As of today, the polls have Bernie ahead in Wisconsin.  I cannot believe that the other news regarding the Bernie/Hillary campaign was coincidental.

One (or maybe more) of Hillary’s Superpacs are suing Bernie concerning the donations he gets from the American people”, calling it “fraud”!  This is an untrue charge and they know it.  No one believes Hillary did not give her consent to this.  She runs a “tight” campaign and knows who is doing what.  However, I do expect her to deny this in the coming days.

The other news regarding the campaign is that even though Bernie did file his papers in time, the DNC in D.C. did not file them in time to get him on the ballot!  They say it was an “oversight” and are working on it.  The question is why did Hillary’s name get on the ballot with no problems and Bernie’s didn’t??

When David Plouffe’s (Obama’s 2008 Chief strategist who now endorses Hillary) comments from that election can also apply to this one, something is very suspicious!  In 2008 Hillary aides sent several news outlets a picture of Obama in African garb during his trip to Africa.  Plouffe described the press circulation of the picture as part of a “disturbing pattern” and the “most shameful, offensive fear mongering we’ve seen…….”  Of course, Hillary denied even seeing the picture.  Point being, this is not the first election Hillary has had her minions doing “dirty deeds” for her, always denying she knew anything about them!  This has been a consistent pattern throughout her entire political life, not even mentioning her husband, a former president, Bill Clinton.

These two are just examples of what has been going on in this campaign ever since Bernie entered this race.

Has anyone read Hillary’s speech at AIPAC?  Has anyone seen Hillary’s speeches at Goldman Sachs?  There are so many truthful articles on Hillary’s political history and the damage she has done to this country (yes, the U.S.A.) it is amazing she is still even in the race!  Well, not really…knowing her backers are the entire Democratic Establishment, including the Obama administration, congress, state political leaders and corporate media who decided after Obama’s win in 2008, Hillary’s turn would be in 2016!

This “dirty politics” has got to stop!  We are in the middle of a campaign for the next president of the U.S. and these “games of the past” are no longer acceptable!  What Hillary doesn’t understand is every time she allows these “dirty deeds” or tells lies about Bernie she is alienating more people than she is fooling.


Although Bernie Sanders “left Hillary Clinton in the dust” with huge wins today (Saturday), you can be sure the DNC, Democratic Establishment, corporate media and her supporters will swat  the wins aside as they would a fly!  Something they have done after every Bernie win. There has been no concession speech from Hillary.

MSM will do the usual reporting.  Stressing how many delegates Hillary has rather than Bernie’s wins or how many percentage points he beat her by. At the near end of the voting in WA, Bernie had 74% and Hillary at 26%.  Final count In Hawaii: Bernie 81% and Hillary at 19%!  Alaska gave Bernie 79% and Hillary 21%!  Can’t get much better than that!  NBC Nightly news spent more time on Trump and Hillary than they did on Sanders big wins!  While reporting on the election, CNN and MSNC had the delegate count for both on the screen more often than the actual win counts! The local NBC station in Seattle “shared” their time with Hillary and her supporters, and yes, the delegate count! This Seattle NBC station all but ignored Bernie’s big wins! They didn’t even film the large rally Bernie Sanders had Friday night in Seattle.  Nothing has changed!

The fact is Bernie has won enough delegates to be competitive with Hillary delegates. Even with the entire democratic establishment, corporate media, etc. working for her, Hillary is still losing! Can you imagine what Bernie’s wins would be if he had even one fourth of those “Hillary helpers” behind him?

As I said, the MSM will be working overtime to try to somehow turn these Bernie wins into a win for Hillary.  Don’t you believe it!

Go Bernie!





This is the first presidential election I have ever seen where the MSM delegate count is being “touted” more important than the actual vote count.  Why do you suppose that is?

The DNC (Democrat establishment) has control over who gets these “delegates”, especially the “Super delegates”, just as they had control over who the presidential nominee would be.  It really hit home for me when I received a form letter from Bill Clinton with a “Surrogate Affidavit Form to sign for the 2016 Democratic Precinct Caucus” in my state, asking for my support of Hillary.  There was a return envelope addressed to the Chair of my state’s Democratic Party.  I have not received any such form from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Nor have I received any campaign letters from the Bernie Sanders campaign as I have from the Hillary Clinton campaign.   I am not saying this is a “conspiracy”.  However, I am wondering why the DNC has given the Hillary Clinton campaign the addresses of Democrat voters in my state and not doing the same for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

