How can the American people have faith in the election process after what has happened in New York, Arizona, and other states?  This is serious business when the NYC elections official is suspended over primary voting problems and there is an investigation into the Arizona voting as well!

The problems in Brooklyn, the report said, were the voters disenfranchised were probably Bernie Sanders voters.  Voters were actually removed from voter-registration rolls!  Also at issue were voters having their party affiliation changed without their knowledge and, incorrect primary notifications getting mailed out.  Some precincts opened two hours later than they were supposed to. Other precinct voter sites were moved without notice so voters did not know where to go to vote!

This many and these type of problems suggests something other than unqualified election officials is going on!  It certainly makes one wonder!  It would not be difficult to make sure “every vote counts”.  However, the political establishment likes it just the way it is!

So, along with the “easy to hack” electronic voting machines with no paper backup in some states, “hanging chads” and, corrupt people in charge of the election process in others,  it is no wonder there are “voter problems” at election time!  These problems are never resolved.  The “investigations” never find anyone to “prosecute” for “voter fraud” and it continues!




It was blatantly obvious Wolf Blitzer gave Hillary much more time to talk than he did Bernie!  He not only gave Hillary the “upper hand” in this debate but on top of that he allowed Hillary to interrupt Bernie when he was answering the question.  The questions Blitzer asked of Bernie were “explain yourself”!  He allowed Hillary much more time to “explain” her actions!  He asked Hillary several questions that she never answered and again, allowed her a lot of time to defend her position on those questions.

Dana Bash did the same as Blitzer.  She asked three “explain yourself” questions and when Bernie was answering, she allowed Hillary to interrupt.  Bash even tried “baiting” Bernie, comparing something he had said with something Trump had said!  That was completely “off base”!

Blitzer did ask one good question of Hillary.  That was the fact that President Obama  said his greatest mistake was Libya.  Blitzer asked Hillary if she felt responsible for that as well.  Blitzer never pushed for an answer and allowed her to continue defending herself.  Her excuse was that she only provided information for that decision and it was President Obama that made the decision!  It seems when it is in her favor, she “gushes” her praise and tells of her “in line with Obama’s policies”.  However, if someone has to take the blame, make it President Obama’s fault!

Hillary did not answer questions about 1) her position on fracking. 2) what lies Hillary said Bernie made about her money from the fossil fuel industry, 3) her part in Libya failure, etc.  Every time Bernie brought up a subject of what she did or didn’t do, Hillary laughed and took lots of time not answering his questions either. Hillary brought up the dead issue of “unqualified” once again.  And, again, she accused Bernie of not being serious enough on women’s rights issues. She also brought up, for the umpteenth time, the lie about Bernie doing away with ACA!  When asked about the wealthy paying more into social security, she used Bernie’s plan to answer!  Hillary continued to claim her closeness with Obama and agreement with his policies.  Also, her time as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, she was involved in the Libya decision but she will not take any responsibility for that!

Actually, there is really nothing Hillary can honestly say she accomplished as Secretary of State other than she did a lot of traveling!!  She lied more than once making “claims” of accomplishment in that position and there are many sources to prove she lied!  As always, Hillary used the “I”, “I”, “I” word and Bernie used the “we”, “we”, “we” word!

I’m not going to write about Bernie or his policies.  People know who Bernie Sanders is and what he stands for.  They know he is an honest, trusted and compassionate man whose policies are for the good of America, the middle class, the poor and the downtrodden, etc.  He needs no defining.

This debate was a “fiasco” by CNN and moderators Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash!


In an article I wrote the day Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy, I suggested the media look “outside the box” and that Sanders would surprise everyone. I am now making a “suggestion” to the Democratic Establishment and all those who are a part of this establishment.  If the “forced” nomination of Hillary works, the Democrat party will lose!

Half or more of the registered Democrats do not believe Hillary or the party care about their lives or what is happening to our country.  These people believe Bernie Sanders is speaking up for them and they do not put the Democratic Party ahead of these beliefs.  The Democratic political party is full of corruption, greed, fraud, etc. and members of congress are only concerned about themselves!  This applies to the top leaders in government as well.  It used to be these traits belonged only to the Republican Party but, no longer.  These are the traits of the Democratic Party as well. The sound policies of FDR that worked so well for this country are no longer a part of the Democratic Party.   They have betrayed their constituency!

