreements are useless when it comes to enforcing anything written in them!  Obama knows this.  Another reason why I question his insistence on the TPP.  His reason is the U.S. should make the rules, not China.  This does not “compute”!  If we don’t enforce the rules, what difference does it make who “makes the rules”?

As I said, President Obama has helped America in many ways.  However, his term isn’t up yet.  I just wished he would end it the way he started it…with the interests of the American people first and foremost!       –


Talk about a “cry baby”!  Scalia’s “temper tantrums” are becoming worse every time he doesn’t get his own way!!  It is unbelievable this man was chosen for the highest court in the land!

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) Thursday morning, Scalia has been having his usual “hissy fit”!!  He called the ruling “interpretive jiggery-pokery”!!  He went so far as to verbally attack the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts for the way he voted!

Scalia does not hide the fact his politics are extreme right wing conservative.  He openly goes to Republican events and speaks at some.  He freely displays his dislike for anyone who dares to disagree with him.  Scalia is “so full of himself” he could float a “hot air balloon” without any help!!

Scalia defends the powers of the executive branch, believing presidential power should be paramount…..unless the president is Barack Obama!  Scalia has a way of “wording” his decisions to make it appear he has no bias.  However, the very same words show his bias!

And…of course, who could forget the 2000 Bush v Gore case which “effectively” ended vote count of ballots in Florida.  That’s the case Scalia “crowned” G.W. Bush as president!

Antonin Scalia has been on the U.S. Supreme Court nearly thirty years.  It’s time he retired and joined the rest of his “tea party” group!






One poll I saw said Hillary Clinton was ahead of Bernie Sanders by 60 points!  Don’t you believe it!  Other polls have Bernie within a margin of 10 points.  It all depends on which polls you read.

The poll giving Hillary the 60 points was by ABC and Wall Street Journal.  Just consider the source!  Wall Street certainly doesn’t want Bernie in charge!  Wall Street and the banks gave us the greatest depression since the 1930’s.  None of them have been held accountable!  The President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, nor anyone else has done anything to make these wealthy “thieves”   pay for what they did to the U.S. economy!!  Neither have any of the destructive policies been rolled back that allowed this in the first place.  They are free to keep on doing the same thing and if not stopped, we will have another depression as bad as the last, if not worse! No one is enforcing the “regulations”!  Bernie will change this.

Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill, felt the need to “put down” Bernie Sanders by calling him a socialist (a bad word for those who oppose him).  Of course, she is for Hillary Clinton!  She is now one of the many entrenched politician who has learned how to “play the game”!   McCaskill is also one of the Democrats who voted for the TPP.  She will find out how these actions affect her in the next election!  As will the other Democrats who voted for the TPP.  Bernie is for saving American jobs!  Not shipping them overseas!  McCaskill’s remarks only remind us of the “clout” Hillary Clinton, another “entrenched” politician, has.

With thousands of people gravitating towards Sanders, Hillary is going to need all the help she can get!









Now that Jeb Bush has finally conceded he is running for president, has anyone mentioned what Jeb Bush did to help his brother, G.W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election?  This is while Jeb Bush was governor of Florida.  Florida had a massive purge of the voter rolls focused on African Americans who historically vote Democrat.  That wasn’t the only thing Jeb did!  He helped to stop the vote count in south Florida while George W. Bush had a measly 537 vote lead in the state!  These outrageous undemocratic actions by Jeb made it easy for the undemocratic U.S. Supreme Court to “crown G.W. Bush president”. A final vote count was done by an independent organization after this “crowning” and found Al Gore to be the true winner!!  This is the Jeb Bush that wants to be President of our country!

Did you know Jeb Bush was an “extremely right wing” politician while he was Governor of Florida?  Did you know Jeb backed the “stand your ground” gun law?  You know, the law that got Zimmerman free and clear for murdering Trayvon Martin while Trayvon was walking home with some Skittles he had bought!  Did you know Jeb went against Terry Schiavo’s own stated wishes to her husband about being kept alive when there was no hope of recovering?  Jeb went so far as to get court orders to force fed her even though she had been in a vegetative state for a dozen years!  Did you know Jeb cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy while governor?  Did you know he started the first school voucher program for charter schools that are run by private companies?  There is so much more to learn about Jeb Bush and his “Bush family ways”.

In a private meeting Tuesday, Jeb said he depended on his brother, George for advice on the Middle East! Does this sound like Jeb being “his own man” to you??  Choosing the same presidential administration as his brother, George…does that sound like he is “his own man”?

