Is there any acceptable reason for anyone to hunt an animal just to kill it?  No matter how “legal” Walter Palmer said this killing was, it is a look into this man’s soul and others who hunt for the “thrill” of it.  A man who calls hunting and killing animals as “an activity I love” is cruel, heartless and cowardly!!  It doesn’t matter how “legal” it is! When he said he hunts “responsibly” that is supposed to make the killing alright!  Killing needlessly is not “responsible”!!  Palmer also killed a lion in 2008 and has killed a leopard, rhino and elk.  Who knows what else!  In 2008 Palmer pleaded guilty to lying about where a black bear was killed.  We’re not talking about an innocent novice hunter.  We are talking about a trained killer!

The crossbow Palmer used did not kill “Cecil” so, as he was trying to “survive”, they “tracked” him down and shot him with a rifle!  It took 40 hours of tracking and a bullet to finally kill him!!  Can you imagine the pain this lion was in?’  Can you imagine the fear of what was happening to him after living in a protected area with his family all these years?  When they found “Cecil”, he was beheaded and skinned!!  This is Palmer’s legacy!  He is no better than any other killer!

Cecil’s cubs are in danger now when a younger male tries to take over the Pride and kills them.  At the same time Cecil was killed a couple thousand miles away five male elephants were killed for their tusks. What happens to their families? The money Palmer and others spend on this “horrific activity” could be better used to help save an endangered species rather than hunt and kill them!!

In the last 30 years the lion populace has been cut in half by hunters!  70% of the male lions on the border of the National Park have been shot by hunters.  One hundred elephants are killed each day for their tusks.  They are down by 64% in the last decade because of hunters.  Two species of Rhinos are critically endangered.   According to Biologist, Dr. Reese Halter, today we are in the midst of the 6th great mass of extinctions.  In the last 30 years 50% are gone!  In the developing countries organized crime has moved in and is running the poaching.  Who is going to stop this slaughter??

The New York Times profiled Palmer in 2009.  They were an “enabler” for hunters like Palmer.  They are part of the problem!  In 2014 a reality show paid $350,000 to hunt an endangered black Rhino.  They are part of the problem!

Theo Bronkhorst is also charged with the killing of “Cecil”.  He is the founder of “Bushman Safaris”.  His sons and wife help run the business in Zimbabwe.  Check out their Facebook page if it is still up.  It gives you the “mindset” of these hunters.  It’s questionable whether Bronkhorst will be punished since he has an “in” with government officials there.

I hope “Cecil’s” death will bring out some good laws against these killings.  I would hate to think he died in vain!



Mike Huckabee has, “in one fell swoop” erased all the years he served as a Pastor and as a spokesman for the Christian community!  Huckabee’s statement about President Obama, “he would take the Israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven” referring to the Holocaust has to be the most reprehensible statement made in this presidential campaign!  Does he honestly think this outrageous statement will get him the presidential nomination??  Yes, it certainly got him the attention he wanted but also proved he should not even be a candidate for president or a Pastor of any church!

Huckabee is a man “crying for attention” and if it takes “all hell breaking loose” so be it!  It is so sad to see him ignore all the “Jesus” preaching he has done all these years by acting like the “devil incarnate” himself!   A televangelist once said “Huckabee’s whole life has been shaped by moral absolutes”.  I think the “halo” has definitely slipped in this case.

This “need for attention” may have started when he dropped out of the seminary after one year in order to take a job in broadcasting.  He spent years “getting attention” in that field.  After his failed attempt to become president in 2008, Huckabee went back to the “limelight” via “Fox News”!  He had to end that show in January, 2015 because he wanted to run for president again!   Some guys never give up!  He announced his candidacy on May 5, 2015.  He has been struggling for “recognition” ever since!

With all “well known” Republican “wannabe” presidents saying outlandish things (or downright lying) and Trump getting to the top of the polls by saying the most outlandish things, I guess Huckabee thought “what have I got to lose”?  He will ride this media attention “wave” until someone else makes a more outlandish statement!  They are all trying to “outdo” each other!  These are the people who want to be the leader of our country!!  What a bunch of hogwash!

Evidently, the beltway media doesn’t have anything else of “importance” to cover so they follow these guys around hoping they will catch another “crazy comment”!  This media is full of political pundits looking for attention as well, hoping their analysis of all the “crazies” and the polls will do it!  I am truly disappointed in many of these “journalists”.(?)   There was a time when journalists took their jobs very seriously and worked at finding the truth.  With the exception of too few, all they do now is report the latest outlandish statement and analyze it to death!

