South Carolina Church Tragedy – NINE PRAYING SOULS LOST


Sometimes I am ashamed to be a white person.  This is one of those times.  Every time an innocent African American life is taken by a white person filled with racist hatred, I am ashamed of my race. How can the shooting of innocent African Americans praying in Church get 24/7 attention for a few days and then, everything goes back to exactly the way it was before.  Nothing is done to stop this hatred?  Something has to be done to stop this senseless killing of innocent people!  This is not the America I want to live in!

This hatred starts with the children.  How do children “learn how to hate “someone different from them whether it be about the color of their skin or religion. This hatred isn’t something any child is born with.  It has to be taught.  Children learn from observing adults.  Whether it be a parent or an adult responsible for raising this child. These adults, by their own behavior, are shaping the child’s learning experiences into who they will be as adults.  How these adults behave towards others and what they say about others is the “learning experience” for children.  It is a vicious circle, parents teach children hate, these children teach their children hate and the killings go on!  Because this is a (supposedly) free society, we can’t tell parents how to raise their children but any parent who professes to be a Christian and teaches their children “to hate others” is not a Christian!

What should I, as an individual, do to stop this hatred?  I need to speak up whenever I hear a derogatory remark about any individual, no matter what their skin color or religion.  I need to speak up when I hear someone “spout their hatred” no matter the consequences to me.  I need to let the world know I do not accept this “hatred” of others and I will fight it until the day I die.

If each one of us does this, think about how just maybe it can make the “haters” realize no one wants to hear their “hatred” and it is not accepted.   I realize how simplistic this sounds.  However, if we, as a society, cannot make a difference, maybe we, as individuals can.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in this horrible tragedy and the church members as well as others who will remember this day for the rest of their lives.


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