John Boehner “zippity do dah”ed  his way out of congress Friday.  He never looked as happy in his entire time as Speaker of the House.  Of course, right away speculation began on the Pope’s visit having something to do with Boehner’s resignation.  Only God knows!

We will never know if Boehner resigned because of the impending vote on shutting down the government again.  This would put him in a very “shaky” position with a possible vote on his speakership role.  Boehner said “It had become clear to me the prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution.”  Question:  Why did he not see the “irreparable harm” to this country with the legislation he allowed to be passed?

Boehner is the first Speaker of the House that ever resigned in the middle of a congressional session.  Before him, two other Republican speakers resigned because of “scandals” and the third, although he left congress having no scandal, is now under investigation for years of criminal activity (while he was also in congress!).

As Speaker of the House in Boehner’s first congressional session (112th session), the House was the least productive in the history of congress, as was the 113th congressional session.  In fact, during Boehner’s tenure little has been accomplished, even with a Republican majority in the House.  This is why the people in America are so angry with congress.

Even though Boehner allowed the U.S. to exceed the National debt ceiling, he did manage to help President Obama avoid an economic disaster by getting debt ceiling legislation passed. Score one for him.

I still wonder why Boehner didn’t consider the “institution” of the United States when he led the Republicans to:

  1. Shut down the government for 16 days which laid off thousands of workers and cost the economy $25 billion!

2) Vote to defund Obamacare 54 times! Voting again even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it  legal.

3) Vote no on the Iran nuclear agreement that other countries as well as the United States negotiated.

4) Without President Obama’s consent, invited P.M. Netanyahu of Israel (who had no business interfering in U.S. foreign policy) to give a speech to the U.S. congress on why they should vote no on the Iran nuclear agreement.  A treasonous act!

  1. Cut the poor out of their budget.
  1. Fight against any gun owner legislation (open carry, machine guns, rifles, etc.)

There are many more anti-government/anti-American laws Boehner led his party on.  For more information on these go to the government’s Library of Congress… search John Boehner.

Now that Boehner is resigning the end of October, the right wing extremists will have to find another leader that will go along with their agenda to fight everything Obama presents.  Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s name has been mentioned.  This is a man who throughout his entire career in congress has presented and passed only two bills!  One is to name a U.S. post office. The other is renaming a Flight Research Center!  That’s it!  Neither does anything to help the American people or our country!  McCarthy has ties to the Tea party and is definitely a staunchly conservative Republican but has not “excited” any of them.

Good luck to the next speaker of the house!  Whoever it is will have to deal with the same 30/40 fanatics who are not “reined in”.  These fanatics will do anything to get their own way…including shutting down the government…AGAIN!!

Maybe Boehner did pay attention to the Pope’s message!


With the end of the second Republican Debate, we have even more to look forward to!!  There is more hyperbole to come!  More entertainment than a three ring circus!  More lies, more hyping of their careers, and more blah blah blahs!  Not one of the candidates detailed any plan to help the American people!

The dust has pretty much settled from the past debate.  The analysis defined by which party the talk show host or writer agrees with.  The “hype” will still go on.

So here we go with the latest Trump outrageous statement which is no longer “outrageous”…just expected.

Here we go with more fear mongering by Marco Rubio. He’s one of those “war hawks” who voted No when Obama requested help for Syria.

Here we go with the “over the top” lies from Mike Huckabee. Huckabee’s comment that the Iran nuclear agreement is “a threat to the survival of Western Civilization” is a real zinger!  Also, that “religious beliefs” should trump federal law”!  Has he read the United States Constitution yet??

On with John Kasich, the guy who was Managing Director of Lehman Brothers until they failed, who bragged about how he knows how to “balance a budget”!

On with Chris Christie lying profusely about his reign as Governor of New Jersey.  Especially after scolding Trump and Fiorina about taking so much time to talk about their “careers”.  Christy using 9/11 to gain sympathy because his wife worked in New York at the time was as low as one gets!  His most hypocritical statement of the evening was when he “demanded” Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for her emails!  Anyone remember “Bridgegate”??

“Teddy boy” (known as Ted Cruz) will be busy trying to shut down the government…again!  He’s another one of the “war hawks” that voted No on Obama’s request to help Syria. He hopes to gain “traction” by being a “religious fanatic”!

