The frenzy over Bernie and Hillary’s statements that produced it has been pushed to the limits by the corporate media!  Most of the corporate media did not bother to tell how this all began.  The Washington Post printed the story with the now “infamous headline”.  Of course, they are just part of the corporate media that exists in the beltway where headlines are everything and facts mean nothing.  The days of expecting the news media to be factual are over!

This isn’t the first time Hillary has made statements about Bernie that were full of insinuations (as her statement on Morning Joe was).  Others were downright lies!  She continues on the same path to this day.  It is her “modus operandi”!   And, her “shills” follow the leader!

A respected economist, Robert Reich, (one of the 170 economists who support Bernie and his economic policies) was on the Chris Hayes Show to give the details of Bernie’s plan “to break up the banks” (the issue Hillary used to spark this frenzy).  However, one of Hillary’s surrogates, Barney Frank, would not allow Reich to talk.  After Frank spent his allotted time demeaning Bernie he kept interrupting Reich every time he tried to speak. This is another typical tactic a Hillary shill uses.

The internet is full of Hillary shills as well.  A good example is an article trashing Bernie (which is untrue) written by Paul Krugman, another Hillary shill!  A later article from HUFFPOST BUSINESS by Ben Walsh and Zach Carter tells the truth.

It would take too long to list all the other times Hillary or a surrogate has used this tactic but here are just a few:

  1. Hillary “insinuated” Bernie did not understand how things work in congress.   FACT: Bernie has been in congress four times as long as Hillary. .
  1. Hillary ‘insinuated’ Bernie is not a Democrat.    FACT: Bernie has always worked with Democrats in congress
  1. Hillary accused Bernie of wanting to “scrub” the ACA.              FACT:  Bernie wants to ADD to the ACA, not scrub it.
  1. Hillary accused Bernie of not liking Obama or his policies.              FACT: Bernie supported Obama in both his campaigns and helped him with legislation.
  1. Hillary said Bernie will not be able to get things done with congress.    FACT: Bernie has worked with Republicans and passed legislation with them.
  1. Hillary said Bernie has no experience.     FACT: Again, Bernie has been in congress four times as long as Hillary.
  1. Hillary “insinuated” Bernie is not for gun control.  FACT: The NRA has given Bernie a “D” rating. He has given the facts.
  1. Hillary said Bernie wasn’t “serious enough” on women’s issues              FACT: Bernie has fought for women’s rights and all civil rights his entire adult life.
  1. Hillary “insinuated” any of Bernie’s policy proposals are “not possible”.   FACT: Bernie’s policies have been approved “possible” by the experts.
  1. Hillary has “insinuated” Bernie has no “foreign affairs” experience.  FACT: a) Bernie did not vote for the Iraq war.  Judgement is imperative when president.  b) Former Dept. of Defense Secretary, Bob Gates, agrees with Bernie on ISIS

Hillary’s husband, ex-president, Bill Clinton, said Bernie was sexist, dishonest and hypocritical!  Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, lied about Bernie wanting to do away with the ACA.  These are the tactics of the Clinton family.  I do believe a candidate’s family should be free from scrutiny and the press.  However, in this case, Bill and Chelsea put themselves in the news with their actions.  This is on them, not me.

The recent and one of the worst Hillary “shill” actions was when a woman working at the Vatican lied about Bernie’s invitation from the Pope saying it was Bernie’s idea!  The official Vatican spokesperson denied that saying Bernie was invited by the Pope.  I am not saying Hillary told this woman to do this.  However, the point is, by Hillary’s own actions she is giving the “green light” for her supporters to lie without hesitation.



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