With few exceptions, every MSM article written about the Democratic campaign election results makes the delegate count the “headline” and the bulk of the article always uses this count as the reason they predict Hillary Clinton will win the nomination!  I call these articles the “doomsday for Bernie” articles!  That’s exactly what they are!  Even after Bernie’s upsetting win in Michigan, the articles headlines were Hillary delegate count!   These articles, even though possible, never show a way Bernie could get these delegates to win the nomination (see WashingtonsBlog, March 3, 2016 article by Gaius Publius and HUFFPOST 3/14/16 article by Rep.Alan Grayson).  The same MSM outlets will continue to make this campaign all about Hillary’s delegate count.  No matter how many states Bernie wins!  Evidently, these writers think the only way Hillary can win is by “delegates”.  This is certainly not a “glowing endorsement” for Hillary!  These articles are not about what Hillary is going to do for the country or even her policies.  They are all just about delegate count. This gives off a feeling of “desperate” on their part!

Bernie is not out by any means!  He may have lost Tuesday night, but, as one writer states, there is still another election cycle to go through and many more states yet to vote. Hillary has won the south votes as expected.  Let’s see where the east and west state votes go!

“AIPAC” – PM NETANYAHU’s U.S. Organization

“AIPAC” –  PM NETANYAHU’s U.S. Organization

 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference is in Washington March 20-22.  This is the U.S. Pro-Netanyahu Organization that believes in Netanyahu’s policies, supports his horrific actions against the Palestinians and does not want a “two state solution” for peace.

The presidential candidates are invited to this conference.  We all know Hillary Clinton supports Netanyahu and she is attending.

Alon Ben-Meir, a Senior Fellow at Center for Global Affairs, NYU wrote “An Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu”- describing his leadership of Israel and, the true state of the country.  Here are a few quotes from that letter.

1) “You conveniently surround yourself with a corrupt political elite—ministers with no morals, no compunction, and nothing but an insatiable lust for power. They are consumed by their personal political agendas and absorbed in domestic corruption and intrigues.”

2) — “a handful of billionaires control the financial heart of the state while tens of thousands of families are scrambling to survive.”, “hundreds of millions of dollars are siphoned off to spend on illegal settlements and hundreds of millions more are spent to protect the settlers, leaving Arab villages and towns with mostly Middle Eastern Jews to rot.”

3) “You manipulate the public with national security concerns and falsely connect security to borders, only to usurp more Palestinian land and defend the ruinous settlement policy.”

4) “The corruption and criminality among top officials is staggering; more than 10 ministers and at least 12 members of the Knesset have been convicted of crimes over the past 20 years alone.”

5) “You discriminate against Israeli Arabs (who constitute 20 percent of the population) with your government’s policy of unequal treatment, and then question their loyalty to the state.”

6) “Radical Zionists like you claim that a multi-culturist Israel cannot survive – that apartheid, or something like it, is the only viable alternative – essentially repeating the argument which was used in earlier European history against the Jews themselves.” “…discrimination is not confined to the Israeli Arabs, but extends to Middle Eastern and Ethiopian Jews four generations after the establishment of the State of Israel.”

7) “You treat the Palestinians in the territories like objects, to be used and abused—.  You violate their human rights with brazen impunity and never came to grips with the debilitating and dreadful impact of nearly 50 years of occupation.”

8) “Invoking memories of the Holocaust as if to justify the mistreatment of the Palestinians only debases the historical relevance of this unprecedented human tragedy.  One would think that those who suffered as much as the Jews would treat others with care and sensitivity.”

9) “You speak in support of a two-state solution, but you have never lifted a finger to advance it; your actions only point to the opposite direction.” and, “Ending the occupation is not a charitable gift to the Palestinians.  Only by accepting their right to a state of their own will Israel remain a Jewish and democratic state enjoying peace and security, instead of being drawn toward an abyss from which there is no salvation.”

There is so much more in this article that explains why Netanyahu’s leadership is so destructive to his own country.  Alon Ben-Meir also gives Netanyahu very understandable recommendations to “save it (Israel) from the very self-destructive path that you have paved with fear, anxiety, and bloodshed.”  This article is on HuffPost, dated 2/23/2016.  The title of the article is “A Plea For Reason:  An Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu”.  Anyone genuinely concerned about the people of Israel should read this.

In a speech to the Security Council at the United Nations, Secretary General, Ban Ki  Moon  disparaged the “unacceptable levels of violence and polarized public discourse” that has taken hold in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. While he condemned the Palestinian attacks on Israeli citizens he also insisted that “the full force of law must be brought to bear on all of those committing crimes—with a system of justice applied equally for Israelis and Palestinians alike” and “security measures alone will not stop the violence.  They cannot address the profound sense of alienation and despair driving some Palestinians…Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation”.  The Secretary General expressed his concern with Israeli announcements to expand settlements in the occupied lands, urging them to stop the confiscation of Palestinian lands.

