Don’t you just love reading all the opinions on the Republican debate Wednesday night!  “Here’s the winners and here’s the losers.”  “This is why Jeb will never be president.”  “This is why Rubio will.”  Trump lost”, etc.  Headlines from “wild and wooly” to a more calm “clashed”, etc.   I must have watched a different debate than others.   I didn’t see much excitement.  Just the usual political “brouhaha”.  If the result CNBC wanted was to inform the American voters, it failed miserably!

There was one moment that could be described as “wild”.  That was when Ted Cruz lambasted the moderators for their stupid questions and calling CNBC out for its rules of the debate.  His performance was the usual “staged event”!  It was also a way not to answer a question he didn’t like!  However, as difficult it is for me to agree with Cruz on anything, I do believe the moderators did ask inane questions that had nothing to do with the issues people were wanting to hear about.

Some opinions were that Trump had a bad night because he wasn’t his usual “blustery” self.  I saw his demeanor as a “settling in” to the whole debate process and finally giving others a chance to have their say.  Of course, his rhetoric hasn’t changed any.  He still has no rational answer for the issues facing our country.  Trump is just one big “fizzle”, blustery or otherwise!

Ben Carson appeared to be and sounded “tired”. His answers to the questions bore that out!  They were nonsensical and it took him forever to answer a simple question. His “flat tax” was a bust!  Has his 15 minutes of fame passed?

Rand Paul’s “flat tax” went nowhere either.  When he was asked a question but took the “answer time” to “scold” the moderators for not giving him enough time, he paid dearly for it.  He was not allowed more time to answer the initial question. He was not happy!

Carly Fiorina is like a broken record.  She just keeps spinning the same lies.  I wonder if she will be at the “kid’s table” again.

Mike Huckabee should have been at the “kids table”!

It seemed like John Kasich was given a lot of time.  Going from ultra conservative to moderate Republican is not an easy thing to do!  I’m sure he lost all the Tea Party votes.

Chris Christy has to be the most pathetic candidate on stage.  Even though the state he is governor of is in shambles, he continues to lie about his leadership that led to the state’s downfall!  He blames  the Democrats!!  Christy has no shame!!  Hopefully, he won’t even make it to the “kids table” next time.

Jeb Bush is an abject failure!  Daddy, Mommy and Brother George could not save him from himself!  Not that they didn’t try with the family gathering days before the debate.  Jeb’s feeble attempt to “sock it to” Marco Rubio backfired!  Badly!  When that failed Jeb went to the “default” position, blaming the Democrats for everything.  If Jeb would have done what brother, George did when he was a presidential candidate he may not seem so “pitiful”!  When George couldn’t answer a question he would just make a joke and then laugh.  I’m not sure Jeb has a “laugh” in him.  Is the Bush Dynasty really over?

Marco Rubio, the man some are predicting could be president, is a very crafty, conniving, self- seeking politician. Rubio was given Jeb on a “silver plate”, knowing full well Jeb was going to bring the subject of Rubio’s senate voting record up.  Rubio thrilled the crowd with his “putdown” to Jeb.  Rubio saw the response Cruz got when he blasted the media so Rubio got on that “band wagon” when he didn’t want to answer a question.  He was extremely adept at calmly “answering the question” by talking about something not related to the question.  Mainly, bashing the Democrats and President Obama. That’s always good “red meat” for Republicans. Even when asked about his tax plan Rubio answered by telling the moderator he was wrong!  Rubio has not a “smidgen” of experience that would qualify him to be president!  Yet, here he is in a presidential candidate debate!!  This guy has as much “chutzpah” as Trump.  Only he does it quietly!





What more can be said about Hillary Clinton’s performance at the Benghazi hearings??  I have read many MSM opinion pieces as well as the comment sections in these pieces.  It boils down to two opinions.  The Republicans think the “interrogaters” won and the Democrats think Hillary won.  So, what else is new?

The comment sections on articles I have read have the same results.  The difference is the “language” used to express their opinions.  You can “feel” the hate from the staunch Republican comments.  From the Hillary supporters, based on her performance, you are told who the next president will be.

I have come to the conclusion that this country is run by a bunch of second rate lawyers who couldn’t make it in the private sector so they became politicians.  This whole Benghazi business has taken too many years and too much taxpayer money to come to the same conclusion in nine “investigations”!!  Meanwhile, there is so much to be done for our country before it collapses from inattention!  The Republicans have done nothing but stop anything that would help the middle class ever since Obama was president.  Time spent by them on actually doing something productive for the country is zero!   This is the State of our Union!

Why is it that this type of “charade” gets more attention than an American soldier losing his life in Iraq?  He was killed helping our allies, the Kurds, free seventy five ISIS prisoners that were to be killed the next day?  Or, the latest conflict between Israel and the Palestinians with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu blaming the Palestinians for the holocaust! Or, seven more churches burned in St. Louis, Missouri!  The list goes on!  Yet, all attention is on another useless investigation into the Benghazi tragedy.  The investigation was political and the coverage is political as well!!  There is nothing new in any of it except that it happened while Hillary Clinton is running for president and gives her a boost in the polls.