We have heard lies or outlandish comments from all of the Republican presidential candidates at one time or another already.  I wonder who will win the game of “One-upmanship”!  It’s just beginning!!

BACK TO THE 1800’s

America has regressed to the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Edwardian Era of Britain.  At that time the “Aristocracy” (wealthy families with Manor houses and vast estates) determined the fate of all other citizens of Britain.  Since only land owners could vote, this entitled the aristocracy to sit in the House of Lords (Britain’s upper house of government) and veto any law they didn’t like.  Powerful families ran the country from these estates.  They would invite the “power brokers” to their estates for the week-end to “lobby” them on what laws to pass.  Does this sound familiar?  It should!

Today wealthy families and corporations determine the fate of the citizens of the United States.  Especially since the United States Supreme Court has “entitled” them the right to spend as much money as they want to “buy elections”.  These wealthy families and corporations lobby the power brokers (members of congress) with invites to their “Manor Houses” and all paid expensive trips to any country they want to vacation in.  We have gone back to the time of the “Aristocracy” when the land owners controlled Britain!  This same control today by wealthy families and corporations is not only of the citizen of the United States.  It is the control of the presidency, congress and all federal, state and local elections.  Money buys votes!   The money spent on ads lying about the opposition can determine the outcome of any election.  Remember the “Swift Boat” Veterans untrue political ads about John Kerry in 2004?

How are “We The People” going to get our country back from these 2015 United States “Aristocrats”??



Political pundits, along with the “hierarchy” of both political parties wonder why people would ever consider voting for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.  First, let me be clear.  I am not comparing the two.  Bernie Sanders is a legitimate presidential candidate with many years as a Senator voting for the good of the people.  He is not being financed by the wealthy or corporations. He is getting his funding from the “grass roots” of America. The thousands of people who attend Sanders events are not paid to attend!  He is not being backed by any political party!  It is obvious the Democrat party leaders “elect” Hillary!

Donald Trump has never held a seat in either house of congress, state or national or any other elected position.  His claim to fame is his business dealings, his wealth and his ability to know what to do to get the attention of the media.  However, unlike the “pompous” Republican candidates who berate and vilify Trump, I think he has as much right as they do if he wants to be a candidate.  Isn’t this supposed to be a democratic country?? The other Republican

candidates are being ‘backed by a political party” and funding their campaigns with money from the wealthy and corporations.  Trump is using his own money.  I give him credit where credit is due.  Let me be clear again.  I am not voting for Trump should he succeed in becoming the Republican candidate.  However, I am not voting for any of the other candidates either!

So, the answer to the “wonder” about these two candidates appeal is clear.  Yet, it deludes the pundits as well as the “hierarchy of both political parties”.  There is a “revolution” going on!  Americans are “fed up” with the same old political games in elections and congress.  They are “fed up” with corporations, the 1% and political parties controlling this country!!

I am now an Independent voter.  I will vote for the person I believe will do the best and the most for the American people. Even before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy the Democrat “elite” considered no one else to run for the highest office in America.  This is not a democratic way of running a presidential campaign!!  To me, this is as undemocratic as the way G.W. Bush was made president by a handful of judges!  Other than too few Democrats, I feel the Democrats are no better than the Republicans.  Congress is loaded with power and money hungry members of both political parties who do the bidding of the wealthy and corporations to fund their campaigns and get “inside information” on “how to get rich quick”! The only difference is the way the Republicans and Democrats “play the game”.  The Republicans are bullies and the Democrats run away from confronting them!

The Republican candidates for president are so pompous and overbearing it is hard to think seriously about any of them.  Example:  Rick Perry and Marco Rubio compared President Obama to Trump!  Not bad enough?  Marco Rubio also said “Trump is not dignified or worthy of the office” and “we already have a President that has no class”!  Now, that is a “real classy remark” to make, Rubio!  Where is your “dignity”??  According to Joe Conason, Jeb Bush once considered posing as a “conscientious objector to avoid the Vietnam draft!  Yup, Jeb’s a real “patriot!  Well, his grandfather, Prescott Bush was a fan of Hitler and Mussolini.  So, what do you expect?  Jeb also thanked the famous “Swift Boat” veterans for the untruthful ads about John Kerry’s military service (in truth, Kerry was a hero!) during the election with Jeb’s brother, G.W.  There are still more “truths” about Jeb Bush that haven’t been disclosed yet.  There are so many Republican presidential candidates it would take many more articles to cover them all!

