Electing a president is choosing a leader who stands for the heart and soul of America.  The way the campaign for president is being presented by the media, one would think it is just a big game!  At the top of this game is “carnival barker”, Donald Trump!  The media is so enamored with him, they give him 24/7 coverage.  Then there are the Republican “establishment” contenders, the “clowns” in the ring!  The Democrat “establishment” contender is doing the “high wire” act, hoping she doesn’t fall!

According to the “establishment” media, this is the extent of our choices for President. This is who the pollsters pick to rate.  This is who the media gives the attention to.  Never mind there is one “serious” candidate, Bernie Sanders, watching from “ringside”.  Bernie Sanders has been drawing crowds long before Trump jumped into the “ring”!  The Sander crowds come to his events because he addresses what the problems in our country are and what he intends to do about them if he becomes president.  He is precise and never vacillates on any issue.  He says what he strongly believes and has supported these beliefs his entire life.  Sanders is the only one who has given a solution to this country’s problems. Yet, he is mostly ignored by the media.

When two campaigning Republican candidates, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz make cruel remarks about former President Jimmy Carter as he is fighting cancer, what does the media report?  They give us more of Trump!  There are no consequences for these two Republican candidates! Their offensive behavior is ignored except for the reporting by a few “real journalists”.

Another Republican contender, Jeb Bush is now “revising” the term “anchor baby” (a disgusting term used for pregnant women from Mexico entering the U.S. to give birth so their child automatically becomes a U.S. citizen).  Now, he is saying the “anchor baby” term is actually “more related to Asian people than Hispanics”.  He doesn’t want to offend the very large Hispanic voting population in the U.S.  However, he doesn’t care if he offends another large number of immigrants to America.  What kind of a president would he make?

These are just recent examples of what is going on in this campaign for president.  There are so many examples of “who not to vote for” in this campaign!  Candidates who make outrageous statements, candidates who lie about their past leadership, candidates who pit conservative    Christians against liberal Christians, candidates who promise to stop the funding from the big corporations in elections while they are taking money from those very same corporations, ad infinitum!

This campaign will show you who “rises above the slime” and who “wallows in it!





Jeb Bush is trying to the put the blame on anyone other than the one who is to blame for the Iraq invasion disaster.  His brother, George!  He does not want his brother or the “Bush” name “sullied” (even though it already is!).  He is either in “deep denial” or just an outright liar about the facts.  Take your pick!

Jeb has obviously “chosen to forget” the agreement in 2008 his brother, George, signed with Iraq on the withdrawal of United States forces from Iraq.  President George W. Bush agreed to withdraw our troops from Iraqi cities by June of 2009 and from the whole country by December 31, 2011.  Also, the 2009 closing of our POW facility, Camp Bucca.  One of those prisoners released by brother, George, was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who became the head of ISIS!

So, Jeb.  The true fact is your brother, George, not President Obama or Hillary Clinton is responsible for “the rise of the Islamic state” (ISIS) and is solely responsible for his “blind haste to get out”!  President Obama was not in office when the agreement was signed!

Jeb has given no plan for defeating ISIS.  Talk is cheap.  Action requires a plan and Jeb has no plan.  He is just another “war hawk” trying to convince the American people that if we send in enough troops and get totally immersed in the “religious war” going on in the Middle East, we will be “victorious”.  Who does he think he is? “Alexander the Great”??

Jeb Bush has no foreign policy experience and depending on his brother, George (as Jeb has already said he did) or any member of George’s previous administration is pure folly!  Although Jeb won’t admit it, we all know how their “foreign policies” are working out!!

So far in his campaign, all Jeb Bush has done is attack the Democrats, spout extreme conservative propaganda and amass the largest amount of money in history for his political campaign!  Not once has he said what he would do for America!








With regard to the Iran Nuclear deal.  Senator Chuck Schumer is another member of congress who opposes his president, his fellow Democrats and the majority of the people in his own country in order to “placate” a leader of another country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and some of the Jewish people in New York.  Most of the American Jews along with other leaders in Israel say it is a good deal.  We can now count Schumer as another “turncoat” that joined the Republicans in their effort to derail a deal that not just the U.S., but five other countries as well have worked exceedingly hard to get done.

