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This presidential election has brought out the “worst of the worst”!  These “venom spewers” are both Trump and Hillary supporters.  I have yet to find a “positive” article on Trump because I am not reading those particular sites (are there any?).  Consequently, most of the “venom” I read is from Hillary supporters.  Then, the Trump supporters spew their venom back at the Hillary supporters!  It’s a back and forth game of mostly insults!

Trump supporters defend everything Trump says or does, no matter how despicable or untrue.  They say the Hillary supporters are blind to everything Hillary has done or not done in the past thirty years. They say Hillary is in league with Wall Street, corporations and the 1% of this country.  They say Hillary is using the Clinton Foundation for “pay for play”.  They say Hillary agreed with her husband, Bill Clinton, during his administration, on legislation that repealed the Glass-Stegal Act that kept Wall Street under control and legislation that made life harder for African Americans.  They say Hillary pushed Obama for the “regime change” in Libya and the war in Syria, etc.  They say Hillary, as of Secretary of State, did nothing to help America and all she did was “travel a lot”.  They say she is “hiding the truth” about her real health issues. They and, Trump himself, calls her names like lying Hillary, crooked Hillary, corrupt Hillary, etc. They detest Hillary.  Trump supporters accuse the MSM of being on “Hillary’s side”.

Hillary supporters defend everything Hillary says or has ever done in the past thirty years, no matter how far fetched or untrue.  They accuse Trump of being crazy or worse. They accuse Trump supporters of being “dumb” or “uninformed”.  They accuse him of lying about everything.  Arianna Huffington puts an “Editor Note” at the end of every article on the HuffPost site saying: “Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist…….”  These are the same things Hillary says about Trump.  How much more can you hate the guy?  Can’t spew much worse “venom” than that!   Hillary also called Trump supporters “deplorables” and, her supporters are now using that as well.   Karen Topham, in her HuffPost article, calls Trump “orangutan with a bad haircut”!  There are many more of these insults in other articles. These are published writers not being shy about their “bias”!  Hillary’s supporters accuse the MSM of being on “Trump’s side”.

This hatred does not exist just with the citizen supporters of both candidates.  It also exists within the Democratic and Republican establishments.  Each political party has it’s “surrogates” to speak for the candidates.  They spend more time on name calling than they do on the issues important to the American people.

Since Trump is a “newcomer” to the “political game and, Hillary has 30 years of practice, it is natural there will be more of Hillary’s “past record” to defend.  However, Trump’s practices as a businessman and his “unscripted outlandish statements” are also there to defend.

The end result we have today is a “sham” that is called a presidential campaign.  This “campaign” has run amok and it is the American voters who will pay the price, no matter who they vote for!










I’ll tell you what is not good for this country.  That is three more months of Trump and Hillary throwing insults back and forth!  The Democrat and Republican “shows” are over.  It is time for the two presidential nominees to tell the American people just what they are going to do for the American people and how they are going to do it IF they are elected president!  I’m fed up with this “dog and pony show”!  It’s time they both started acting like “adults” and stop all this nonsense!

At the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders said: “This election is not about, and has never been about, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders or any of the other candidates who sought the presidency.  This election is not about political gossip.  It’s not about polls.  It’s not about campaign strategy.  It’s not about fundraising.  It is not about all the things that the media spend so much time discussing.”  He continued with telling us the issues he thought the election really is about.  The issues he talked of in his campaign.

The media and most journalists/reporters have given up their responsibility to report actual news. They are more like “Entertainment Tonight”, giving us the day’s gossip and adding their own little bias to that!  The good news is that many people have given up on the media for information and gone to the internet sites that have many more choices and much more depth.  You have to learn which sites are “political” and which ones will give you an unbiased report.  Once you have found these sites, you will learn much more from them than watching the evening news or listening to some opinionated political talk show.

It is obvious Donald Trump has taken the entire Republican Party to task and although in a totally different way Bernie Sanders has taken the entire Democratic Party to task. Both parties are equally responsible for what has happened to America and the middle class.

Both parties are “pawns” of Wall Street, K Street, the corporate CEO’s and the 1%.  Congress and yes, even the administrations, are just “leader figures” to cover for who really runs this country.  This didn’t happen overnight. The American people have been “duped” by “snake oil salesmen” for many years.  As he was writing about Rome, Plutarch told us how power and money can affect the electorate.  He wrote “The abuse of buying and selling votes crept in and money began to play an important part in determining elections.  Later on, this process of corruption spread in the law courts and to the army, and finally, when even the sword became enslaved by the power of gold, the republic was subjected to the rule of emperors.” We are now going to select our next “Emperor”!