Dr. Ben Carson was the “quiet man” of the bunch.  He did manage to recommend a “flat tax” because “the government should not take the wealthy incomes and “distribute them”!  I wonder what his yearly income is!  His recent statement about Muslims reveals what a bigot he is!

Rand Paul goes even further on taxes.  He wants a 14 ½% flat tax and eliminate the entire tax code with no exceptions for the working class!  I do agree with him on one thing concerning the Middle East.  Troops on the ground there need to be from people who live there…not U.S. soldiers.

Carly Fiorina.  She found her place among the radical right with “no negotiations” with Iran or any other country that gives us trouble.  This is her foreign policy!  She “hit the jackpot” when she told downright lies about Planned Parenthood.  She’s on her way to steal Trump’s “thunder”.  They both spent the most time bragging about their “dubious” accomplishments!  She was one of the “No Iran nuclear agreement” to cater to “her buddy”, BB Netanyahu’s crowd in New York”!  She didn’t mention what the U.S. just gave Israel to defend itself!

Low man on the totem pole, Scott Walker has just announced he is ending his run for president. Hopefully, the national news media will not give him any more attention!

Lastly, we come to the “Republican establishment’s fair haired boy”, Jeb Bush.  Jeb bragged about his time as governor of Florida and how he defunded Planned Parenthood!  He said No to the Iran nuclear agreement for the same votes Carla Fiorina is looking for. He never mentioned how much military aid Obama is giving Israel either. He is looking for “traction” by announcing he is a “Reaganer”.  Jeb said the federal government should make “accommodations for religion”!  How does that square with the Constitution of the United States of America?

How many people know Jeb Bush worked for Lehman Brothers until the Wall Street collapse? You know, the collapse that threw our country into a depression?  Something else his brother, George, can take credit for!  Did Jeb Bush lose his job because of this collapse?  He just went on to work for another Wall Street firm!

The most offensive statement Jeb made was that his brother, George, kept America safe for seven years!  Jeb failed to mention the 9/11 attack occurred during the first year of “his brother’s” presidency.  In that attack close to 3,000 Americans were killed!  Nor did Jeb mention while his brother, George, was on vacation in Texas the month before (August) he received the “intelligence briefing” concerning a possible attack on the U.S. by airplanes!  Nor did Jeb  mention his brother, George’s response to this briefing by saying “All right.  You’ve covered your ass now”!

Jeb Bush keeps saying “I am my own man” but is following in his brother’s footsteps in every way.  He really does have a lot of nerve blaming Obama for anything after what his brother, George, did to this country when he was president!!  Jeb is going down a “slippery slope”!

I don’t know who to attribute this quote to but I think it says it all:  “Only in America…do we use the word “politics” to describe the process so well:  “Poli” in Latin meaning “many” and “tics” meaning “bloodsucking creatures”!









Why does the U.S. media still give Dick Cheney so much coverage?  It is unfathomable!  There is only a “dark side” to this man.  Cheney is a ranting blowhard who continues his self serving rhetoric ad infinitum!

Cheney is the instigator, prevaricator and enforcer of the invasion of Iraq in 2003!  His dastardly deeds are unprecedented by any sitting vice president in the history of our country!  Yet, the U.S. media gives him “legitimacy” and attention every time he speaks!  In March of this year, Playboy gave Cheney nine pages to ‘lambaste” President Obama.  I will not repeat what he said because he is vicious and delusional!  Recently, the U.S. media covered Cheney’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  Again, Cheney blaming President Obama for everything that was and is wrong in Iraq!  For the media, print or TV, it doesn’t matter that there is no truth in anything Cheney says!  They repeat it anyhow!

The only organization that will listen to him is the AEI whose members includes other “instigators” of the Iraq war.  Paul Wolfowitz, John Ashcroft, John Bolton, etc.  They like to get together to reassure each other that they are still “relevant”, if only to each other and the “war mongers” in the Republican Party. Karl Rove is also an “associate”.

When he was in the H.W. Bush administration in 1994, then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said “occupying and attempting to take over the country (Iraq) would have been a “bad idea” and would have led to a “quagmire”, adding that “That’s a very volatile part of the world.” Cheney also talked about the Americans killed in the fight in Kuwait saying “For the 146 Americans killed in action, and for their families – it wasn’t a cheap war.” And…“the question for the president (H.W. Bush)…..was how many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth?  Our judgment was, not very many, and I think we got it right.”