President Obama received a letter from 29 of the nation’s leading scientists who called the Iran deal “technically sound, stringent and innovative and it would provide the necessary assurance in the coming decade and more that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.”

The military, including every branch of service gave a letter to the president.  It included “There is no better option to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon and if the deal is rejected by America, the Iranians could have a nuclear weapon within a year.”  “The choice is that stark.”

After hearing all the reasons why the deal should be approved, Schumer said “the president should seek a “better deal.”!  Along with everyone else who opposes this deal, none of them have an “alternative deal” except WAR!!

Schumer has been assuming he will take the lead in the Senate when Harry Reid retires.  He shouldn’t be too sure of that.  Even though he still has “friends” in the Democrat party, he shouldn’t count on them either!

This is a vote Democrats will be watching very closely and they will remember those votes in the upcoming election!  That includes the other Democrat “turncoats”!  It’s typical “power playing” in congress on the most important decision that could not only affect America but the rest of the world as well.

It is on their “heads” if the Iran nuclear deal does not pass!


Joe Lieberman is the personification of every ex-member of congress that has become a lobbyist!  There are so many, I can’t even name them all!  Lieberman has all the perks from being in congress from “inside deals” making him wealthy to a large retirement fund, health care, etc. but that isn’t enough for him. He needs to “sell his soul” to do work for corporations that are undermining the very democracy of our country!  Oh, I forgot!  Lieberman already sold his soul when he ran as an Independent in the general election because he lost his re-election bid as a Democrat in the primary in that election!

Lieberman now goes against a Democrat president, (supposedly his party affiliation (?)) in order to get money from the greedy corporations. This also helps his friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel whom Lieberman has sided with every time Netanyahu interfered in U.S. foreign policy!

This time Lieberman has become “Chairman” of a group he, Lindsey Graham and John McCain formed named “United against Nuclear Iran” (UANI).  As if anyone is “for” a nuclear Iran!!   As Chairman, Lieberman is the “head lobbyist” for this “against U.S. foreign policy” group. This group is nothing new.  It is just another appendage to the already Republican party effort to derail the Iran Nuclear deal that has been worked extremely hard on for months and includes other countries as well as the U.S.  Lieberman has no problem “selling out” his own country or any other involved in this deal!

There are so many “sell-out America” ex-members of congress, it is hard to say who is worse.  However, I would put Joe Lieberman at the top of the list!  The only good thing that came out of the 2000 national election was Lieberman didn’t become Vice President of the U.S.!  Can you imagine what kind of foreign policy he would push?  Very scary thought indeed!

Lieberman will continue his “spit on American democracy” ways as long as someone is willing to pay him for it!



David J. Leonard Article TELLING ME IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS!!

Jamie Utt posted an article written by David Leonard that literally told me to “mind your own business”!  I am writing this post as a response to that article because after a few comments, the comment section was closed.  Leonard was writing about the incident in Seattle, Washington where two black women jumped on the stage, took over the microphone and would not give it back to the Bernie Sanders organizers.  There were 10,000 people waiting to hear what Bernie Sanders had to say but because these two would not stop their “rant”, the event was ended before it even got started!

In the article Leonard wrote “whether the action was strategic and whether targeting Bernie was the right move the dialogue should continue to take place within Black liberation space, but white folks, that’s not our business.” !!  He also wrote “we as white folks would do well to remember that people and Black organizations aren’t monoliths”.  What is this “we” business??  Leonard didn’t ask me if I wanted him to speak for me!  Leonard would do well to remember that white people aren’t monoliths either!!

I would like to know what exactly “Leonard’s rules” are for “blacks commenting on white behavior or whites commenting on black behavior”.  Last time I looked, this is a “free speech country” and whether black or white, we have a right to express our own opinions!  When does any person (black/white; man/woman) have the right to comment when two people (black/white; woman/man) take over an event that had been planned for a presidential candidate and a crowd of 10,000 were waiting to hear him speak?  What is the difference when white people speak up about the injustice black people have suffered in this country?  Leonard’s words are actually pitting black against white and this is not the way to promote “good race relations” within any community!