With the internet, people are beginning to find out the truth about our politicians and who they really care about….themselves!  Americans know something is terribly wrong in this country and are learning who is to blame. The politicians!  The more a person is informed, the better they can help with righting the wrongs in this country with their vote.

Neither the Republican or Democratic establishments will acknowledge America isn’t what it used to be and that we are on a “downward spiral” moving fast. They keep telling us all is well and how great America is.  They are in their own little bubble oblivious to what is going on in the rest of the country.  They all have their large annual salaries for “working” about 80% less than any other American, paid by the taxpayers.  They all have their “fat little nest eggs” paid by the taxpayers.  They all have the best health care paid by the taxpayer and, on and on, paid by the taxpayer!  This is why they will never pass any law that limits the number of terms they can be in congress.  The hard truth is the only way to change this is to vote them out of office.  That is a hard task with the political establishment spending millions to keep them in office…but, it can be done!

Who is good for America?  Is it Trump with his pugnacious behavior, his outrageous and racist remarks?  His talk about war with other countries?  His promise to “Make America Great Again”. He certainly has succeeded in that!  Sadly, he has also succeeded in getting millions in this country to agree with his twisted thinking that there is no way to change America except through “tough talk and “bully action”!  He is “selling” to the tea party and they are “buying” every bit of it!  Trump is fooling everyone, including the Democrats, with his behavior.  He is truly a “showman”.  No one knows what he would actually do as president.  Therein lies the problem.

Is Hillary good for America with her hawkish foreign policy agenda? She is just as tough talking about other countries as Trump is! She talks tough about Russia and regime change in the Middle East.  She has been endorsed by Republican who pushed for the Iraq invasion just as she did. Her campaign funds are from Wall Street, Oil and Gas companies, health insurance companies, the 1% crowd, etc.  She has changed her mind on what policies she believes in so many times, it is hard to know which ones she truly does believe in! Hillary is a “career politician” who can lie with a straight face or ignore facts as she pleases. Unlike Trump, who, politically speaking, is “starting from scratch”, Hillary has years of baggage in her thirty years of political life.  This “baggage” attests to the fact that Hillary is also a “flawed candidate”.  Therein lies the problem.

This is the choice the two political parties have given us for the most important job in this country!  The President of the United States!  There is definitely something terribly wrong in America!










The American people are hardworking, honest, kind and caring.  They care about the refugees in other countries having to leave their homes because of war. They care about the African Americans who have been and are still being treated shamefully in this country.  They care about the Muslims and other religious groups that are being treated unfairly in this country. They care about the homeless, the hungry, the aged and those unable to help themselves.  Americans do the best they can to take care of themselves and their families but they are all being treated unfairly.

Who is standing in the way of progress?  The “politicians”!   With too few exceptions, congress, many in the administration and, both political parties have become “pawns” of the corporations and the wealthy. This is nothing new.  It has been going on for years.  However, this is the first presidential campaign year where, more than ever, the voters have “discovered” the extent of the corruption, not only in the government itself but in our election system as well.

These politicians have a large salary, “select” the number of days they work,  have the finest medical care, large retirement pensions and, many more perks for being a member of  the U.S. congress*.  This is not enough for them! They sell their souls to the corporations and wealthy in return for making laws that will benefit these greedy people. It is a vicious cycle that continues throughout the entire political system. This is where it begins and it effects all aspects of every American’s life.  This is true for city, county and state government as well.

The fate of the middle class has been changing since the 1970’s.  It became more pronounced during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.  Reagan believed in free markets and passed policies to help private business but did nothing to help the middle class.  Reagan’s firing of nearly 12,000 striking air traffic control workers was the beginning of the decimation of the Unions that helped workers get a better wage and better working conditions.

President Bill Clinton moved to the right when he began “Republican policies”.  Clinton brought members of Wall Street into his administration.  Clinton signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall and two other laws that eventually led to the Great Recession in 2007.  This deregulation of Wall Street and Banking allowed Clinton, the Democratic establishment, members of a Democratic administration, Democratic members of congress, to continue with these policies, earning millions of dollar while the middle class was losing their way of life.   Bill Clinton made the trade agreements, NAFTA and others to benefit the corporations that shipped U.S. jobs overseas. Clinton also cut investment taxes for the wealthy.