What is obvious to everyone who has the facts is that Jeb Bush’s presidency would be a continuation of the George W. Bush presidency.  Is this what America wants?  More wars, more tax breaks for the wealthy, less help for the middle class, ad infinitum!

George H.W. Bush, Jeb’s father, vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1990.  Jeb’s father became only the second President since the 1950’s to veto legislation identified as a civil rights measure.  The other one was Ronald Reagan.  Since Jeb seems to believe the way to govern is the same as his father and brother, I wonder what Jeb would do about civil rights??

I’m sure there is more to come about how Jeb Bush “really feels”!

South Carolina Church Tragedy – NINE PRAYING SOULS LOST


Sometimes I am ashamed to be a white person.  This is one of those times.  Every time an innocent African American life is taken by a white person filled with racist hatred, I am ashamed of my race. How can the shooting of innocent African Americans praying in Church get 24/7 attention for a few days and then, everything goes back to exactly the way it was before.  Nothing is done to stop this hatred?  Something has to be done to stop this senseless killing of innocent people!  This is not the America I want to live in!

This hatred starts with the children.  How do children “learn how to hate “someone different from them whether it be about the color of their skin or religion. This hatred isn’t something any child is born with.  It has to be taught.  Children learn from observing adults.  Whether it be a parent or an adult responsible for raising this child. These adults, by their own behavior, are shaping the child’s learning experiences into who they will be as adults.  How these adults behave towards others and what they say about others is the “learning experience” for children.  It is a vicious circle, parents teach children hate, these children teach their children hate and the killings go on!  Because this is a (supposedly) free society, we can’t tell parents how to raise their children but any parent who professes to be a Christian and teaches their children “to hate others” is not a Christian!

What should I, as an individual, do to stop this hatred?  I need to speak up whenever I hear a derogatory remark about any individual, no matter what their skin color or religion.  I need to speak up when I hear someone “spout their hatred” no matter the consequences to me.  I need to let the world know I do not accept this “hatred” of others and I will fight it until the day I die.

If each one of us does this, think about how just maybe it can make the “haters” realize no one wants to hear their “hatred” and it is not accepted.   I realize how simplistic this sounds.  However, if we, as a society, cannot make a difference, maybe we, as individuals can.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in this horrible tragedy and the church members as well as others who will remember this day for the rest of their lives.



Jeb Bush had his “coming out” party yesterday.  His speech was Zzzzzzzzzzzz!!  Nothing new. Promises, promises, promises! He had trouble following the prompter.  His eyes were going 90 miles a minute, wondering where to go next!  It made me dizzy!  With the pick of Paul Wolfowitz as his Foreign Policy Advisor (one of the lead architects of invading Iraq in his brother, George’s administration), we know what he is planning for Iraq!  His policy statement is G.W. Bush all over again.  It doesn’t make any difference that his campaign only uses the name “Jeb”.  Jeb thinks if he does that Americans won’t be reminded of the disastrous G.W. Bush presidential years.   Jeb does this himself without even mentioning the name “Bush”!  Jeb said “The presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next”.  I say “The presidency should not be passed on from one Bush to the next!!”

Hillary Clinton, again, without choosing sides, made another useless comment about the Trans Pacific Partnership! Too bad she wouldn’t give her honest opinion on TPP even though the House Democrats (supposedly her political party) voted it down!  She “played it safe” as she always does!  Her message is still the same. She’s going to help the middle class.  Yet, she still has not told us how she intends to do that.  What amazes me is Hillary has been in politics for how many years?  Her husband was President for eight years.  With her political clout all those years, I wonder why she couldn’t have done something about all the issues “she cares so deeply about” before now?? More promises!

Franklin Graham, the preacher who keeps “putting his foot in his mouth” once again shows his hatred for the LGBT community.  He takes out all his money from a bank because it won’t agree with his hatred!  This money he has is because of one fact.  He is the son of Billy Graham.  Franklin is the total opposite of his father.  Billy Graham made no public judgment on anyone. He was kind and caring and a true Christian!  He lived what Jesus taught.  Unlike his son, Franklin!  Franklin Graham forgets too easily his “not so Christian” life when he was younger.  Who gave him the “authority” to judge others?

Senator Chris Murphy has filed an amendment to the defense authorization bill that would prohibit the use of funds for ground troops in the fight against ISIL. Let’s hope all members of congress put aside their “corporate funded vote” and do the right thing this time!  We have lost too many lives and U.S. treasure to continue this “debacle” still going on!  Murphy has also helped pass “Government Funding Transparency Act of 2008” regarding for-profit government contractors operating in Iraq.   Murphy helped shape the Office of Congressional Ethics law. In 2011 Murphy tried to hold a hearing on the “Supreme Court Transparency and Disclosure Act”, which would end the Supreme Court’s immunity to judicial ethics laws.  Murphy is working for America!

