President Obama has authorized more U.S. troops be sent to Iraq!  He has also approved a new military base in Anbar Province.  This base is for the 500 “military advisors” he is sending to “show the Iraqi army” how to take the city of Ramadi back from ISIS!  The city the Iraqi army ran away from in the first place because ISIS was there!

Obama said these are not “combat troops”.  They are just “advisors” to devise a strategy for the Iraqi’s to retake Ramadi.  However, this base is much closer to the fighting area and will put our troops in harms way.  Here we go again!!  It is a matter of semantics.  Obama said “no combat troops on the ground.  O.K.  So, what happens if this “advisors” base is attacked by ISIS?  Because they are not “combat troops”, how do they defend themselves?  The bottom line is there are more “combat troops” on the ground no matter what he calls them!

What I don’t understand is why Obama is going the G.W. Bush route when he knows how that turned out.  This may not be the initial invasion or the number of troops at that time but it is still an escalation of a war that has been fought over and over and to no end.  The report is Obama made this decision after talking with the Iraqi President who asked for more help.  Of course, he did!!  The military and national security people in the Obama administration are for it as well, of course!.  Just like the G.W. Bush administration was!  A national reporter who has lived in Iraq for many years said this will not make any difference!  So, they retake Ramadi.  Then what??

After pushing the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement) for the Republicans and now again, going along with the Republicans by becoming more involved in the war in Iraq, is Obama’s real agenda becoming apparent at this late stage of his presidency?  Or, as I have asked before, is Obama just giving up on doing anything more for the American people because of the Republicans obstruction?  Is he “going along” with the Republicans to “get along” with them?

For whatever reason, President Obama is wrong in what he is doing, both on the TPP and the escalation of troops (no matter how small the number) in Iraq.  I wonder what is next on his agenda!


Poor Benjamin Netanyahu!  The world is ignoring him and he is having a “hissy fit”!  I see he has not lost his “huff and puff” rhetoric!  In response to the three rocket attacks from Gaza that caused no injuries or damage, he made a statement he hopes the world will respond to….….” “It will be interesting to see if this silence continues when we use all our strength in exercising our right to defend ourselves,” Netanyahu said. “It should be clear: The hypocrisy that is sweeping the world will not chain our hands from defending the citizens of Israel.”    It has been reported that supporters of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for these rocket attacks, not Hamas.  Hamas is trying to crackdown on this group.  The Israeli military did strike the Gaza Strip with rockets.  Thankfully, there were no injuries or immediate damage there either.  I do not condone the rocket strikes on Israel.  I understand Israel must defend itself.  That is a whole other issue.

The issue is Netanyahu’s ego!  Ever since his “dubious” re-election as Prime Minister, “the world” has been silent around him.  Has he asked himself why?  Netanyahu needs to “contemplate” his actions prior to his election.  When he interferes in other country’s foreign policy, goes to one of those countries Congress and makes a speech against the policies of their President (when he knows perfectly well the President did not approve this visit or speech), what does he expect?

When, during his election campaign he tells “the world” he will not agree to a two-state solution for peace between Israel and Palestine as long as he rules.  When he uses “fear mongering” to pit some Israeli citizens against other Israeli citizens to win votes, what does he expect? When he makes “racist” remarks, what does he expect?

Netanyahu blames everyone but himself for the “cold shoulder” he is getting from “the world”.  He still doesn’t understand his actions have caused other countries in “the world” to doubt his ability to lead and his “trustworthiness”.  If he cries “Wolf!” too many times, he may be ignored completely!

The United States has always said they support the people of Israel.  I hope Netanyahu doesn’t do anything more to undermine this support for the people of his own country!


How much arrogance does it take to enter the presidential race when you are under a criminal indictment for abuse of power?  Rick Perry’s arrogance!  It is difficult to top that!  This criminal indictment has been appealed three times and it’s still there!  Texas has the highest number of low income jobs, the most uninsured and if you are a person having a hard time finding a job, feeding and housing the family, etc., Texas has the worst support system in the country.  With hydraulic fracturing, tens of thousands of jobs are disappearing.  This is “Governor” Rick Perry’s Texas!!  And, he thinks he is qualified to be president of the U.S.!!

What is it that makes these presidential contenders think they are “immune” to any prosecution for wrongdoing?    Jeb Bush hasn’t announced he is a candidate.  He’s too busy raking in all the millions he doesn’t have to report for his “candidacy”!  This is now being looked into and unless his “money men” can buy someone off to drop this investigation, there should be some “interesting” results.

Although I know of no indictments or investigations into Ted Cruz at the moment, he should certainly be reprimanded for his smart aleck remark about Vice President Joe Biden while he, his entire family, along with the entire country are mourning the loss of his son, Beau!  This disgraceful and cowardly act by Ted Cruz needs no investigation!