Fast Forward to 2000, now Vice President Dick Cheney.  He had no concern for how many American service members would be killed or injured (as of 2010, close to 5,000!) or Iraqi’s killed (500,000) when they invaded Iraq in 2003.  He had no concern about our country getting into a “quagmire” in the Middle East!  He had no concern terrorist groups (al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.) would emerge from the void left when the G.W.Bush/Dick Cheney administration actually made matters worse with their incompetent handling of the aftermath of the invasion.  Not to mention the 3 Trillion dollars it cost the U.S. Treasury (the taxpayers) spent on this fiasco!

In the present, 2015.  Cheney is “bloviating” about the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Back to 1998.  Cheney wanted to make deals with Iran!  He was all for “negotiations” then!  On to 2015, Cheney “flat out lied” when he blamed Obama for Iran’s nuclear weapons.  When, in fact, the G.W. Bush/Cheney administration had eight years to deal with Iran. They did nothing!  There were only two nuclear centrifuges in 2007 and this grew to more than 5,000 nuclear centrifuges  before Obama became president.  During the G.W. Bush/Cheney administration more weapons were put into the Middle East than had ever been there before.

Cheney blamed President Obama for the present turmoil in the Middle East. That again, is a downright lie!  The Bush/Cheney administration and Iraqi government made a treaty mandating U.S. troop withdrawal by a certain date.  Obama only carried out those treaty requirements.  The Iraqis want no more U.S. troops in Iraq!

The only conclusion any informed person can come to is that the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney administration is solely responsible for the “quagmire” and rising terrorist groups in the Middle East. They have not put just Iraq, but the entire Middle East into full scale chaos with no end in sight!!

I look at Dick Cheney and “I see the worst vice president in my lifetime, without question….it’s a real tragedy”.  Dick Cheney has no conscience, morality or courage.  He has no soul!



While the U.S. media is giving Trump and Hillary’s e-mails 24/7 coverage, men, women and children are losing their lives trying to find a little piece of “humanity” left in this world!!

A Norwegian aid worker carried the lifeless body of a small child from the ocean where he and others have lost their lives while fleeing from the horrors of war.  The father of this child also lost another son and his wife when their boat capsized.  He lost his entire family.  They were trying to get to Canada where they had an aunt.  Now, he has no family, home, food or shelter and he is treated shamelessly by the Hungarian government!  The surviving refugees are looking for help.  What they have received is the exact opposite of that.  Hungary has been erecting a barbed wire fence along its more than 100 mile border with Serbia to prevent migrants crossing. This mass of humanity is left to live in the streets of Hungary with no food or a place to sleep.

Hundreds of these refugees who had expected to board trains to Austria and Germany had Hungarian police officers stopping them at the rail station.  A spokeswoman for the station said the problem is “proper documentation”.  Many have been at Keleti station in Budapest for five days with no food or sleep.  Thursday a train with some refugee passengers were finally allowed to board only to be stopped by Hungary at a refugee camp in the town of Biske.  The latest report said refugees in three trains are now surrounded by police in Biske.

Meanwhile, today refugees still at the train station left to walk to Austria, 100 miles away!  No one driving on the highway stopped to help them and taxi drivers were told not to pick anyone up!  The only help they have received is from caring Hungarian volunteers who went to the highway to give them water!  Another problem is Italian authorities have been requested by Bavarian authorities in Germany to reinstate border controls at the Italian-Austrian line and Austria and Slovakia borders are closed.

Italy and Greece have the largest numbers of refugees who have already arrived.  President Erdogan of Turkey has accepted one and a half million refugees.  A Netherlands TV program blamed the European Union (EU) as partly responsible for refugee deaths because the EU is 5.5 times bigger than Turkey.

Members of the EU, Germany, France and Italy have asked the 28 nations to take in their fair share of refugees. EU member states did agree in July to take in more than 32,000 migrants to ease the burden on Italy and Greece.  President, Francois Hollands said he and Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel are proposing ways to deal with the crisis.  Their proposals will be submitted to a meeting of European interior ministers on Sept. 14th.  However, meanwhile nothing has been set up to take care of the refugees.