I realize there are still some trustworthy congressmen/women who are working for the people.  However, I am finding the majority of them are working for themselves!!  How many people in congress have become millionaires (or even billionaires) since entering congress by getting “insider information” on stock deals and manipulating real estate deals, etc. as well as campaign funds from the wealthy and corporations who buy their votes.  How many are willing to vote for term limits for themselves??  Speaking of “working”, how many are willing to work 40 hours a week without the long breaks they take every week-end and even longer breaks on holidays?  How many will work during the summer rather than taking the whole summer off?  How many truly vote the way the people who voted for them want?  The list goes on!

I am not giving up as far as supporting the issues I care about but I will support these issues, not as a Democrat or Republican but in my own way.  Many people have accomplished good things through actions of their own, not through any political party!  We can too!

It gives me no joy to reach the conclusions I have  about the political parties that run our country but I do not find any proof to dispute these facts.

God Bless America!!








They are at it again!  Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain along with Joe Lieberman are trying once again to make foreign policy by themselves!

Remember, thirteen years ago this “tricky trio” traveled all over the country spreading “fear” about Saddam Hussein’s fictitious “weapons of mass destruction”?  They are as guilty as G.W. Bush for pushing the invasion of Iraq.  And, they are as guilty as G.W. Bush for all the lives lost in that war as well as trillions of U.S. dollars poured “down a rabbit hole”!  Now they are back thirteen years later doing the same thing.  Spreading lies about the nuclear deal with Iran!

What has Graham or McCain done for the American people in the past six years?  Nothing!!  They are part of the same “cabal” that said they would do everything they could to stop President Obama, in any way they could, in whatever he is trying to accomplish!  This once again, shows their utter disrespect for President Obama.  They are ignoring the United Nations vote on the deal.  They are ignoring the other countries who helped put this deal together.  They are the “tricky trio” on a “power trip” just as they were thirteen years ago!!  We all know how that worked out for them!

Joe Lieberman, who is no longer in congress, was a disgrace during his re-election bid in 2006.  Did he graciously congratulate the primary winner of his party?  No!  He ran as a third party candidate (which he was never a member of)  in the general election!  That showed his true ambition…power!  He is a lobbyist who has no business acting like a Senator!  He would rather support the Prime Minister of Israel than the President of his own country.  I think he should move to Israel and help Netanyahu run that country.  They are so much alike!

Lindsey Graham using the 9/11 terrorist attack as his ‘fear tactic” is a dishonorable and vile act!  There isn’t even a connection to Iran!  He is using the death of the 3,000 souls in that attack for his own “political purpose”!!  This alone should make him unqualified to be a Senator!!

As for McCain…what can I say?  He is a “has been” who still wants the media attention and will do whatever it takes to get it.  His judgment was not only shown in the invasion of Iraq but in the 2008 election as well.  His pick for Vice President was an unqualified half term governor from Alaska who was totally ignorant of foreign affairs. Can you imagine what kind of leader she would have made??  For the sake of our country, he should retire.  Remember he’s the one who “sang bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”!!

I have a saying “Those who can do… teach” , ”those who can’t…become politicians”!!



As expected, Republicans and faux Democrats are crying “Wolf” before they have even read the Iran nuclear agreement!  They have no alternative but they will do anything to keep President Obama from accomplishing this historic agreement.

Lindsay Graham’s comment was “I really fear that this sets in motion a decade of chaos”.  Too bad he didn’t speak up and say these very same words when G.W. Bush was going to invade Iraq!!

G.W.’s twin, Jeb Bush said “This isn’t diplomacy – it is appeasement.” and “The nuclear agreement with Iran is a dangerous, deeply flawed and short sighted deal.”  WOW!  For someone as “uneducated in foreign policy” as Jeb is, this is quite the “hutzpah!

Chris Christie accused Obama of lying to the public!  This from a guy that has done nothing but lie to the citizens of his state!  Scott Walker “promises” if he is president, he will “do away” with the agreement!  Just like he is going to do away with Obama Care!  Donald Trump said “Iran will cheat” (duh!).  As if the people involved in this agreement haven’t covered that!

