Of all the articles written about Bernie Sanders by “political journalists” and comments by TV show political pundits, every one of them has said he can’t win.  I haven’t read one article or heard one pundit expressing doubt that Hillary Clinton could win.  Why is that??  Hillary Clinton received “star attention” even before she announced her candidacy for president.  Bernie Sanders did not get the media attention until he drew thousands of people to his events.  Why is that?  Here we are, barely starting this presidential campaign and all bets are on Hillary!  What is it with these “mainstream” news sources?  Even the New York Times had an article that Bernie can’t win! Usually they hold opinions until much later in the campaign.  Evidently, they all refuse to “go outside the box” when it comes to political reporting!  Either that – or – they are all Hillary Clinton supporters!  I prefer to think of it as no “outside the box” thinking.

In the short time Sanders has been a candidate, he has brought up issues the American people are most concerned with.  He is sincere, forthright and pulls no punches on what needs to be done to get America back to the country it was and could be again now.  Sanders has never wavered on his principles during the entire time he has been in politics!  He has never changed his mind on one issue. He will not accept any money from corporations or billionaires for his campaign.  His funding comes from the “grass roots” of America.  What does it take to give this man some respect?  Rather than writing/saying “he can’t win, why don’t they listen to what he is saying instead of dismissing him as a viable presidential candidate??

This same group of political reporters have “fawned over Hillary” like she is already the winner!  They haven’t asked her the questions they have asked Sanders.  Why not?  They just follow her around like little “puppy dogs” hoping they get some “air time” with her!  What has happened to the state of journalism in this country?  Is there no independent thinking among them?  Some are as bad as the “politicians” who do nothing but “play it safe”!  The state of the news outlets are as bad as the state of politicians these days!  Everyone is eating the same “pabulum”!!

One of the many important issues Sanders has been talking about is Wall Street and bank regulations.  During his administration, Bill Clinton signed the bill for de-regulating these institutions!  He basically shut down the “Glass-Segal” regulations that had kept these institutions in check for years.  Has anyone asked Hillary what she would do to bring back the much needed regulations?  No!  No one has!  Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA Agreement when he was president.  This agreement sent American jobs overseas and had disastrous health effects on the workers in those countries.  Did anyone press Hillary about Obama’s TPP Agreement?  No!  No one did!  I could go on with many more issues Sanders has addressed that Hillary has avoided even answering.  The news media sure hasn’t!!

Joan Walsh, Editor at large for Salon called Sanders supporters “Deranged Clinton Haters”!  Can you get any more “biased” than this and still remain a “professional journalist”??  I have admired Walsh in the past but I have no respect for her now and will no longer read any article written by her or listen to anything she has to say!

Eugene Robinson, a respected journalist and one I still admire, gave all the reasons why Sanders could win… but… the end result was the same.  He didn’t think Sanders could win.   One of Robinson’s remarks was “Let’s hope he makes this race interesting”!!  WHAT??  I think Sanders has already made this race very interesting!!  However, let me add I am not putting Eugene Robinson in the same “class” as Joan Walsh.  Her article was venomous and insulting to Sanders and his supporters!  Robinson’s was just the opposite, he wrote fairly about Sanders and gave his opinion, nothing more.

My intention was not to use any names of writers in this article but I do so to point out not all journalists are mean spirited or “biased” like Joan Walsh.  Eugene Robinson is a good example of what a journalist should be. Give us the facts and let us decide who will win!




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