Carly Fiorina was fired from her job at Hewlett- Packard and this makes her “eligible” to run as a Republican in the presidential election!  She left with millions of dollars she earned by “downsizing” and leaving many employees without a job!  That’s another plus to run as a Republican!

Lindsey Graham!  He has sold his soul to the tea party crowd along with the rest of the Republican candidates. His asinine remarks are only outdone by Bobby Jindal (will declare). Ben Carson is the “compassionate” doctor who is against health care!   Rick Santorum keeps on coming back like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ but he needs recharging.  Marco Rubio is still as confused as ever. Rand Paul wants to do away with the entire government.  Mike Huckabee wants the attention…. he’s feeling left out!  Then there is Michael Petyo, a true “tea party” guy!

All we need now is for Jeb Bush to end his “funding campaign” and finally declare his “presidential campaign”!  Then we will have the “Dirty Dozen” Republican candidates for the presidency of the United States!

** I did not include George Pataki because…somehow, he just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest!

However, the “group picture” isn’t complete yet.  Scott Walker is waiting for the Koch brothers to tell him when to declare.  Chris Christy is waiting for one of his “political buddies” to dig him out of the hole he’s in.  Of course, we are holding our breath for Donald Trump “who, in one big leap will single handedly get rid of ISIS permanently!”

It’s a race to the bottom to see which candidate can truly win the tea party vote!


Every time there is another computer hacking, whether it be a government agency, state agency, corporation, bank, etc. they always say “this is the largest hack attack in history” or some such nonsensical thing that means nothing to those who have been hacked. Whether it is the largest or the smallest is not their concern!  Someone having all their personal information is.   I am sorry to “break the bubble” but “Welcome to the age of new technology that is developing at the speed of light!”

Keeping up with this technology is impossible for anyone.  If the federal government with all their experts in the field can’t stop the hack, how can you?  Any security company that tells you they can keep your information safe from hacking is lying! Yes, there may be some better than others.  However, the fact remains.  There is no place safe from hacking as long as one goes on the internet and shares personal information, no matter where.

To believe you are safe from hacking in this technological environment is either naive or evidently you don’t use the internet. “Security” is not “fool proof” any place. All we can do is “assume” anyone can get our personal information anytime they want by hacking one place or another and weigh that against all the advantages we have with the internet.  Isn’t that just dandy!!  What a choice, huh!

There has been much written on things to do to better protect yourself and I will leave that to those you have studied the situation and offered their advice.  Personally, I don’t miss a key stroke thinking about it!  It could really drive you “bonkers” if you think about it much!

So, in conclusion, enjoy your surfing, ordering online, blogging, filling out forms to get a subscription to an online newspaper, magazine, do your banking, etc. , giving your personal information to whomever you feel you need to.  Remember…. somewhere, somehow, all your personal information is out there anyhow!!


Last Friday, outside a place of worship, a protest group carrying machine guns, handguns, rifles and signs saying “Stop Islam” and “No Sharia in America”!  These were some of the bigots living in Texas!  I am not a Muslim.  However, I am outraged this is actually happening in America!  What happened to “Freedom of Religion” in this country??  There are no words to fully describe those gun toting cowards!  If they had any real courage they would go to Iraq or wherever ISIS is and use those guns against the real threat!  No…. that would require them to “put their guns where their loud mouths are!!  This is what is happening in America! I am ashamed to say I am a citizen of the same country they live in.

Another gun enthusiast confronted State Rep. Nevarez (TX) in his office.  This guy’s name was not given but he was asked to leave the office by Nevarez.  His reply?  He told Nevarez he should leave his state!  That says it all!  He wants an elected official of Texas to leave Texas because he doesn’t agree with him!  It’s only going to get worse.  Why??  Because the State of Texas has passed “open carry” laws for these weapons. This now applies to colleges in Texas as well!  You can be sure other states that have a good supply of bigots and a Republican legislature will pass the same laws.

I shudder to think of all the lives that will be lost when any bigot in any state that passes more open carry gun laws gets away with murder.  Several already have.  Remember Trayvon Martin?  Remember the other young people shot because they were African American?  I’m not talking about criminals.  I am talking about innocent citizens!  The more guns allowed, the more violence there will be!

I think all the gun toting states that want to secede from the Union should be allowed to.  They will have their own “country” for the gun toting bigots as well as those who don’t want to pay taxes, help the hungry, poor or help the sick, etc.  It will be “home” for those who want to live without any rules, regulations or laws and want to outlaw religions other than the one they choose.  Of course, they will have to figure out how to survive without any federal government funding.  Since there would be no federal elections, they could decide who the “top dogs” will be by gunfights without federal intervention.  Whoever is still living can “rule” the rest!