Jeb Bush had his “coming out” party yesterday.  His speech was Zzzzzzzzzzzz!!  Nothing new. Promises, promises, promises! He had trouble following the prompter.  His eyes were going 90 miles a minute, wondering where to go next!  It made me dizzy!  With the pick of Paul Wolfowitz as his Foreign Policy Advisor (one of the lead architects of invading Iraq in his brother, George’s administration), we know what he is planning for Iraq!  His policy statement is G.W. Bush all over again.  It doesn’t make any difference that his campaign only uses the name “Jeb”.  Jeb thinks if he does that Americans won’t be reminded of the disastrous G.W. Bush presidential years.   Jeb does this himself without even mentioning the name “Bush”!  Jeb said “The presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next”.  I say “The presidency should not be passed on from one Bush to the next!!”

Hillary Clinton, again, without choosing sides, made another useless comment about the Trans Pacific Partnership! Too bad she wouldn’t give her honest opinion on TPP even though the House Democrats (supposedly her political party) voted it down!  She “played it safe” as she always does!  Her message is still the same. She’s going to help the middle class.  Yet, she still has not told us how she intends to do that.  What amazes me is Hillary has been in politics for how many years?  Her husband was President for eight years.  With her political clout all those years, I wonder why she couldn’t have done something about all the issues “she cares so deeply about” before now?? More promises!

Franklin Graham, the preacher who keeps “putting his foot in his mouth” once again shows his hatred for the LGBT community.  He takes out all his money from a bank because it won’t agree with his hatred!  This money he has is because of one fact.  He is the son of Billy Graham.  Franklin is the total opposite of his father.  Billy Graham made no public judgment on anyone. He was kind and caring and a true Christian!  He lived what Jesus taught.  Unlike his son, Franklin!  Franklin Graham forgets too easily his “not so Christian” life when he was younger.  Who gave him the “authority” to judge others?

Senator Chris Murphy has filed an amendment to the defense authorization bill that would prohibit the use of funds for ground troops in the fight against ISIL. Let’s hope all members of congress put aside their “corporate funded vote” and do the right thing this time!  We have lost too many lives and U.S. treasure to continue this “debacle” still going on!  Murphy has also helped pass “Government Funding Transparency Act of 2008” regarding for-profit government contractors operating in Iraq.   Murphy helped shape the Office of Congressional Ethics law. In 2011 Murphy tried to hold a hearing on the “Supreme Court Transparency and Disclosure Act”, which would end the Supreme Court’s immunity to judicial ethics laws.  Murphy is working for America!

The EPA has given Shell Oil a green light to discharge waste at four proposed well sites into the Chukchi Sea in Alaska.  This includes domestic wastes, sanitary wastes, bilge water, excess cement slurry, water-based drilling fluids and blowout preventer fluid.  This was done without any media coverage last week!

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