Leonard has the right to express his beliefs but he does not have the right to include all whites or all blacks in anything he writes about.  As he said himself, we are not monoliths!  We are separate individuals with our own opinions and have as much right as he does to express them!  He does not have the right to tell anyone “that’s not your business”!!   This is the most “arrogant” statement I have ever heard!!

If anyone questions my reason for this post, just read what I have written about how badly blacks are treated in this country!  In particular, the post entitled “AFTER THE 4th of JULY – WHAT CHANGES?”.


I know…I know…this has been talked about so much it is mind-boggling!   One writer said the debate was a “raucous, riotous and spectacularly memorable GOP face-off.”  I must have been watching a different debate!  ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

The host “interrogators” spent the first awkward minutes on “cutesy chit chat” ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and a commercial break before it even began!  It seemed the hosts weren’t quite sure what to say or what to do next.  Chris Wallace’s suggestion of having a “quiet moment” turned into an “awkward minute”.  It took them quite a few questions before they appeared to feel “comfortable” with what they were doing!  Once they got going, they gained their “hubris”.

When Chris Wallace was tired of Trump’s answer to his question, he dismissed him with a “flick of the finger”!  Megyn Kelly made herself “part of the story” (something a good journalist never does!) by getting into a shouting match with Trump about how he treated women. Bret Baier “set the stage for the evening” by asking the candidate(s) to make a “pledge not to run an independent campaign”!  Hello!!  Everyone knew he was “aiming” at Trump!

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same.  “Baiting Trump at every turn”, even giving a few “zinger questions” to the rest of them.  It did appear these moderators were ready to be tough in their questions.  However, there is no doubt those questions were mostly “out to get Trump”.  There was no real “substance” at this debate.  Even some Republicans said the moderators didn’t ask questions on the issues they cared about.  If this is any preview of what’s to come in other FOX debates, I wonder how many will tune in to the next one!

Everyone who knows the FOX News agenda is well aware this debate was no more than Republican spin regurgitated!  The fact the “establishment Republicans” try so hard to “shut Trump up only shows their arrogance!  The last time I heard, this is still a “free speech country”!   So, Trump is a loudmouth.  So what?  He has as much right to speak as any of the other  candidates!   What a bunch of “pious liars”!!  What makes them think they are any better than him when it comes to telling the truth?   It’s a comedy of errors!




It does not help “black lives” when they storm the stage and disrupt a planned event for presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.  This happened in Seattle, WA Saturday.  If these “protesters” would have done their homework before taking over the stage and ending the event, they would know Bernie Sanders has been a vocal supporter of civil rights his entire political career!  There is no one more concerned about “black lives” than Bernie Sanders, including Hillary Clinton!  This is a real “slap in the face” to him!  Shame on you!!

When a protester took over the podium the crowd began shouting “Let Bernie speak”.   A “Black Lives Matter” organizer would not leave the stage!  At one point a Sanders organizer tried to take back control but the protester would not let go of the microphone.  It ended by the Sanders organizer speaking to the crowd saying “It’s obvious they are intent on disrupting the program”.  “We are going to thank Senator Sanders for being here”.

He walked through the crowd and shook hands with supporters before he left.  Later, he gave a statement saying “I am disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands at which I was invited to speak about fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare.  I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.”

On the same day, not to be outdone, Washington Republican Party Chair, Susan Hutchison “spewed her venom”!  She made degrading remarks about not only Bernie Sanders but a Seattle City Councilwoman and the Governor of our state, Jay Inslee.  Hutchison is a “has been” Seattle news anchor who was fired from that job in 2002!   In 2009 Hutchison ran for King County Executive while downplaying her Republican ties.  She lost!  She’s another one of those angry losers who hate all Democrats!!

There you have it!  Two protesters ending a planned event for thousands because they decided their “rants” were more important than what Sanders had to say!  Again, shame on them!!

Then you have a “hateful” Republican, Susan Hutchison, adding to the insult choosing to “spew her venom” on the same day!  What a “stain” on the wonderful city of Seattle!






