Most FBI agents, as well as employees of the other Intelligence agencies of the U.S. government are loyal and patriotic citizens of this country.

There are always some “bad apples” in these agencies. Of course, the top echelon of these government Intelligence agencies do not want this memo made public.  It would tell the public how they operate without any oversight. What agency would approve of a memo that “investigates them”?  Both political parties as well as members of congress are as guilty of this as well.  The fact the Democrats making such a “stench” about making this memo public is  for “political grandstanding”.  Nothing more.

This “The Sky Will Fall” mentality if the memo is released is nothing but a political battle over who controls the government. As it is, these intelligence agencies operate on a separate level than other government agencies.  They have powers that can be misused and often do.  This is an opportunity to find out which employees do misuse these powers. This memo is nothing more than a “peak” into what really goes on in these agencies.

No one would question the need for “secrecy” when it comes to protecting our country.  However, some in these agencies use this “excuse” to act for their own personal reasons.  This has been proven before.  Many of these agencies tend to “over classify” many issues that could be made public without any harm. They live in their own “bubble”.

It is time to “pop” this bubble”.




One thought on “THE MEMO”

  1. Did you know that Nunes has never read the underlying information on which the memo was based? Did you know that the GOP voted NOT to allow the FBI to come to the committee and explain the issue? Did you know that the GOP refuses to release the Dem memo that contradicts the Nunes memo? Why do they not want the Dem memo released.
    Release BOTH memos and let the public judge.


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