I wrote this to Nancy Pelosi in 2011.  Nothing has changed!

Democrats still have control of Congress.  This means doing the people’s business, not the politician’s “agenda”.  The following is a list of issues I was hoping the Democrats would take care of.  They still apply.  Maybe if congress took less time than the normal extended holiday vacations and truly worked on the peoples business they could get some of this done.

1. Get back to a 5 day work week like the rest of working Americans.

2. Repeal all tax breaks to wealthy and oil companies.

3. Create a “truly ethical” Ethics committee for members of congress.

4. Ban ALL money and gifts from lobbyists to any member of congress or the administration.

5. Pay back all money borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund to make it once solvent again.

6. Create a “National” voting system so every state has the same method of voting to simplify the voting process.  Having everyone voting by Mail-In-Ballot would more than cover the costs because there would no longer be a need for polling precincts to manage or electronic voting machines that can be hacked into.

7. Fix all trade agreements to the benefit of all working Americans.

8.Do away with Homeland Security boondoggle and let the CIA and FBI handle the security for the nation. They are the ones who collect the information and act of that information.

9. Undo all the “executive privilege” used by Bush to break laws and shred the constitution. *Now, this would be the ones Trump used as well.

10. End the tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas and give them to companies who hire U.S. citizens and keep their business in the U.S.

There are many more I could add but hopefully, in the 2020 election coming up, the voters will research who honestly tried to do some of these changes and who stopped them.  It’s up to every American to make their voice heard.