They are at it again!  Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain along with Joe Lieberman are trying once again to make foreign policy by themselves!

Remember, thirteen years ago this “tricky trio” traveled all over the country spreading “fear” about Saddam Hussein’s fictitious “weapons of mass destruction”?  They are as guilty as G.W. Bush for pushing the invasion of Iraq.  And, they are as guilty as G.W. Bush for all the lives lost in that war as well as trillions of U.S. dollars poured “down a rabbit hole”!  Now they are back thirteen years later doing the same thing.  Spreading lies about the nuclear deal with Iran!

What has Graham or McCain done for the American people in the past six years?  Nothing!!  They are part of the same “cabal” that said they would do everything they could to stop President Obama, in any way they could, in whatever he is trying to accomplish!  This once again, shows their utter disrespect for President Obama.  They are ignoring the United Nations vote on the deal.  They are ignoring the other countries who helped put this deal together.  They are the “tricky trio” on a “power trip” just as they were thirteen years ago!!  We all know how that worked out for them!

Joe Lieberman, who is no longer in congress, was a disgrace during his re-election bid in 2006.  Did he graciously congratulate the primary winner of his party?  No!  He ran as a third party candidate (which he was never a member of)  in the general election!  That showed his true ambition…power!  He is a lobbyist who has no business acting like a Senator!  He would rather support the Prime Minister of Israel than the President of his own country.  I think he should move to Israel and help Netanyahu run that country.  They are so much alike!

Lindsey Graham using the 9/11 terrorist attack as his ‘fear tactic” is a dishonorable and vile act!  There isn’t even a connection to Iran!  He is using the death of the 3,000 souls in that attack for his own “political purpose”!!  This alone should make him unqualified to be a Senator!!

As for McCain…what can I say?  He is a “has been” who still wants the media attention and will do whatever it takes to get it.  His judgment was not only shown in the invasion of Iraq but in the 2008 election as well.  His pick for Vice President was an unqualified half term governor from Alaska who was totally ignorant of foreign affairs. Can you imagine what kind of leader she would have made??  For the sake of our country, he should retire.  Remember he’s the one who “sang bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”!!

I have a saying “Those who can do… teach” , ”those who can’t…become politicians”!!



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