The next president, G.W. Bush, signed into law tax cuts that reduced the top income tax rate, the capital gains and, estate taxes.  The wealthy Americans received the most benefit from these tax cuts. Twelve top corporations paid no taxes and over a three year period between 2008 and 2010 actually received “subsidies” in the amount $62.4 billion!  They paid no taxes on $171 billion in profits!  These twelve corporations were Boeing, Verizon, Dupont, Yahoo, IBM, Wells Fargo, American Electric Power, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, General Electric, Honeywell International and United Technologies.

President Obama has done many good things for America and, I give him credit for all he has done.  However, Obama is still part of the “political establishment”.  Hillary has reminded us that he too, took money from Wall Street.  Obama is working hard to push another trade agreement (TPP) that will ship more jobs overseas with less control over corporations and other countries than in any other agreement.  It is obvious this is a move to help the wealthy corporations once again. At one point Obama approved offshore oil drilling in one of the most pristine places in Alaska. It was only the oil company that withdrew this action.  Obama has never held accountable any of the Wall Street and Bankers “gang” that caused the Great Recession.  In fact, Obama filled his administration with many Wall Street people.  I do believe Obama did not do this for personal wealth.  However, once again, it was just another “Democratic establishment” move which did nothing to help America.

The Great Recession officially lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.  The wealthy are prospering.  However, for most American families, the recession has not ended.  The struggle to make ends meet is unending.  It is happening to the middle-class, the retired, soon-to-retire, college grads, high-school dropouts and more.  It is not happening in just one state.  It is happening nationwide!  Families are still trying to make a go of it week to week, month to month, pay check to pay check. Even with both parents working the questions are still; which bill do we defer payment on to feed the family? How are we going to pay for the oil or electricity to heat our home this winter?  How are we going to pay for car repairs?  How do we pay for the costs of a child in school?  What happens if we have an emergency?  Families do not have enough to survive much less have any savings. So when the “experts” say the economy is good, just ask these people living in a continual state of trying to pay the bills every month!

I’m stressing DC politics but it is the same for state governments as well.  Politicians feign concern for the American people in election years. However, what have these politicians done for the middle class?  Politicians “promise” to cut the taxes of the wealthy but they never do.  They promise to make wages higher but few states have even taken up the issue.  Politicians make promises they never intend to keep. Yet, the same politicians keep getting elected for several reasons. The first being the fact no member of congress will pass a “term limit” bill.  Who would want to give up all the money that is so easily made being in congress? Second, because the “party” determines who runs and how much money they get for their campaign.

The Republican and Democratic Party establishments have a “lock” on what happens in congress, what bills are even considered and which ones are “stalled” or passed.  Former members of congress become lobbyists. Even though they are collecting their government pensions, these “retired” members are still being paid by the corporations to “lobby” those who are still in congress.

They also have a “lock” on elections, selecting who deserves” to run for office, especially national office.  If an elected official “plays the game”, they are eligible to “climb the ladder” to higher office.  Name recognition also helps. Democrats blame everything wrong on the Republicans and Republicans blame everything wrong on the Democrats. When, in fact, they are both responsible for the state of affairs in America.

What is happening in this 2016 presidential campaign is Americans are finally telling the politicians “enough is enough”! We will no longer accept “corporations, the wealthy and corrupt politicians running this country!  These Americans aren’t just Republicans or Democrats.  Independents feel the same. The young, the old, the disenfranchised, the working poor, etc. all feel betrayed by the very people they elected to serve them. The only people happy with this arrangement are the corporations, the wealthy and the “political establishments!


*see  article dated November 6, 2015 titled “U.S. House of Representatives Will Work 110 days in 2016 and Make $174,000 in Salary”









In an article I wrote the day Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy, I suggested the media look “outside the box” and that Sanders would surprise everyone. I am now making a “suggestion” to the Democratic Establishment and all those who are a part of this establishment.  If the “forced” nomination of Hillary works, the Democrat party will lose!