There has only been help from small organizations and private individuals who have distributed food, clothing and provided basic medical needs.  Spokesman for the United Nations said municipal authorities in Budapest have not accepted the U.N. refugee agency’s offers of help with the growing crisis there.  These refugees need immediate help on a large scale.  Hungary is unwilling to deal with this.  The Budapest government will create the legal framework to deploy the army against refugees!  Hungarian official policy is to put refugees in camps until asylum claims can be processed.

There are signs of acceptance and welcome for these refugees.  Italy’s South Tyrol governor, Arno Kompatscher has asked the Italian government for permission to help Bavaria.  Meantime, the region of Alto Adige will host 300 to 400 refugees with shelter and food.  In Reykjavik, Icelanders want to accept more refugees.  After 60% of the German public said they support welcoming the refugees Merkel got “on board”.  There needs to be many more “getting on board” to help these refugees.  Although the U.S. has promised to accept thousands of refugees, where is the immediate help?  I find it hard to believe a country as small as Hungary can dictate to the rest of the world they cannot send help to these refugees now!!

I can’t say that the U.S. is handling the immigration problem in our own country any better.  Of course, there is a huge difference between “wanting to live in America” and fleeing your home country because of war!  Nevertheless, wherever people seek refuge, they should be welcome.
















Last Friday the Democrat “hierarchy” had a summer meeting to rally Democrats for the 2016 general election.  It appeared to be more of an event for Hillary Clinton.   I’m not sure what the “Democrat” party stands for anymore.  When the Democrat party chairman, Debbie Wasserman- Schultz makes it perfectly clear her support is for Hillary Clinton something is “amiss”!

Lincoln Chafee, former Rhode Island governor and senator wanted the people to know he voted against the Iraq War, warned about climate change and was for an immigration bill.  Chafee’s   “zinger” statement was “I’ve had no scandal, I’m proud of that”.

Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland defied the Democrat leaders when he called for more Democratic debates. With Wasserman- Schultz standing not far from him, O’Malley said “This is totally unprecedented in our party” and “This sort of rigged process has never been attempted before. Whose decree is it?  Where did it come from?  To what end?  For what purpose?  What national or party interest does this decree serve?”  He also said “We are the Democratic Party, not the undemocratic Party, Our party must not cower from this debate, we must engage the debate.”

Even the Sanders crowd applauded O’Malley!  However, it was very evident Wasserman-Schultz was “peeved”!   She gave O’Malley “that look”!  She has always been full of “hutzpah’.  However, I do believe her “ascension” to party chairman and thoughts of Hillary becoming president have given her a bit of delusion as well!  It’s not over until it’s over is something she should remember.

Bernie Sanders: Senator from Vermont who is now within “shouting distance” of Hillary Clinton, has been “wowing” the crowds ever since he entered this race.  His message has been precise and sincere.  He has a long record of fighting for the rights of all people.  He is correct in saying “We need a movement that takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is part of that establishment.”  Sanders said in order to win we need a huge voter turnout.  “With all due respect, and I do not mean to insult anyone here, that turnout – that enthusiasm –will not happen with politics as usual.”

Sanders also reminded people he voted against the Iraq War (Clinton voted for), and he opposes the Keystone Pipeline and the Trans Pacific Partnership which, Clinton has refused to take a stand on.

Jim Webb:  Former senator of Virginia did not attend.   Chair Wasserman-Schultz explained Webb “is taking his daughter to college.”  However, she does not need to explain that Webb, like everyone else understands that the DNC has already picked their nominee, Hillary Clinton!  Her nomination has “been in the works” ever since she lost the election in 2008.

Hillary Clinton:  The hierarchy’s choice, tried to assure everyone that she is the strongest candidate.  Hillary said “I’m building an organization in all 50 states with hundreds of thousands of volunteers who will help Democrats win races up and down the ticket, not just the presidential campaign.  This is certainly a big promise!  Clinton has the super PACs collecting funds for her campaign even though she is already millions of dollars ahead of the rest of the Democrat candidates.

Hillary said the obsession with her emails is a passing fad!  What?  Does that mean the FBI is no longer going through her e-mails to see if there were any “security breaches”?  I certainly do not condone the Republicans having a “tantrum” about Hillary’s e-mails.  However, I am not at the point where I would call this investigation a “fad” either.  It all remains to be seen.

The DNC leadership including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have “put all their eggs in one basket”.    What will they do if the losing candidates and/or a large part of the Democrat party do not “fall in line” with their choice?  What will they do if Hillary Clinton is not the candidate?  Do they even have a Plan B??