U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro agreed with Ban’s concerns, saying “we are concerned and perplexed by Israel’s strategy on settlements.  This government and previous Israeli governments have repeatedly expressed their support for a negotiated two-state solution,..a solution that would become more and more difficult if Israel plans to continue to expand the footprint of settlements.”  Shapiro also said ”too much  Israeli vigilantism in the West Bank goes on unchecked…at times it seems Israel has two standards of adherence to rule of law in the West Bank—one for Israelis and one for Palestinians.”

Netanyahu and his cohorts do not tolerate criticism. Their reaction to Ban and Shapiro’s statements were as expected, extremely severe and of course, totally untrue!  This is not the end of their reaction to criticism.  Israel and its U.S. supporters (such as AIPAC, some members of congress, etc.) also slander and punish critics.  In Israel, the Knesset is considering a series of measures and the passage of a new law that targets domestic critics in an effort to blacklist them as “traitors”!

Meanwhile, the U.S. is giving this regime in Israel an annual payment of $3.1 Billion.  As of last year, total U.S. aid came to $124.3 billion!  Most of the aid goes to Israel’s military.  U.S. funds underwrite Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and their attempt to colonize that area through settlements.  It is time to end this aid!  We have many unfunded necessary projects in America that desperately need this money.

In closing, I must give credit to two U.S. Jewish organization (J Street and Americans for Peace Now).  These organizations are for a two-state solution and do not approve of Netanyahu’s policies, foreign or domestic. They tell the real story of what is going on in Israel.  Many Israeli’s do not approve of Netanyahu either and some are trying to change things for the better.  However, with Netanyahu and his cronies in charge, it is an uphill battle!   I wish them all well.


We get our news information from corporate media.  The major corporations; GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, CBS, COMCAST/Time Warner own 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV Stations and 2400 publishers.  Internet web sites are included as well.

There are certain web sites that claim they “fact check” statements made by politicians.  Even that is not always correct.  PolitiFact wrote that a statement made by Sanders was “Mostly False”.  However, they had to retract that statement because what Sanders said was “True”!

We are at a point where it is becoming more difficult to find the truth about anyone or anything.  We do our research but the Wikipedia profile is written by the person profiled!  Not exactly “unbiased”!  Other links are usually those provided by sources that have a positive bias in the information given. Each newspaper, magazine, radio station, TV station, and publisher has its own bias. There are few “fair and balanced” reports on anyone or anything.

I have done my own poll on corporate journalists, reporters, writers, etc.  Recently, I have read approximately one hundred thirty five different articles on different MS web sites. One hundred of those articles were pro Hillary and thirty five of them were pro Bernie!  That is about the same proportion given each of them throughout all the different MSM sources.  I was truly shocked to see the disparity between the two.  Another thing I noticed about these “Hillary” writers was that some of them had written two or three articles on the same subject but with a   different headline.  Thereby giving Hillary “three articles for the price of one”!

The week-end  before Super Tuesday an “incident” on Twitter has brought to light possible censoring on the internet. The #WhichHillary hashtag was about a BLM woman who paid the $500.00 “entry fee” to a Hillary fundraiser.  This woman held up a sign and asked Hillary if she was going to apologize to all the black people Hillary called “”Super Predators” in a speech. After asking several times, the Secret Service physically removed the BLM woman from the event.  The ensuing #WhichHillary hashtag was “twittering” all over the place!  Then, suddenly it was off Twitter completely!  The account of the group doing the hashtag was “suspended and locked”.  Twitter Executive Chairman, Omid Kordestani, just happened to be at this Hillary fundraiser.  One writer, Dana Liebelson at HuffPost used the term “a black queer organizer” to describe the BLM woman! How ugly can this get?

Twitter says it uses an algorithm to identify trending topics, yadda, yadda, yadda. Consequently, There is no way to tell if this was censorship or not.  Algorithms are the newest way for corporations to get more information and do things never before done.  It’s something everyone concerned about privacy should be aware of.   A good source would be “Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation by Sissela Bok, who wrote “Control over secrecy and openness gives power: it influences what others know, and thus what they choose to do….With no capacity for keeping secrets and for choosing when to reveal them, human beings would lose their sense of identity and every shred of autonomy.”  Bok has many other good articles as well.

When we watch, listen to or read any news story.  There will always be a bias there.  Some subtle and some not so subtle.  We have the responsibility to find the truth for ourselves.