It is outrageous that even though I pay an annual fee for WordPress services, I have to pay another fee to keep unacceptable ads off my website!  I have no problem with “benign” business ads.  However, today I found a “political ad” on my most recent post!  It was for a particular presidential candidate I do not support!  What can I do about this?  WordPress answer is pay more to stop ads!  Isn’t this illegal?  Posting political ads on a web site without the owners approval?


It isn’t just this last killing of policemen that made me reach my “boiling point”.  I wrote another article on gun violence over a year ago.  The senseless killing of innocent African Americans, the senseless killings of “good cops” is only getting worse.  I am sick of the “guns don’t kill people, people do” defense from congress and the NRA!

The people who could do something about this refuse to act.  They are every member of congress who refuses to pass strict gun laws!  They are the members of congress who are indebted to the NRA for funding their campaigns.  They are mostly Republicans but there are Democrats as well so this is not a “partisan issue”.  This is one of the examples why congress is failing our country!  My anger stems not only from an ineffective congress but an ineffective administration as well.  Again, this is not a partisan issue as neither party’s administrations have done anything about gun control.  There is so much corruption in both. The American people are “powerless” to do anything about these horrific shootings and, they are the victims!

When are our “leaders” going to say “enough is enough” and truly do something about it?  When are the American people going to say “enough is enough” and vote the NRA bought members of congress out of office?  When are the “mentally ill” shooters going to be taken off the streets and given the treatment they need?  When are we going to deal with the problems that lead people to kill one another?  Gun control laws don’t solve all of our problems but…it certainly is a step in the right direction!