Half or more of the registered Democrats do not believe Hillary or the party care about their lives or what is happening to our country.  These people believe Bernie Sanders is speaking up for them and they do not put the Democratic Party ahead of these beliefs.  The Democratic political party is full of corruption, greed, fraud, etc. and members of congress are only concerned about themselves!  This applies to the top leaders in government as well.  It used to be these traits belonged only to the Republican Party but, no longer.  These are the traits of the Democratic Party as well. The sound policies of FDR that worked so well for this country are no longer a part of the Democratic Party.   They have betrayed their constituency!

I have read many pro Hillary articles written by “so called” journalists, reporters, members of congress and our government.  They are all “fear mongering” articles telling us how bad it would be if Trump or Cruz would be president.  This tactic is as bad as what Donald Trump espouses!  What the “Democratic Establishment” does not get is that every “insinuation” or downright lie they write/tell about Bernie only reinforces his supporters against Hillary!  And, whomever the Republican candidate is, will win!

The voters of America are much more informed about politics than ever before.  They have many sources to find the truth.  The political party is no longer able to hide it’s “stacking the deck” when it comes to elections. It is all coming out in this election!  When the political party gives Hillary close to 500 delegates before the campaign has even started, something is wrong with that party!  When states do not allow “open elections”, stopping Independent voters from their constitutional right to vote, something is wrong with the political parties that made these rules!  When Bernie wins a state with a double digit lead but Hillary gets more “delegates” than Bernie, something is wrong with the political party!

There is a “political revolution” going on in this country and “it ain’t over till it’s over”!


Last Friday the Democrat “hierarchy” had a summer meeting to rally Democrats for the 2016 general election.  It appeared to be more of an event for Hillary Clinton.   I’m not sure what the “Democrat” party stands for anymore.  When the Democrat party chairman, Debbie Wasserman- Schultz makes it perfectly clear her support is for Hillary Clinton something is “amiss”!

Lincoln Chafee, former Rhode Island governor and senator wanted the people to know he voted against the Iraq War, warned about climate change and was for an immigration bill.  Chafee’s   “zinger” statement was “I’ve had no scandal, I’m proud of that”.

Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland defied the Democrat leaders when he called for more Democratic debates. With Wasserman- Schultz standing not far from him, O’Malley said “This is totally unprecedented in our party” and “This sort of rigged process has never been attempted before. Whose decree is it?  Where did it come from?  To what end?  For what purpose?  What national or party interest does this decree serve?”  He also said “We are the Democratic Party, not the undemocratic Party, Our party must not cower from this debate, we must engage the debate.”

Even the Sanders crowd applauded O’Malley!  However, it was very evident Wasserman-Schultz was “peeved”!   She gave O’Malley “that look”!  She has always been full of “hutzpah’.  However, I do believe her “ascension” to party chairman and thoughts of Hillary becoming president have given her a bit of delusion as well!  It’s not over until it’s over is something she should remember.

Bernie Sanders: Senator from Vermont who is now within “shouting distance” of Hillary Clinton, has been “wowing” the crowds ever since he entered this race.  His message has been precise and sincere.  He has a long record of fighting for the rights of all people.  He is correct in saying “We need a movement that takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is part of that establishment.”  Sanders said in order to win we need a huge voter turnout.  “With all due respect, and I do not mean to insult anyone here, that turnout – that enthusiasm –will not happen with politics as usual.”

Sanders also reminded people he voted against the Iraq War (Clinton voted for), and he opposes the Keystone Pipeline and the Trans Pacific Partnership which, Clinton has refused to take a stand on.

Jim Webb:  Former senator of Virginia did not attend.   Chair Wasserman-Schultz explained Webb “is taking his daughter to college.”  However, she does not need to explain that Webb, like everyone else understands that the DNC has already picked their nominee, Hillary Clinton!  Her nomination has “been in the works” ever since she lost the election in 2008.

Hillary Clinton:  The hierarchy’s choice, tried to assure everyone that she is the strongest candidate.  Hillary said “I’m building an organization in all 50 states with hundreds of thousands of volunteers who will help Democrats win races up and down the ticket, not just the presidential campaign.  This is certainly a big promise!  Clinton has the super PACs collecting funds for her campaign even though she is already millions of dollars ahead of the rest of the Democrat candidates.