Yes, there are many more cowardly killers out there!  Another one has made the news.  Dr. Jan Casimir Seski of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  This time there was no question his hunt was illegal! Again, the lion he killed was near the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Like Walter Palmer, he has killed other animals in the “great hunt”!   In August, 2012 Seski  returned from a trip (with Safari Consultants, LLC) with a trophy Caracal cat.  In December, 2013 Seski killed a trophy Nyala and nine other animals during a safari.  He has killed Elephants and Hippos.  An arrow maker, posted Seski in September, 2014 with an elephant, saying it was the sixth elephant he had shot and killed.

The arrow maker advertising his “killing machine” described the horror of that arrow hitting the elephant.  The arrow was shot quartering into the elephant, penetrated a rib and one lung, lacerated the heart and liver, and was recovered in the gut.  Photos showing Seski’s kills were posted on the arrow maker’s (Grizzly Stik) site.  The killing goes on!!

In 2013 Seski’s practice was fined for buying unapproved foreign drugs between December, 2008 and May 2011.  These drugs were not FDA approved.  I wonder how many patients he gave these drugs to and if any of them had bad reactions or maybe even died from them!

This gives you another look into what kind of man Seski is. Did he even consider what these illegal drugs could do to his patients?  No!  For Seski, it was all about making the most money so he can go on a safari and kill more animals!

Aaron Neilson and Sabrina Corgatelli , two hunters from Idaho posted their “kills” online.  One was a defenseless giraffe!  One of them said “stay tuned, you’re gonna have so much more to be upset about”!  Neilson said “It’s not about the few lions that are killed every year.” WHAT???  A few!   He is either ignoring the facts or ignorant of them!

 We are just now getting the real story of all these killers (big game hunters), the safaris and guides that work for them.  If you want to see more, just google safaris and the hunters.  It is so much more than anyone would think possible.  There is another story behind each and every one of these killers that expose the kind of people they really are!  They aren’t just big game hunters.  They are “extremely flawed human beings”!

A “ray of light” from the killing of “Cecil” is the Zimbabwe National Parks is now suspending all hunts from around the parks.  This will probably have no effect on the big game hunters but it does bring “to light” the problems of this “vicious sport”!!


A Palestinian home in the West Bank was bombed in the early morning as they slept.  An 18 month old child living in that home was killed in this bombing!  Protesters gathered to denounce this heinous act that took a child’s life and destroyed the home.

While Israeli soldiers were “controlling the protesters”, an Israeli soldier shot two people, one a teenager.   These killings of innocent Palestinians has to stop!  The West Bank is “seething with Israeli hatred” for the Palestinians” living there.  This land was given to Palestinians in a mutual agreement years ago.  Now it is being taken over by Israeli settlers (sanctioned by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu). Palestinians are being forced from their homes.  How would you feel if you have lived in the same home you raised your family in thinking you owned it, then the government forces you out to give it to “someone they approve”?  This has been going on for years.

Anyone who has paid attention knows this “persecution” of Palestinians is nothing new.  It has been going on decades and only getting worse as time goes on.  Yet, the leaders of our great “free” country of America have done nothing about it.  They are one-sided when it comes to warfare, occupation, misery and death of Palestinians and Israelis.  The Israeli government has violated international law too many times to count.  Yet, our government does nothing about it

In 2010 Israel attacked a flotilla of boats in “international waters” carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza whose people were in desperate need of this aid.  Our leaders had a chance to act to end the Gaza blockade but what did they do?  The president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “criticized the Israel government (Prime Minister Netanyahu).”   They were attacked by AIPAC, an American Jewish organization supported by members of congress.  So, our governernment did nothing!  Our government has given Israel “the green light” whenever they want to violate international law by allowing Israel to continue with this persecution of Palestinians however and whenever they want!

It is time for our government to get “a spine” and tell Israel we will no longer allow this persecution to continue. Why are we so “beholden” to AIPAC?  We have J Street support from American Jews who do not condone this barbaric treatment of the Palestinians.   We must tell the Israel government in no uncertain terms if they violate any more international laws or continue the inhuman treatment of 1.5 million people who live in Gaza there will be consequences.  And…follow through with real action if they ignore the warning.   I resent my taxes being used to support a government who deny the people living in the Gaza Strip the basic living requirements every Israel citizen has!