Hillary Clinton isn’t any better.  She said “It’s an important step” but still has concerns!  This is another noncommittal statement like she made regarding the TPP agreement.  Hillary believes she can win by sitting “on the fence” and casually addressing the same issues Bernie Sanders has been bringing up this entire time.

Watching the Republicans race to see who can come up with the most nonsensical, inane or asinine comments is like watching “Saturday Night Live”!  They are falling all over each other trying to get that “face time” with the media!

I can hardly wait for the debates to start!



Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel was here in March this year giving a speech to the U.S. Congress trying to derail the United States and five other countries talks with Iran on a nuclear agreement.  In other words he was trying to make U.S. as well as other countries foreign policy!  He’s at it again and probably waiting for another invite from Rep. John Boehner.  You know… the guy in the United States Congress who wants the Prime Minister of Israel to decide U.S. foreign policy!!  In his statement against the Iran nuclear deal made, Netanyahu said “We knew that the will to sign an agreement is stronger than anything and that’s why we never committed ourselves to stopping it”.  Oh Really?? What was his trip to the U.S. in March all about if it wasn’t “a commitment to stopping it”??  It wasn’t to tour the White House!

Others in the Israeli government were making outrageous statements as well.  Minister of Science Danny Danon said…..”Giving the world’s largest supporter of terrorism a free pass in developing nuclear weapons”…..”.  Excuse me!  Evidently Danon has no idea what he is talking about because this agreement is the opposite!  It is to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons!  He should really do his homework before speaking!  Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett said “Citizens of the Western world must understand”.  We citizens of the Western world do not need to understand your government’s behavior or listen to your fear mongering!  Bennett also called Iran “a country that wants to openly destroy nations and peoples.” This is some remark considering Israel’s “open determination to destroy Palestinians (peoples) and keep them from having a “nation” of their own!”  What a hypocrite!  Cabinet minister Miri Regev said the nuclear deal gives the Islamic Republic a “license to kill”!  Again, what “license to kill” does Israel have for killing the many innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip?  Of course, Israel has a right to defend itself. I’m not saying they don’t. However, the devastation Israel‘s bombs did in response to rockets fired by Hamas is not justified.  To obliterate a large portion of the Gaza Strip and killing many civilians is “killing”!  That is also “bad for humanity” !

Netanyahu described the deal saying “it will enable it (Iran) to continue to pursue its aggression and terror”.  What does Netanyahu call decades of forcibly evicting Arabs from their homes and replaced by Jewish settlers?  What does he call a watchtower manned by Israeli security forces surveying the neighborhood to protect Israelis, not Arabs? The area called Sheikh Jarrah was for Palestinian refugees who had fled their homes in 1948.  Instead of legal title to their homes as promised, they were made to pay rent to Israeli landlords!  Those who remain routinely face settler violence and harassment.  In both the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israeli forces frequently carry out unannounced night raids, ransacking Palestinian homes and arresting family members without cause.  Israeli settlers freely walk the street with machine guns!  Sheikh Jarrah is just one of many Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem being encroached upon by Jewish settlements.   Just who is “pursuing aggression and terror”??

I am not condoning any terrorist actions by Iran (or any other country).  Nor am I saying I agree with the way they rule.  However, if this nuclear agreement is a done deal we can all finally “breathe a sigh of relief” that the other option (war) is “off the table”.  Since Netanyahu’s only foreign policy is war maybe it’s time he find another line of work!  He should “clean his own house before pointing his fingers at others”!

The United States has always been and will always be a friend of Israel and its people.  The people of this country pay taxes to support Israel’s economy and weapons to defend themselves.
The U.S. has given Israel billions of dollars.  As irresponsible as Netanyahu is, President Obama continues to fund and arm Israel.  It’s time for Netanyahu to be gracious and say “Thank You for your help for Israel”.  Then…he should stay out of our country’s business!!  Netanyahu is an egotistical trouble maker who does nothing to help his own people!












It is still over a year before the 2016 elections.  However, it’s time to get these electronic voting machines out of the system before then.  These machines can be easily hacked and voting results changed.

Anyone can affect the election process if they have enough money to actually make and distribute these electronic voting machines!  How one purchase was done is downright “diabolical” and too detailed to write here.  You can find those details at posted in 2012.

