In an article I wrote the day Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy, I suggested the media look “outside the box” and that Sanders would surprise everyone. I am now making a “suggestion” to the Democratic Establishment and all those who are a part of this establishment.  If the “forced” nomination of Hillary works, the Democrat party will lose!

Half or more of the registered Democrats do not believe Hillary or the party care about their lives or what is happening to our country.  These people believe Bernie Sanders is speaking up for them and they do not put the Democratic Party ahead of these beliefs.  The Democratic political party is full of corruption, greed, fraud, etc. and members of congress are only concerned about themselves!  This applies to the top leaders in government as well.  It used to be these traits belonged only to the Republican Party but, no longer.  These are the traits of the Democratic Party as well. The sound policies of FDR that worked so well for this country are no longer a part of the Democratic Party.   They have betrayed their constituency!

I have read many pro Hillary articles written by “so called” journalists, reporters, members of congress and our government.  They are all “fear mongering” articles telling us how bad it would be if Trump or Cruz would be president.  This tactic is as bad as what Donald Trump espouses!  What the “Democratic Establishment” does not get is that every “insinuation” or downright lie they write/tell about Bernie only reinforces his supporters against Hillary!  And, whomever the Republican candidate is, will win!

The voters of America are much more informed about politics than ever before.  They have many sources to find the truth.  The political party is no longer able to hide it’s “stacking the deck” when it comes to elections. It is all coming out in this election!  When the political party gives Hillary close to 500 delegates before the campaign has even started, something is wrong with that party!  When states do not allow “open elections”, stopping Independent voters from their constitutional right to vote, something is wrong with the political parties that made these rules!  When Bernie wins a state with a double digit lead but Hillary gets more “delegates” than Bernie, something is wrong with the political party!

There is a “political revolution” going on in this country and “it ain’t over till it’s over”!

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