Our political system is broke.  Americans have only two choices as to who to vote for in congress and for the presidency.  Republican or Democrat. These are the most powerful seats in America.  Our very survival depends on what they make into law.

Everyone is aware of what happens when there are only two choices to vote on in an election. Particularly, in a presidential election.  The 2016 presidential election gave us two choices most Americans didn’t want to vote for.  Consequently, we ended up with the president we now have.  Not that the other choice would have been any better.  They both had a lot of “baggage” to bring to this presidency.

In certain states, the two political parties have made rules so you are not able to vote for any other than a Republican or a Democrat in the primaries.  This keeps other choices, like an Independent, out of the system.  This is not democracy.  This is plutocracy.

Another “politician rule” is the use of Super Delegates whose votes count more than any American vote does.  This can throw an election simply with them voting for the candidate their political party has chosen.  This is not based on who is a better candidate.  We all know how the 2016 presidential election turned out.  These “Super Delegates” & Democratic establishment were determined their choice should win. The “head” of the Democratic party in this election was then president, Obama & VP, Joe Biden. They did nothing to stop the entire Democratic National Committee & Hillary Clinton campaign from “rigging” the primaries against Bernie Sanders. Every poll showed Sanders was the candidate Americans wanted and the only candidate who could have beat Trump.  Because of this, the Democrats, a majority of Americans and even some Republicans now have a president they didn’t want.

This all adds up to the need of a third party.  Independent voters need to form a “political party” of their own & get it registered as a “legitimate” political party” so they can vote in every election, just as Democrats and Republicans do. Many people who call themselves Progressives are working hard to get people elected to congress who will help America.  Not the politicians who are funded by large corporations that are controlling our political system now.  This will take time.  They should work just as hard to have an independent party now. This is the only way there will ever be a fair vote in any election.

I hear the voices who say “look what happened with the elections when Independents ran”.  If we would have had a third political party then, where people could actually vote for who they wanted, that would not have happened. It would have given voters a chance to vote for who they truly want.  Not someone each political party’s hierarchy has decided who the candidate should be.  Until Americans have more than two choices in these elections, nothing will change.