Political pundits, along with the “hierarchy” of both political parties wonder why people would ever consider voting for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.  First, let me be clear.  I am not comparing the two.  Bernie Sanders is a legitimate presidential candidate with many years as a Senator voting for the good of the people.  He is not being financed by the wealthy or corporations. He is getting his funding from the “grass roots” of America. The thousands of people who attend Sanders events are not paid to attend!  He is not being backed by any political party!  It is obvious the Democrat party leaders “elect” Hillary!

Donald Trump has never held a seat in either house of congress, state or national or any other elected position.  His claim to fame is his business dealings, his wealth and his ability to know what to do to get the attention of the media.  However, unlike the “pompous” Republican candidates who berate and vilify Trump, I think he has as much right as they do if he wants to be a candidate.  Isn’t this supposed to be a democratic country?? The other Republican

candidates are being ‘backed by a political party” and funding their campaigns with money from the wealthy and corporations.  Trump is using his own money.  I give him credit where credit is due.  Let me be clear again.  I am not voting for Trump should he succeed in becoming the Republican candidate.  However, I am not voting for any of the other candidates either!

So, the answer to the “wonder” about these two candidates appeal is clear.  Yet, it deludes the pundits as well as the “hierarchy of both political parties”.  There is a “revolution” going on!  Americans are “fed up” with the same old political games in elections and congress.  They are “fed up” with corporations, the 1% and political parties controlling this country!!

I am now an Independent voter.  I will vote for the person I believe will do the best and the most for the American people. Even before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy the Democrat “elite” considered no one else to run for the highest office in America.  This is not a democratic way of running a presidential campaign!!  To me, this is as undemocratic as the way G.W. Bush was made president by a handful of judges!  Other than too few Democrats, I feel the Democrats are no better than the Republicans.  Congress is loaded with power and money hungry members of both political parties who do the bidding of the wealthy and corporations to fund their campaigns and get “inside information” on “how to get rich quick”! The only difference is the way the Republicans and Democrats “play the game”.  The Republicans are bullies and the Democrats run away from confronting them!

The Republican candidates for president are so pompous and overbearing it is hard to think seriously about any of them.  Example:  Rick Perry and Marco Rubio compared President Obama to Trump!  Not bad enough?  Marco Rubio also said “Trump is not dignified or worthy of the office” and “we already have a President that has no class”!  Now, that is a “real classy remark” to make, Rubio!  Where is your “dignity”??  According to Joe Conason, Jeb Bush once considered posing as a “conscientious objector to avoid the Vietnam draft!  Yup, Jeb’s a real “patriot!  Well, his grandfather, Prescott Bush was a fan of Hitler and Mussolini.  So, what do you expect?  Jeb also thanked the famous “Swift Boat” veterans for the untruthful ads about John Kerry’s military service (in truth, Kerry was a hero!) during the election with Jeb’s brother, G.W.  There are still more “truths” about Jeb Bush that haven’t been disclosed yet.  There are so many Republican presidential candidates it would take many more articles to cover them all!

I realize there are still some trustworthy congressmen/women who are working for the people.  However, I am finding the majority of them are working for themselves!!  How many people in congress have become millionaires (or even billionaires) since entering congress by getting “insider information” on stock deals and manipulating real estate deals, etc. as well as campaign funds from the wealthy and corporations who buy their votes.  How many are willing to vote for term limits for themselves??  Speaking of “working”, how many are willing to work 40 hours a week without the long breaks they take every week-end and even longer breaks on holidays?  How many will work during the summer rather than taking the whole summer off?  How many truly vote the way the people who voted for them want?  The list goes on!

I am not giving up as far as supporting the issues I care about but I will support these issues, not as a Democrat or Republican but in my own way.  Many people have accomplished good things through actions of their own, not through any political party!  We can too!

It gives me no joy to reach the conclusions I have  about the political parties that run our country but I do not find any proof to dispute these facts.

God Bless America!!








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