Now that Jeb Bush has finally conceded he is running for president, has anyone mentioned what Jeb Bush did to help his brother, G.W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election?  This is while Jeb Bush was governor of Florida.  Florida had a massive purge of the voter rolls focused on African Americans who historically vote Democrat.  That wasn’t the only thing Jeb did!  He helped to stop the vote count in south Florida while George W. Bush had a measly 537 vote lead in the state!  These outrageous undemocratic actions by Jeb made it easy for the undemocratic U.S. Supreme Court to “crown G.W. Bush president”. A final vote count was done by an independent organization after this “crowning” and found Al Gore to be the true winner!!  This is the Jeb Bush that wants to be President of our country!

Did you know Jeb Bush was an “extremely right wing” politician while he was Governor of Florida?  Did you know Jeb backed the “stand your ground” gun law?  You know, the law that got Zimmerman free and clear for murdering Trayvon Martin while Trayvon was walking home with some Skittles he had bought!  Did you know Jeb went against Terry Schiavo’s own stated wishes to her husband about being kept alive when there was no hope of recovering?  Jeb went so far as to get court orders to force fed her even though she had been in a vegetative state for a dozen years!  Did you know Jeb cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy while governor?  Did you know he started the first school voucher program for charter schools that are run by private companies?  There is so much more to learn about Jeb Bush and his “Bush family ways”.

In a private meeting Tuesday, Jeb said he depended on his brother, George for advice on the Middle East! Does this sound like Jeb being “his own man” to you??  Choosing the same presidential administration as his brother, George…does that sound like he is “his own man”?

What is obvious to everyone who has the facts is that Jeb Bush’s presidency would be a continuation of the George W. Bush presidency.  Is this what America wants?  More wars, more tax breaks for the wealthy, less help for the middle class, ad infinitum!

George H.W. Bush, Jeb’s father, vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1990.  Jeb’s father became only the second President since the 1950’s to veto legislation identified as a civil rights measure.  The other one was Ronald Reagan.  Since Jeb seems to believe the way to govern is the same as his father and brother, I wonder what Jeb would do about civil rights??

I’m sure there is more to come about how Jeb Bush “really feels”!

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