The public has no knowledge of this under-handed takeover of our election process by corporations.  We have no ability to verify election results.  Following are the results of a study by Princeton University and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs titled “Security Analysis of the DIEBOLD AccuVote-TS Voting Machine”.  This is a short synopsis of the report:  The details of the analysis are in the main body of this report.

1, Malicious software running on a single voting machine can steal votes with little risk of detection.  Even forensic examination of these records will find nothing amiss!

  1. Anyone who has physical access to a voting machine, or to a memory card that will later be inserted into a machine, can install said malicious software using a simple method that takes as little as one minute.  Poll workers and others have unsupervised access to the machines.
  2. Machines are susceptible to voting-machine viruses that can spread malicious software automatically and invisibly from machine to machine. Installing vote-stealing program on every machine it infects.

Although the analysis was of Diebold’s software, there are other companies making these machines as well.  For more information search “Electronic Voting Machines”.  The depth of the electronic voting machine problems is amazing!

These were just a few of the problems in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections:

  1. In the key swing state of Ohio, election monitors were overwhelmed by complaints of G.O.P. orchestrated voter suppression and fraud.  Many voting-machine “glitches” were reported including votes were flipped from Kerry to Bush.  Officials moved ballots illegally to another building and counted them out of public view with no oversight.  In one Ohio precinct, exit polls indicated that Kerry should have received 67 percent of the vote, but the “certified tally gave him only 38 percent.  The odds of such an unexpected outcome occurring only as a result of sampling error are 1 in 867,205,552.
  1. In Wisconsin in 2010, the new governor, Scott Walker was being voted on for Recall.  The 2011 race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court would be of crucial importance.  The election was ultimately decided by Waukesha county clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, who
    discovered” 14,300 votes on her computer late on Election Night.  This amount of votes handed the victory to the conservative incumbent, Justice David Prosser.
  1. In another election, voters and campaign workers reported that the ES&S touchscreen machines “flipped” votes to one candidate all day long!  Meanwhile, the absentee ballots – which were counted by hand – told a different story.  In half of the state’s forty-six counties, there was a 10 percent disparity between absentee ballots and those counted by machine.

Today there are 31 states that have Republican governors and 26 states that have Republican secretaries of state.  A couple of them, Florida and Ohio (with election fraud) put George W. Bush in the White House in 2000 and 2004.  In both states, the presidential election was decided by governors and secretaries of state in control of the voting process and final vote count.  Former Gov. Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State, Katherine Harris used computerized electronic registration fraud to eliminate tens of thousands of votes!  This election was won by G.W. Bush by less than 600 votes!  Today there are more Republican states that can do the same thing with the electronic voting machines!  For more details on the 2000 and 2004 elections search “The Stolen Presidential Elections” by Michael Parenti.

It is deplorable these machines are still being allowed in the voting system.  They need to be taken out of the system before any more elections!  Why hasn’t something been done about this after the 2000 or 2004 “rigged” elections?  Ooops!  I forgot.  Republicans were in charge then!  So, the question is “why haven’t the Democrats done something about this??” Isn’t it bad enough we have the corporations “selecting our government officials” through millions of campaign donations to anyone that will do their bidding?  Do they really need rigged electronic voting machines too??  The only voice we have in our government is our vote.  If that can be manipulated with money and electronic voting machines we have no true democracy in this country!


Of all the articles written about Bernie Sanders by “political journalists” and comments by TV show political pundits, every one of them has said he can’t win.  I haven’t read one article or heard one pundit expressing doubt that Hillary Clinton could win.  Why is that??  Hillary Clinton received “star attention” even before she announced her candidacy for president.  Bernie Sanders did not get the media attention until he drew thousands of people to his events.  Why is that?  Here we are, barely starting this presidential campaign and all bets are on Hillary!  What is it with these “mainstream” news sources?  Even the New York Times had an article that Bernie can’t win! Usually they hold opinions until much later in the campaign.  Evidently, they all refuse to “go outside the box” when it comes to political reporting!  Either that – or – they are all Hillary Clinton supporters!  I prefer to think of it as no “outside the box” thinking.

In the short time Sanders has been a candidate, he has brought up issues the American people are most concerned with.  He is sincere, forthright and pulls no punches on what needs to be done to get America back to the country it was and could be again now.  Sanders has never wavered on his principles during the entire time he has been in politics!  He has never changed his mind on one issue. He will not accept any money from corporations or billionaires for his campaign.  His funding comes from the “grass roots” of America.  What does it take to give this man some respect?  Rather than writing/saying “he can’t win, why don’t they listen to what he is saying instead of dismissing him as a viable presidential candidate??

