Open letter to Congress:

Stop it!  Stop it right now!!  Quit acting like a bunch of school bullies and straighten out the mess and danger all (yes, all) of you have put America in.

With the exception of too few in congress, you are nothing but a bunch of pathetic sycophants!  There is not a leader among you.  You are not using morality, courage or conscience to guide you.  You are using arrogance, greed and self-service as your guide in all you do.  You have destroyed any trust the people had in you when they voted you into office.  You have made me and, I ‘m sure, many more Americans ashamed of what you have done in our name, not only by the catastrophic domestic policy but the never ending investigations by both political parties that are nothing but “political grandstanding”.  You have no soul.

I want my America back with honest and trusted leaders in the White House, Congress and the Justice Department, who care more for the American people than they do for themselves.  I will vote for that in the mid-term election this year.


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