I apologize for such a “depressing” headline.  But…it’s the truth, isn’t it?

The presidential campaign will be in full force with the same tripe coming from Donald Trump, the same lies, smears and redundancy from the rest of the Republican candidates.  The “blah blah” from Hillary Clinton, telling people what she would do for them ….. except, based on her past history, she would not!  The fight for truth and media coverage in the Bernie Sanders campaign in spite of the undermining of his campaign from the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the Democrat “establishment”!

There will still be unarmed black men, even teenagers, shot by white police officers for no reason other than racism!  No, I am not condemning all police officers!  There are many more of them that are just trying to do their jobs while being blamed for what the racists do. To find the truth there has to be an Independent Investigative Committee that has no ties to the police department or any other city department.

The wealthy will still be getting their tax breaks and tax havens overseas!  They will still be heavily involved in the presidential campaign with their individual millions of dollars contribution or through the many established Super Pacs.  Who gets the most funds from these billionaires is a toss-up between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Corporations will continue to ship jobs overseas to citizens of a country who have no choice but work for minimal pay in deplorable working conditions. The Federal Reserve is still in “cahoots” with Wall Street, raising interest rates to help the wealthy and make it harder for the middle class

The Republican “mantra” will still be “the terrorists are going to get you if you don’t vote for me.” Their uneducated minions will still believe all Muslims are terrorists, no matter how wrong these Republican bigots are!  Republicans are playing a dangerous game, pitting one religion against another for their own selfish reasons!

There will be more floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.  Again, the Republicans and their minions will call “climate change” a hoax, even as they are losing their homes and all they have to these storms.

Many journalists(?) will continue to “debase” themselves to keep their jobs.  There will be a minimal amount of investigative journalism because the truth is being circumvented.  Most of the MSM is now controlled by the wealthy Republicans who can “twist the news” to suit them.

Middle class will continue to struggle for a decent job and wage to support their families.  Although many Unions have been “busted” by Republican governors, they will continue to fight for the middle class.  This is a fight for the soul of America!

As we enter the New Year and things remain the same, remember…. we still have a president who is working to make things better for all Americans.  He is still in charge until the next president is sworn in.  It is up to us to elect leaders who truly care and put the middle class needs ahead of their own personal desires.  We must elect leaders who are not beholden to the wealthy who have a “foothold” in our lives as never before.  We don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves.  The “wolves” are not at the door.  They are here!  It is up to us to stop them!

“The world is a dangerous place to live not because of people who are evil but because people won’t do anything about it.”…Mark Twain

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