I have read many pro Hillary articles written by “so called” journalists, reporters, members of congress and our government.  They are all “fear mongering” articles telling us how bad it would be if Trump or Cruz would be president.  This tactic is as bad as what Donald Trump espouses!  What the “Democratic Establishment” does not get is that every “insinuation” or downright lie they write/tell about Bernie only reinforces his supporters against Hillary!  And, whomever the Republican candidate is, will win!

The voters of America are much more informed about politics than ever before.  They have many sources to find the truth.  The political party is no longer able to hide it’s “stacking the deck” when it comes to elections. It is all coming out in this election!  When the political party gives Hillary close to 500 delegates before the campaign has even started, something is wrong with that party!  When states do not allow “open elections”, stopping Independent voters from their constitutional right to vote, something is wrong with the political parties that made these rules!  When Bernie wins a state with a double digit lead but Hillary gets more “delegates” than Bernie, something is wrong with the political party!

There is a “political revolution” going on in this country and “it ain’t over till it’s over”!



The frenzy over Bernie and Hillary’s statements that produced it has been pushed to the limits by the corporate media!  Most of the corporate media did not bother to tell how this all began.  The Washington Post printed the story with the now “infamous headline”.  Of course, they are just part of the corporate media that exists in the beltway where headlines are everything and facts mean nothing.  The days of expecting the news media to be factual are over!

This isn’t the first time Hillary has made statements about Bernie that were full of insinuations (as her statement on Morning Joe was).  Others were downright lies!  She continues on the same path to this day.  It is her “modus operandi”!   And, her “shills” follow the leader!

A respected economist, Robert Reich, (one of the 170 economists who support Bernie and his economic policies) was on the Chris Hayes Show to give the details of Bernie’s plan “to break up the banks” (the issue Hillary used to spark this frenzy).  However, one of Hillary’s surrogates, Barney Frank, would not allow Reich to talk.  After Frank spent his allotted time demeaning Bernie he kept interrupting Reich every time he tried to speak. This is another typical tactic a Hillary shill uses.

The internet is full of Hillary shills as well.  A good example is an article trashing Bernie (which is untrue) written by Paul Krugman, another Hillary shill!  A later article from HUFFPOST BUSINESS by Ben Walsh and Zach Carter tells the truth.

It would take too long to list all the other times Hillary or a surrogate has used this tactic but here are just a few:

  1. Hillary “insinuated” Bernie did not understand how things work in congress.   FACT: Bernie has been in congress four times as long as Hillary. .
  1. Hillary ‘insinuated’ Bernie is not a Democrat.    FACT: Bernie has always worked with Democrats in congress
  1. Hillary accused Bernie of wanting to “scrub” the ACA.              FACT:  Bernie wants to ADD to the ACA, not scrub it.
  1. Hillary accused Bernie of not liking Obama or his policies.              FACT: Bernie supported Obama in both his campaigns and helped him with legislation.
  1. Hillary said Bernie will not be able to get things done with congress.    FACT: Bernie has worked with Republicans and passed legislation with them.
  1. Hillary said Bernie has no experience.     FACT: Again, Bernie has been in congress four times as long as Hillary.
  1. Hillary “insinuated” Bernie is not for gun control.  FACT: The NRA has given Bernie a “D” rating. He has given the facts.
  1. Hillary said Bernie wasn’t “serious enough” on women’s issues              FACT: Bernie has fought for women’s rights and all civil rights his entire adult life.
  1. Hillary “insinuated” any of Bernie’s policy proposals are “not possible”.   FACT: Bernie’s policies have been approved “possible” by the experts.
  1. Hillary has “insinuated” Bernie has no “foreign affairs” experience.  FACT: a) Bernie did not vote for the Iraq war.  Judgement is imperative when president.  b) Former Dept. of Defense Secretary, Bob Gates, agrees with Bernie on ISIS

Hillary’s husband, ex-president, Bill Clinton, said Bernie was sexist, dishonest and hypocritical!  Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, lied about Bernie wanting to do away with the ACA.  These are the tactics of the Clinton family.  I do believe a candidate’s family should be free from scrutiny and the press.  However, in this case, Bill and Chelsea put themselves in the news with their actions.  This is on them, not me.

The recent and one of the worst Hillary “shill” actions was when a woman working at the Vatican lied about Bernie’s invitation from the Pope saying it was Bernie’s idea!  The official Vatican spokesperson denied that saying Bernie was invited by the Pope.  I am not saying Hillary told this woman to do this.  However, the point is, by Hillary’s own actions she is giving the “green light” for her supporters to lie without hesitation.