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As of today, the polls have Bernie ahead in Wisconsin.  I cannot believe that the other news regarding the Bernie/Hillary campaign was coincidental.

One (or maybe more) of Hillary’s Superpacs are suing Bernie concerning the donations he gets from the American people”, calling it “fraud”!  This is an untrue charge and they know it.  No one believes Hillary did not give her consent to this.  She runs a “tight” campaign and knows who is doing what.  However, I do expect her to deny this in the coming days.

The other news regarding the campaign is that even though Bernie did file his papers in time, the DNC in D.C. did not file them in time to get him on the ballot!  They say it was an “oversight” and are working on it.  The question is why did Hillary’s name get on the ballot with no problems and Bernie’s didn’t??

When David Plouffe’s (Obama’s 2008 Chief strategist who now endorses Hillary) comments from that election can also apply to this one, something is very suspicious!  In 2008 Hillary aides sent several news outlets a picture of Obama in African garb during his trip to Africa.  Plouffe described the press circulation of the picture as part of a “disturbing pattern” and the “most shameful, offensive fear mongering we’ve seen…….”  Of course, Hillary denied even seeing the picture.  Point being, this is not the first election Hillary has had her minions doing “dirty deeds” for her, always denying she knew anything about them!  This has been a consistent pattern throughout her entire political life, not even mentioning her husband, a former president, Bill Clinton.

These two are just examples of what has been going on in this campaign ever since Bernie entered this race.

Has anyone read Hillary’s speech at AIPAC?  Has anyone seen Hillary’s speeches at Goldman Sachs?  There are so many truthful articles on Hillary’s political history and the damage she has done to this country (yes, the U.S.A.) it is amazing she is still even in the race!  Well, not really…knowing her backers are the entire Democratic Establishment, including the Obama administration, congress, state political leaders and corporate media who decided after Obama’s win in 2008, Hillary’s turn would be in 2016!

This “dirty politics” has got to stop!  We are in the middle of a campaign for the next president of the U.S. and these “games of the past” are no longer acceptable!  What Hillary doesn’t understand is every time she allows these “dirty deeds” or tells lies about Bernie she is alienating more people than she is fooling.



Although Bernie Sanders “left Hillary Clinton in the dust” with huge wins today (Saturday), you can be sure the DNC, Democratic Establishment, corporate media and her supporters will swat  the wins aside as they would a fly!  Something they have done after every Bernie win. There has been no concession speech from Hillary.

MSM will do the usual reporting.  Stressing how many delegates Hillary has rather than Bernie’s wins or how many percentage points he beat her by. At the near end of the voting in WA, Bernie had 74% and Hillary at 26%.  Final count In Hawaii: Bernie 81% and Hillary at 19%!  Alaska gave Bernie 79% and Hillary 21%!  Can’t get much better than that!  NBC Nightly news spent more time on Trump and Hillary than they did on Sanders big wins!  While reporting on the election, CNN and MSNC had the delegate count for both on the screen more often than the actual win counts! The local NBC station in Seattle “shared” their time with Hillary and her supporters, and yes, the delegate count! This Seattle NBC station all but ignored Bernie’s big wins! They didn’t even film the large rally Bernie Sanders had Friday night in Seattle.  Nothing has changed!

The fact is Bernie has won enough delegates to be competitive with Hillary delegates. Even with the entire democratic establishment, corporate media, etc. working for her, Hillary is still losing! Can you imagine what Bernie’s wins would be if he had even one fourth of those “Hillary helpers” behind him?

As I said, the MSM will be working overtime to try to somehow turn these Bernie wins into a win for Hillary.  Don’t you believe it!

Go Bernie!





This is the first presidential election I have ever seen where the MSM delegate count is being “touted” more important than the actual vote count.  Why do you suppose that is?

The DNC (Democrat establishment) has control over who gets these “delegates”, especially the “Super delegates”, just as they had control over who the presidential nominee would be.  It really hit home for me when I received a form letter from Bill Clinton with a “Surrogate Affidavit Form to sign for the 2016 Democratic Precinct Caucus” in my state, asking for my support of Hillary.  There was a return envelope addressed to the Chair of my state’s Democratic Party.  I have not received any such form from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Nor have I received any campaign letters from the Bernie Sanders campaign as I have from the Hillary Clinton campaign.   I am not saying this is a “conspiracy”.  However, I am wondering why the DNC has given the Hillary Clinton campaign the addresses of Democrat voters in my state and not doing the same for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

With few exceptions, every MSM article written about the Democratic campaign election results makes the delegate count the “headline” and the bulk of the article always uses this count as the reason they predict Hillary Clinton will win the nomination!  I call these articles the “doomsday for Bernie” articles!  That’s exactly what they are!  Even after Bernie’s upsetting win in Michigan, the articles headlines were Hillary delegate count!   These articles, even though possible, never show a way Bernie could get these delegates to win the nomination (see WashingtonsBlog, March 3, 2016 article by Gaius Publius and HUFFPOST 3/14/16 article by Rep.Alan Grayson).  The same MSM outlets will continue to make this campaign all about Hillary’s delegate count.  No matter how many states Bernie wins!  Evidently, these writers think the only way Hillary can win is by “delegates”.  This is certainly not a “glowing endorsement” for Hillary!  These articles are not about what Hillary is going to do for the country or even her policies.  They are all just about delegate count. This gives off a feeling of “desperate” on their part!