Although I am not a supporter of hers, I think Hillary did a very good job in handling the onslaught.   Nor, will I be a supporter based on a one day appearance.  There are still many questions on issues that have to be discussed in order to determine who would be the best candidate for president.


The MSM have had their say.  The social media have had theirs.  The difference between the two is absolutely stunning!  MSM gave Hillary Clinton the win.  Social media gave Bernie Sanders the win.  Social media has millions more participating in “who won” than all the journalists, editors, publishers etc. in MSM.  Anyone who follows politics knows perfectly well Hillary has an “in” with MSM!  Her years spent in the White House, as a Senator from New York and as Secretary of State has given her time to “cultivate” the MSM.  After her appearance in the debate MSM decided they better stop the email news because they certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of a president, should she win the election. They could give a hoot about being on the wrong side of Bernie Sanders!  He may surprise them all!

Anderson Cooper was doing his best to get some “action” going” between candidates.  He baited one candidate by asking for a comment on an action taken by another candidate in hopes that would start a “heated” discussion.  It didn’t work as he would have liked.  He did ask some good policy questions that needed answering.

Poor Lincoln Chafe!  He didn’t stand a chance.  Anderson all but ignored him.  That is a sad commentary on who the MSM favorites are.  Although Chafe has a liberal voting record (even when he was a Republican), Anderson did not give him the time to talk about this.  Chafe had to give it in “sound bites” when he was given the opportunity.  How many people know Chafe (again, as a Republican), was against the second term for G.W. Bush.  Anderson gave Chafe a “raw deal”!  I am not a Chafe supporter.  However, he deserves credit where credit is due!

Although Jim Webb was given a little more time to speak, he had to keep asking Anderson for the time.  It reminded me of a child having “to raise his hand so the teacher would allow him to speak”!  Jim Webb is a Reagan appointee and a war hero.  Although he was not in the Senate to vote on the Iraq war, he was against it.  During his term as a Republican Senator in 2007 he did get legislation passed to prohibit the use of funds for military operations in Iran without the prior approval of Congress.   He also had legislation passed to help military families. However, his “overall thinking” is more in line with the Republicans.  He does have a problem with being too arrogant and aggressive.  He has also been married three times.  I don’t know why he was divorced twice and am not passing judgement.  I am just giving the facts.

And, as always, there is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary “held her own” with the typical politically correct answers to the questions!  When asked about TPP, Hillary said she was against it after she said she was for it!  The “weakest” statement she made was as a NY Senator, she told Wall Street to “stop” while they were “taking the economy on a downward spiral”!  WOW!  That’s telling them!  However, she didn’t tell her husband, then President Bill Clinton, to “stop” when he repealed the Glass-Steagall law, giving Wall Street and the banks cart blanche to do whatever they wanted with no regulations whatsoever!  She reached her “nadir” when she made the mistake of attacking Sanders concerning his votes in the past.  Sanders gave a satisfactory explanation for those votes. This is Hillary’s way of thanking Sanders for his defense of her!  She continues to be a political “piranha” and will say anything (including lying) she thinks will get her votes.  She also has big money backing her every move!  She “caters” to women and some  women will vote for her simply because they want a woman president.  Not necessarily because they think she is qualified to be president.  However, women also like what Bernie Sanders has to say so that’s not a “done deal” for her.

I think Bernie Sanders won the night when he came to Hillary’s defense on her e-mail scandal.  This was definitely not a “politically correct” thing to do, especially not in a televised debate… helping another presidential candidate out.  It shows who Bernie Sanders is.  He does the right thing and has the desire to have an honest debate about the issues.  You could tell by the answers he gave on the policy questions.  He never changes his beliefs to suit “which way the wind is blowing”.  I believe he is the most sincere and capable person running for the presidency.  He is “authentic” in every way.




**Preface: This article was written March 4th of this year when every media was paying attention to this subject.  Here it is seven months later and I still don’t understand!



I cannot understand President Obama’s insistence to Fast Track the TPP!  I do not understand why he is not giving the US Congress the details of this agreement before they have to vote on it.  Nor do I understand why he does not go to the citizens of this country and explain his reasons (not the short explanations he has given). This is contrary to everything I believed about this president.  I believed he would always be transparent and open about what his agenda is.  He took a much longer amount of time to explain his health care program, which was needed. Why won’t he do the same concerning the TPP Agreement?  This agreement needs the same amount of explaining, if not more.

It is common knowledge that all the previous trade agreements have resulted in the loss of jobs for Americans.  The pay for the foreign workers who make these products is minimal.  These workers are made to work long hours with no overtime in appalling work conditions. These agreements have certainly not helped the poor in these countries.  These countries continue to break the rules without any consequences.  The only people these agreements have helped are the corporations who make outrageous profits at the expense of American jobs and the labor of people who have no choice.

I understand how much our president cares for the “downtrodden” (whatever country they live in) and I appreciate his concern.  However, this agreement falls short of actually helping them in any true sense.  As much as I am sure he wants to help them, he must remember he is President of the United States, not the world.   I believe he would serve the citizens of this country better if he continued to work on the many problems here in America.