Hillary said the obsession with her emails is a passing fad!  What?  Does that mean the FBI is no longer going through her e-mails to see if there were any “security breaches”?  I certainly do not condone the Republicans having a “tantrum” about Hillary’s e-mails.  However, I am not at the point where I would call this investigation a “fad” either.  It all remains to be seen.

The DNC leadership including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have “put all their eggs in one basket”.    What will they do if the losing candidates and/or a large part of the Democrat party do not “fall in line” with their choice?  What will they do if Hillary Clinton is not the candidate?  Do they even have a Plan B??


Political pundits, along with the “hierarchy” of both political parties wonder why people would ever consider voting for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.  First, let me be clear.  I am not comparing the two.  Bernie Sanders is a legitimate presidential candidate with many years as a Senator voting for the good of the people.  He is not being financed by the wealthy or corporations. He is getting his funding from the “grass roots” of America. The thousands of people who attend Sanders events are not paid to attend!  He is not being backed by any political party!  It is obvious the Democrat party leaders “elect” Hillary!

Donald Trump has never held a seat in either house of congress, state or national or any other elected position.  His claim to fame is his business dealings, his wealth and his ability to know what to do to get the attention of the media.  However, unlike the “pompous” Republican candidates who berate and vilify Trump, I think he has as much right as they do if he wants to be a candidate.  Isn’t this supposed to be a democratic country?? The other Republican

candidates are being ‘backed by a political party” and funding their campaigns with money from the wealthy and corporations.  Trump is using his own money.  I give him credit where credit is due.  Let me be clear again.  I am not voting for Trump should he succeed in becoming the Republican candidate.  However, I am not voting for any of the other candidates either!

So, the answer to the “wonder” about these two candidates appeal is clear.  Yet, it deludes the pundits as well as the “hierarchy of both political parties”.  There is a “revolution” going on!  Americans are “fed up” with the same old political games in elections and congress.  They are “fed up” with corporations, the 1% and political parties controlling this country!!

I am now an Independent voter.  I will vote for the person I believe will do the best and the most for the American people. Even before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy the Democrat “elite” considered no one else to run for the highest office in America.  This is not a democratic way of running a presidential campaign!!  To me, this is as undemocratic as the way G.W. Bush was made president by a handful of judges!  Other than too few Democrats, I feel the Democrats are no better than the Republicans.  Congress is loaded with power and money hungry members of both political parties who do the bidding of the wealthy and corporations to fund their campaigns and get “inside information” on “how to get rich quick”! The only difference is the way the Republicans and Democrats “play the game”.  The Republicans are bullies and the Democrats run away from confronting them!

The Republican candidates for president are so pompous and overbearing it is hard to think seriously about any of them.  Example:  Rick Perry and Marco Rubio compared President Obama to Trump!  Not bad enough?  Marco Rubio also said “Trump is not dignified or worthy of the office” and “we already have a President that has no class”!  Now, that is a “real classy remark” to make, Rubio!  Where is your “dignity”??  According to Joe Conason, Jeb Bush once considered posing as a “conscientious objector to avoid the Vietnam draft!  Yup, Jeb’s a real “patriot!  Well, his grandfather, Prescott Bush was a fan of Hitler and Mussolini.  So, what do you expect?  Jeb also thanked the famous “Swift Boat” veterans for the untruthful ads about John Kerry’s military service (in truth, Kerry was a hero!) during the election with Jeb’s brother, G.W.  There are still more “truths” about Jeb Bush that haven’t been disclosed yet.  There are so many Republican presidential candidates it would take many more articles to cover them all!

I realize there are still some trustworthy congressmen/women who are working for the people.  However, I am finding the majority of them are working for themselves!!  How many people in congress have become millionaires (or even billionaires) since entering congress by getting “insider information” on stock deals and manipulating real estate deals, etc. as well as campaign funds from the wealthy and corporations who buy their votes.  How many are willing to vote for term limits for themselves??  Speaking of “working”, how many are willing to work 40 hours a week without the long breaks they take every week-end and even longer breaks on holidays?  How many will work during the summer rather than taking the whole summer off?  How many truly vote the way the people who voted for them want?  The list goes on!

I am not giving up as far as supporting the issues I care about but I will support these issues, not as a Democrat or Republican but in my own way.  Many people have accomplished good things through actions of their own, not through any political party!  We can too!

It gives me no joy to reach the conclusions I have  about the political parties that run our country but I do not find any proof to dispute these facts.

God Bless America!!