These days the news is so repetitive it’s hard to get your mind around just one headline.  They all deserve attention.  Some more than others.  Following are a few.

  1. Saudia Arabia/Iran: Some so called “foreign experts” say we have to maintain our ties with Saudi Arabia as well as Iran.  This means keeping the old “balancing act” going!  Every problem in the whole of the  Middle East has become so intertwined and complicated there is nothing the United States can do that will make one bit of difference.  It all boils down to a religious war that has been going on for centuries and will continue as long as there is a “Middle East”.  Nevertheless, leaders of the world are still “trying” to find a solution.  When are they all going to face the truth that there is no solution!  When is the United States going to stop aiding and abetting these Middle East countries?  How many years have we tried to help these countries in the Middle East come to some kind of peaceful agreement?  How much U.S. treasure and how many American lives have been lost in this effort with absolutely nothing in return except more turmoil?  The only rational course now is to leave the Middle East to the Middle East!  Those who propose staying involved in these wars are either politicians or the military industrial complex.  All for their own selfish purposes.  Too many Middle East cities have been so decimated by these wars there are no homes left.  In Syria, the millions who were able to leave are still trying to find a home in other countries that allow them to enter.  Now, the remaining people are not allowed to leave and are being starved to death by one or the other factions fighting!  Anyone who tells you the U.S. or any other country can find a “solution” to all these problems in the Middle East is downright lying!
  1. ISIS gives the media a new threat to broadcast every day! Republicans use these “news flashes” as fear mongering aides for their political purposes. This is in turn, makes the already fearful more hateful towards any immigrants.  It is truly a vicious circle!
  1. Billionaires are playing the stock market game while the prices drop in the U.S. with the excuse the Chinese stock market may crash!  This is just another manipulation of money to make more money!
  1. Floods, earthquakes, tornados, etc. are becoming the norm. Still, the climate change deniers are holding their ground!  One day when they lose their home and all they own to one of these events they may change their minds.
  1. Around a dozen armed men take over a “bird sanctuary” in Oregon so they can get their “15 minutes of fame”! They are “protesting” the U.S. government taxing them for grazing their cattle on federal lands (which belong to the U.S. taxpayers!).  One of the “honchos”, Ammon Bundy, received a Small Business Loan from the same government he is protesting!  There is no record of him paying this 2010 loan back.  This loan was for his “car valet” business!  No cattle there!  Two of the men who claimed they had been in the military were found to be lying!  One man has a criminal history!
  1. TransCanada is seeking $15 Billion in damages from the U.S. under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed by then President, Bill Clinton. The company calls the decision to cancel the company’s Keystone XL pipeline project as “arbitrary and unjustified”. This is one good reason why the U.S. should not sign any more “Free Trade Agreements” with any other country!
  1. The presidential campaigns continue with the usual “insults” from Trump and usual lies from the rest of the Republican candidates. Hillary Clinton tries her best to blame Bernie Sanders for all the gun violence in this country!  Bernie Sanders just keeps “rolling along”, beating her in  New Hampshire by 13 points in the most recent polls.

And…it goes on and on!




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