This article is not intended to “criticize” our president.  It is to ask for clarification on every one of the details in this agreement and the hope he will consider the will of the American people on this Fast Track proposal.



The chaos of selecting a new House Speaker is the result of the Republican establishment catering to the tea party (which they created) and using someone like Sarah Palin on the presidential ticket with John McCain to get them “riled up”!  The Republicans have shown their ignorance and “short sightedness” in order to get G.W. Bush elected.  They created “this monster” and now they are unable to control it!

The Republicans are now “reaping” what they have “sown”!  This goes back to “G.W. Bush’s brain”, Karl Rove, who led the Republican’s to “stir up” conservative Christian and anti-government voters to create the tea party.  It worked well.  Along with the U.S. Supreme Court, it did get G.W. Bush elected!

You don’t hear much from Karl Rove these days, do you??  Or, anyone in the G.W. Bush administration… except sidekick, Dick Cheney, trying to be “relevant” again with the same lies he used to invade Iraq!  Republicans do not want to take responsibility for creating this chaos but anyone who follows the “history” of politics knows very well what led to it.  Now they are paying the “price” for their folly!

The Republicans have put their “young gun” in a “no win situation”.  They had high hopes for Paul Ryan’s ascension to president someday.  I’m sure Ryan is not happy with the situation with that being his end goal as well.  If he is “forced” to take over the House Speaker role, he will have to actually work for anything to be accomplished in the House.  He has led a “charmed life” so far but that will change.  Personally, his Ayn Rand philosophy will not work for him here!  Based on the performance of the House Freedom Caucus these past six years, Ryan will not be able to “herd”” the House Freedom Caucus to “negotiate” with President Obama on anything.  He will just be another failed House Speaker. If he becomes a “tea partier” on legislation, the Republican establishment will have nothing to do with him.  That is his dilemma.

Maybe, after eight years of a disastrous G.W. Bush presidency and another six years of the “tea party coalition” stopping the government from working for the American people, “the chickens have finally come home to roost”!



My prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones in this horrible attack.  It is a senseless tragedy.  I also pray for comfort for those who went through this attack in that school.  This is something they will never forget. These prayers should be first and foremost before anyone makes any “political” comment on this tragedy.

The anger one feels about such a senseless tragedy is expressed in many different ways.  However, some of this anger is downright harmful and just another opportunity to express political beliefs!  It is a sad commentary about what is going on in our country today.  When someone’s reaction to a tragedy like this is ignoring the victims and their families to “spout off” about gun control and blaming everyone who does not agree with them, it says something about our “humanity”.  It shows how many think their beliefs are more important than the lives lost.

I have read many angry comments on this tragedy and not one mentioned the victims or their families.  The comments were full of “hatred” for the other side’s political beliefs on gun control.  This includes both political sides!  The most “unfeeling” comment was Jeb Bush saying “stuff happens”!!

We are in a “vicious cycle” that will never end until something is done about it.  After every shooting such as this, the sides are drawn on who is responsible even though there is no simple answer or solution for these killings. The TV talk shows keep repeating what we already know and bring in “experts” to tell us the reason for these killings, which, is also repetitive.  The president does what he is expected to do but no one really listens.  The battle line between Republicans and Democrats is drawn and each party tells us what should be done but… no one has the right answer!  That is because there is no “right answer”!  It is a complicated web with many different paths.  If we would just concentrate on getting these different paths to come together, maybe something could be done to prevent some of these tragedies.

How would it hurt any hunter, sport shooter or homeowner to have stricter gun laws?  What difference would that make to anyone who has no intention to harm anyone?  Would it hurt each state to put more effort on enforcing these laws among gun sellers and find a way to at least lessen the illegal gun selling?  How can we make sure illegal guns are not sold on the internet?  I understand stricter gun laws alone will not solve the problem but it’s one of the paths to follow.

We have to separate the pure “hate” killings from the mentally unstable killings. There is a different answer for each of these. With the mentally unstable, how can we help family members and friends become more aware of the signs of behavior that could lead to these acts and do something about those concerns before it is too late.  In most every case of mass shootings there have been “signs” the person is not acting” “normally”.  We have to be diligent when someone we know is feeling “persecuted”, angry, ignored, or depressed more than usual.  When we know someone well enough we will be able to “sense” there is something wrong.  Maybe it’s as simple as something they say that “sounds the alarm” something is not right.  These “alarm bells” have been written about many times and are nothing new.  The problem is they are not being paid attention to.

The “hate killings” are something different and are probably the hardest to deal with simply because these “haters” are accepted as “normal” in certain communities and are encouraged to act on their hatred!  As I have said before, no one is born with hate.  It is a “learned” emotion from those who raise you and those around you. The mentally disturbed act alone.  The “haters” have a full “community” of other haters backing their actions!!

These are just two examples of a very complicated “web”.  There are people out there that have the knowledge to work on different paths of that “web” that could make a difference.  If everyone would contribute to what could be done to lessen these shootings rather than make hateful comments about who is at fault, it’s possible we could all make a difference.

No one has all the answers.  If everyone works together maybe we could find some.