DONALD TRUMP does NOT WANT to be president?  As everyone knows, Trump entered the race to get some “free publicity”!  Not in his “wildest dreams” did he ever expect to end up the actual Republican nominee for president!  He has the “tiger by the tail” and doesn’t know what to do with it!  Neither does the Republican Party!  They have no control over him.  So, the circus continues.  Corporate media “fuels it” 24/7!  And, the rest of the world looks on “awestruck” that this is actually happening in the United States of America!  I was born and raised in America and I can’t believe it either!

I do believe Trump is looking for a way out!  That is why he is becoming more “addled” every time he speaks.  He is trying to remain “in the race” while “trying to get out of the race”!  If the Republican “hierarchy” had their “wits” about them, rather than wringing their hands and crying “the sky is falling”, “the sky is falling”, they would do something about it before it gets any worse!

First. The Republicans should stop “choosing sides” and making more “enemies” of Trump! It is pointless and anti-productive!  This only gives Trump more reason to stay in the race!  If they are as concerned as they say, they would work out an approach that would not only “appease” Trump but possibly, give him the opportunity to “bow out gracefully” (for the good of the party, for the good of the country, or whatever works).  This would make him appear to be the “martyr” in this whole fiasco!  It would be his “crowning performance”!

Who believes Trump is after the president’s salary?  Who believes he really wants to deal with all the problems and crisis that comes with the presidency every single day?  Who believes he would rather live in the drafty old “White House” rather than the “gilded” Trump Towers?  This man was born with a “golden spoon” in his mouth.  His name has given him power and money.  What he has in this world was given to him on a “silver platter”.  I firmly believe Trump is very aware of what being the President of the United States entails.  He doesn’t want the job!  He does not want the responsibility of running this country.  It would be antithetical to everything he has done his entire life.

Then, of course….who would the candidate be?