This same group of political reporters have “fawned over Hillary” like she is already the winner!  They haven’t asked her the questions they have asked Sanders.  Why not?  They just follow her around like little “puppy dogs” hoping they get some “air time” with her!  What has happened to the state of journalism in this country?  Is there no independent thinking among them?  Some are as bad as the “politicians” who do nothing but “play it safe”!  The state of the news outlets are as bad as the state of politicians these days!  Everyone is eating the same “pabulum”!!

One of the many important issues Sanders has been talking about is Wall Street and bank regulations.  During his administration, Bill Clinton signed the bill for de-regulating these institutions!  He basically shut down the “Glass-Segal” regulations that had kept these institutions in check for years.  Has anyone asked Hillary what she would do to bring back the much needed regulations?  No!  No one has!  Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA Agreement when he was president.  This agreement sent American jobs overseas and had disastrous health effects on the workers in those countries.  Did anyone press Hillary about Obama’s TPP Agreement?  No!  No one did!  I could go on with many more issues Sanders has addressed that Hillary has avoided even answering.  The news media sure hasn’t!!

Joan Walsh, Editor at large for Salon called Sanders supporters “Deranged Clinton Haters”!  Can you get any more “biased” than this and still remain a “professional journalist”??  I have admired Walsh in the past but I have no respect for her now and will no longer read any article written by her or listen to anything she has to say!

Eugene Robinson, a respected journalist and one I still admire, gave all the reasons why Sanders could win… but… the end result was the same.  He didn’t think Sanders could win.   One of Robinson’s remarks was “Let’s hope he makes this race interesting”!!  WHAT??  I think Sanders has already made this race very interesting!!  However, let me add I am not putting Eugene Robinson in the same “class” as Joan Walsh.  Her article was venomous and insulting to Sanders and his supporters!  Robinson’s was just the opposite, he wrote fairly about Sanders and gave his opinion, nothing more.

My intention was not to use any names of writers in this article but I do so to point out not all journalists are mean spirited or “biased” like Joan Walsh.  Eugene Robinson is a good example of what a journalist should be. Give us the facts and let us decide who will win!





Sen. John McCain on his “bully pulpit” in the Senate wants us to go back to a “full blown war” in the Mideast, AGAIN!!  McCain uses ISIS as his reason.  This is a senator who has seen enough wars to last a lifetime.  Yet, he refuses to admit going into the Mideast (Iraq) the first time, under the G.W. Bush presidency was a disastrous mistake with ISIS as one consequence of this war!  McCain called President Obama “delusional”!!  It appears McCain is the delusional one.  He keeps on talking like a “broken record”, repeating the same thing over and over again.  “War…War….War”!!  McCain is no longer a “viable” Senator. He should have retired a long time ago!

I used to respect McCain for “telling it like it is” but that was “many elections” ago.  He is now just another “puppet” for the Republican establishment.  Neither he nor the Republicans do anything for the American people.  All they do is put roadblocks in the way when President Obama tries to.  I no longer have any respect for McCain!

I know McCain is an old war hero and I thank him for his service to our country.  However, wars in the present are not like the wars in the past.  We cannot agree with a demand for another war just because it is being promoted by a war hero. There were many heroes in the same war McCain fought in.  Many of them were tortured as McCain was.  Many of them never returned home or had the opportunity to become a Senator and amass a fortune.  Let’s deal with the present.  The past wars are a painful reminder of the consequences of them.

These wars are promoted by the “Military Industrial Complex” for profit.  They supply the equipment needed to continue these wars.  President Eisenhower warned us of this and now it is a fact!  The fact the Joint Chief, Martin Dempsey, goes to the same Senate hearing for the sole purpose of “warning” us that Iran is still dangerous and poses a serious threat (duh!) is not a “coincidence”.  This is a concerted effort on both McCain and Dempsey’s part to promote more war!  This country is in a “vicious cycle” of being involved in the Middle East where war will not change the minds of the people in these countries.  There are generations upon generations of different religious sects that war with each other to impose their religion on the weakest sect at the moment.  We have no business being involved in any of these wars!  Any reason to do so is grandiose and “delusional”!!