This list was on Fox news today.  It explains what will be done with this finished report.

  1. Only one copy will be sent to Capital Hill.
  2. Only senators and 9 staffers can view it.
  3. It will be stored in the “Senate Judiciary Committee” safe.
  4. The White House will view findings first.

In other words, the entire FBI investigation has been what Trump allowed to be investigated and even with that, he has to “view the findings first” before releasing to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump had the power to:

  1. Tell the FBI what witnesses could be interviewed and told the FBI not to interview Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford.
  2. Tell the FBI how many days to take for this investigation.
  3. In public, Trump has said Kavanaugh was innocent, before the FBI report has even been completed.
  4. Trump has had help from Sen. McConnell as to what is to be allowed in this investigation and what isn’t.

Ask yourself this.  Is this democracy or is it “a dictatorship”?


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