Bernie is not out by any means!  He may have lost Tuesday night, but, as one writer states, there is still another election cycle to go through and many more states yet to vote. Hillary has won the south votes as expected.  Let’s see where the east and west state votes go!


Of all the articles written about Bernie Sanders by “political journalists” and comments by TV show political pundits, every one of them has said he can’t win.  I haven’t read one article or heard one pundit expressing doubt that Hillary Clinton could win.  Why is that??  Hillary Clinton received “star attention” even before she announced her candidacy for president.  Bernie Sanders did not get the media attention until he drew thousands of people to his events.  Why is that?  Here we are, barely starting this presidential campaign and all bets are on Hillary!  What is it with these “mainstream” news sources?  Even the New York Times had an article that Bernie can’t win! Usually they hold opinions until much later in the campaign.  Evidently, they all refuse to “go outside the box” when it comes to political reporting!  Either that – or – they are all Hillary Clinton supporters!  I prefer to think of it as no “outside the box” thinking.

In the short time Sanders has been a candidate, he has brought up issues the American people are most concerned with.  He is sincere, forthright and pulls no punches on what needs to be done to get America back to the country it was and could be again now.  Sanders has never wavered on his principles during the entire time he has been in politics!  He has never changed his mind on one issue. He will not accept any money from corporations or billionaires for his campaign.  His funding comes from the “grass roots” of America.  What does it take to give this man some respect?  Rather than writing/saying “he can’t win, why don’t they listen to what he is saying instead of dismissing him as a viable presidential candidate??

This same group of political reporters have “fawned over Hillary” like she is already the winner!  They haven’t asked her the questions they have asked Sanders.  Why not?  They just follow her around like little “puppy dogs” hoping they get some “air time” with her!  What has happened to the state of journalism in this country?  Is there no independent thinking among them?  Some are as bad as the “politicians” who do nothing but “play it safe”!  The state of the news outlets are as bad as the state of politicians these days!  Everyone is eating the same “pabulum”!!

One of the many important issues Sanders has been talking about is Wall Street and bank regulations.  During his administration, Bill Clinton signed the bill for de-regulating these institutions!  He basically shut down the “Glass-Segal” regulations that had kept these institutions in check for years.  Has anyone asked Hillary what she would do to bring back the much needed regulations?  No!  No one has!  Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA Agreement when he was president.  This agreement sent American jobs overseas and had disastrous health effects on the workers in those countries.  Did anyone press Hillary about Obama’s TPP Agreement?  No!  No one did!  I could go on with many more issues Sanders has addressed that Hillary has avoided even answering.  The news media sure hasn’t!!

Joan Walsh, Editor at large for Salon called Sanders supporters “Deranged Clinton Haters”!  Can you get any more “biased” than this and still remain a “professional journalist”??  I have admired Walsh in the past but I have no respect for her now and will no longer read any article written by her or listen to anything she has to say!

Eugene Robinson, a respected journalist and one I still admire, gave all the reasons why Sanders could win… but… the end result was the same.  He didn’t think Sanders could win.   One of Robinson’s remarks was “Let’s hope he makes this race interesting”!!  WHAT??  I think Sanders has already made this race very interesting!!  However, let me add I am not putting Eugene Robinson in the same “class” as Joan Walsh.  Her article was venomous and insulting to Sanders and his supporters!  Robinson’s was just the opposite, he wrote fairly about Sanders and gave his opinion, nothing more.

My intention was not to use any names of writers in this article but I do so to point out not all journalists are mean spirited or “biased” like Joan Walsh.  Eugene Robinson is a good example of what a journalist should be. Give us the facts and let us decide who will win!





One poll I saw said Hillary Clinton was ahead of Bernie Sanders by 60 points!  Don’t you believe it!  Other polls have Bernie within a margin of 10 points.  It all depends on which polls you read.

The poll giving Hillary the 60 points was by ABC and Wall Street Journal.  Just consider the source!  Wall Street certainly doesn’t want Bernie in charge!  Wall Street and the banks gave us the greatest depression since the 1930’s.  None of them have been held accountable!  The President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, nor anyone else has done anything to make these wealthy “thieves”   pay for what they did to the U.S. economy!!  Neither have any of the destructive policies been rolled back that allowed this in the first place.  They are free to keep on doing the same thing and if not stopped, we will have another depression as bad as the last, if not worse! No one is enforcing the “regulations”!  Bernie will change this.

Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill, felt the need to “put down” Bernie Sanders by calling him a socialist (a bad word for those who oppose him).  Of course, she is for Hillary Clinton!  She is now one of the many entrenched politician who has learned how to “play the game”!   McCaskill is also one of the Democrats who voted for the TPP.  She will find out how these actions affect her in the next election!  As will the other Democrats who voted for the TPP.  Bernie is for saving American jobs!  Not shipping them overseas!  McCaskill’s remarks only remind us of the “clout” Hillary Clinton, another “entrenched” politician, has.

With thousands of people gravitating towards Sanders, Hillary is going to need all the help she can get!