The EPA has given Shell Oil a green light to discharge waste at four proposed well sites into the Chukchi Sea in Alaska.  This includes domestic wastes, sanitary wastes, bilge water, excess cement slurry, water-based drilling fluids and blowout preventer fluid.  This was done without any media coverage last week!



The United States Supreme Court, once again, agreed to hear arguments against a law that has already been brought before them once before. The Republicans want to take health insurance from six million people who are covered by this Act now!  The ACA (Affordable Care Act/”Obama Care”) has been established and working for several years now.  The Republicans in congress have tried over 40 times to repeal this law. They have failed each time.  Now, they are taking it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Why is the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to “hear” this case again?  Good question!  Answer:  because the Supreme Court is “loaded” with very right wing conservative Republicans.  These “right wingers have changed laws that have been on the books for years to help Republicans.  They changed the Voters Rights Act to suit Republicans.  They voted for “Citizens United”, a law that now allows corporations and billionaires to support candidates of their choice in an election without any limitations or disclosures! The majority of these “citizens” are Republican.

Our Republic is being taken apart, bit by bit, by the Republicans in congress, at both national and state levels.  They continue to vote against any legislation that would help the middle class and poverty level citizens.  In fact, they not only vote against any help.  They are trying to do away with what little help there now is.  They want to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, education, etc.  They are also taking away good jobs in America by passing Trade Agreements  so the corporations can ship these jobs overseas.  These corporations fund these same Republican’s election campaigns!

The U.S. Supreme Court could act on this as soon as next week!  Republicans have a “fast track” through this Supreme Court!!



On June 10, 2015 a bill was passed by the Republican house.  This bill repeals the requirement for meat products to be labeled with their “country of origin”.  In other words, we in the U.S. would have no way of knowing which country our meat/poultry is coming from!  We would not know the conditions these animals  were raised in, the process of preparing for market or the condition of the plant it was packaged in.  There would be no regulations on safety.  We already have many other products made in foreign countries shipped to the U.S. without any labeling or safety regulations, including many foods.

This bill (H.R. 2393) was introduced by Rep. Michael Conaway from Texas. The full title of the bill is “To amend the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to repeal country of origin labeling requirements with respect to beef, port, and chicken, and for other purposes.  To read the text of the bill you can go to H.R. 2393.

It is almost impossible to keep up with all the “dirty deeds” the Republicans are doing to help the greedy corporations make even more profit!  They could care less about the safety of anything sold to the American people.  These legislators will do anything for these corporations to line their pockets with $$!! These same legislators are still trying to strike down the ACA (“Obama care”) for the insurance companies even though this would take away health insurance for 6 million people!  Their corruption is truly “mind boggling”!!

If our democracy is to survive we need to vote every “corrupt” politician out of office….ASAP!!  They will never vote “term limits” for themselves.  Why should they?  They have a good thing going and the cash flow is increasing!

I recommend everyone who wants to know where their meat comes from call their Senators and let them know this is unacceptable.  The senate hasn’t voted on this yet.


Jeb  Bush has already given three different answers when asked if he would have invaded Iraq as his brother, G.W. had done.  1) He would have done what his brother did…invade Iraq. 2) No, he wouldn’t have invaded Iraq 3) Duh! Depends on what “invade” means.

This wasn’t the only time he was talking about Iraq.  According to Joe Conason, Jeb Bush was affiliated with a group called “Project for New American Century’ that laid out a plan for Iraq long before his brother, George, invaded Iraq.  This group was going to use Iraq as a “staging area” to turn the Middle East into a democracy!  Does this sound familiar?  I wonder who had the idea first about invading Iraq…Jeb or George.

On his latest “unofficial act as non-candidate” Jeb went to Europe.  He met with a politician in Poland, who, just the day before, had resigned from office because he had been caught on tape saying the U.S. was “worthless” and “a bunch of losers” (among other comments “not so printable).  So….. Jeb had a meeting, a “photo op” and handshake to “seal the deal”!  The “beltway press” called this trip gaffe-free!  What??

Supposedly, when Jeb finally announces his candidacy, he will concentrate on “Jeb Bush”, “his own man”, past Governor of Florida, yada, yada, yada.  He will try to stay away from his brother, George’s actions as president.  Good Luck with that, Jeb!

If Jeb Bush thinks his time as Governor of Florida is going to help him any, he is mistaken.  His record as Governor is “out there” and other than Republican Floridians, his record is not as “pure” as he would like everyone to think.