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In an article I wrote the day Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy, I suggested the media look “outside the box” and that Sanders would surprise everyone. I am now making a “suggestion” to the Democratic Establishment and all those who are a part of this establishment.  If the “forced” nomination of Hillary works, the Democrat party will lose!

Half or more of the registered Democrats do not believe Hillary or the party care about their lives or what is happening to our country.  These people believe Bernie Sanders is speaking up for them and they do not put the Democratic Party ahead of these beliefs.  The Democratic political party is full of corruption, greed, fraud, etc. and members of congress are only concerned about themselves!  This applies to the top leaders in government as well.  It used to be these traits belonged only to the Republican Party but, no longer.  These are the traits of the Democratic Party as well. The sound policies of FDR that worked so well for this country are no longer a part of the Democratic Party.   They have betrayed their constituency!

I have read many pro Hillary articles written by “so called” journalists, reporters, members of congress and our government.  They are all “fear mongering” articles telling us how bad it would be if Trump or Cruz would be president.  This tactic is as bad as what Donald Trump espouses!  What the “Democratic Establishment” does not get is that every “insinuation” or downright lie they write/tell about Bernie only reinforces his supporters against Hillary!  And, whomever the Republican candidate is, will win!

The voters of America are much more informed about politics than ever before.  They have many sources to find the truth.  The political party is no longer able to hide it’s “stacking the deck” when it comes to elections. It is all coming out in this election!  When the political party gives Hillary close to 500 delegates before the campaign has even started, something is wrong with that party!  When states do not allow “open elections”, stopping Independent voters from their constitutional right to vote, something is wrong with the political parties that made these rules!  When Bernie wins a state with a double digit lead but Hillary gets more “delegates” than Bernie, something is wrong with the political party!

There is a “political revolution” going on in this country and “it ain’t over till it’s over”!


As of today, the polls have Bernie ahead in Wisconsin.  I cannot believe that the other news regarding the Bernie/Hillary campaign was coincidental.

One (or maybe more) of Hillary’s Superpacs are suing Bernie concerning the donations he gets from the American people”, calling it “fraud”!  This is an untrue charge and they know it.  No one believes Hillary did not give her consent to this.  She runs a “tight” campaign and knows who is doing what.  However, I do expect her to deny this in the coming days.

The other news regarding the campaign is that even though Bernie did file his papers in time, the DNC in D.C. did not file them in time to get him on the ballot!  They say it was an “oversight” and are working on it.  The question is why did Hillary’s name get on the ballot with no problems and Bernie’s didn’t??

When David Plouffe’s (Obama’s 2008 Chief strategist who now endorses Hillary) comments from that election can also apply to this one, something is very suspicious!  In 2008 Hillary aides sent several news outlets a picture of Obama in African garb during his trip to Africa.  Plouffe described the press circulation of the picture as part of a “disturbing pattern” and the “most shameful, offensive fear mongering we’ve seen…….”  Of course, Hillary denied even seeing the picture.  Point being, this is not the first election Hillary has had her minions doing “dirty deeds” for her, always denying she knew anything about them!  This has been a consistent pattern throughout her entire political life, not even mentioning her husband, a former president, Bill Clinton.

These two are just examples of what has been going on in this campaign ever since Bernie entered this race.

Has anyone read Hillary’s speech at AIPAC?  Has anyone seen Hillary’s speeches at Goldman Sachs?  There are so many truthful articles on Hillary’s political history and the damage she has done to this country (yes, the U.S.A.) it is amazing she is still even in the race!  Well, not really…knowing her backers are the entire Democratic Establishment, including the Obama administration, congress, state political leaders and corporate media who decided after Obama’s win in 2008, Hillary’s turn would be in 2016!

This “dirty politics” has got to stop!  We are in the middle of a campaign for the next president of the U.S. and these “games of the past” are no longer acceptable!  What Hillary doesn’t understand is every time she allows these “dirty deeds” or tells lies about Bernie she is alienating more people than she is fooling.



This is the first presidential election I have ever seen where the MSM delegate count is being “touted” more important than the actual vote count.  Why do you suppose that is?

The DNC (Democrat establishment) has control over who gets these “delegates”, especially the “Super delegates”, just as they had control over who the presidential nominee would be.  It really hit home for me when I received a form letter from Bill Clinton with a “Surrogate Affidavit Form to sign for the 2016 Democratic Precinct Caucus” in my state, asking for my support of Hillary.  There was a return envelope addressed to the Chair of my state’s Democratic Party.  I have not received any such form from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Nor have I received any campaign letters from the Bernie Sanders campaign as I have from the Hillary Clinton campaign.   I am not saying this is a “conspiracy”.  However, I am wondering why the DNC has given the Hillary Clinton campaign the addresses of Democrat voters in my state and not doing the same for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

With few exceptions, every MSM article written about the Democratic campaign election results makes the delegate count the “headline” and the bulk of the article always uses this count as the reason they predict Hillary Clinton will win the nomination!  I call these articles the “doomsday for Bernie” articles!  That’s exactly what they are!  Even after Bernie’s upsetting win in Michigan, the articles headlines were Hillary delegate count!   These articles, even though possible, never show a way Bernie could get these delegates to win the nomination (see WashingtonsBlog, March 3, 2016 article by Gaius Publius and HUFFPOST 3/14/16 article by Rep.Alan Grayson).  The same MSM outlets will continue to make this campaign all about Hillary’s delegate count.  No matter how many states Bernie wins!  Evidently, these writers think the only way Hillary can win is by “delegates”.  This is certainly not a “glowing endorsement” for Hillary!  These articles are not about what Hillary is going to do for the country or even her policies.  They are all just about delegate count. This gives off a feeling of “desperate” on their part!

Bernie is not out by any means!  He may have lost Tuesday night, but, as one writer states, there is still another election cycle to go through and many more states yet to vote. Hillary has won the south votes as expected.  Let’s see where the east and west state votes go!


This was a good debate and informative for the voters, not only in New Hampshire, but the whole country.  Each time Bernie and Hillary do these debates, the American people learn more about each one of them.  That is what democracy is all about.

Other than a few unnecessary “gotcha” questions, the moderators, Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd, did an acceptable job.  However, it was very apparent to viewers that throughout the debate, they allowed Hillary to use much of the debate time for all her long rebuttals. This took away the time for other questions that could have been asked.

Bernie answered questions in a direct manner.  He reiterated his beliefs as to what should be done for the American people and how he was going to do this.  He never once interrupted Hillary on her long rebuttals.  He complimented Hillary and made note of the issues they agreed on and, stated a very clear difference on others.  He explained how Wall Street is controlling our political system and the economy as well.  He told how he would deal with Wall Street if he was president. He told of his concern for the lower and middle class of America and the disparity in treatment of African Americans. He elaborated on how all the free trade agreements passed have hurt the American worker.  He is for trade, just not “free trade agreements”.  He is concerned about those who still cannot afford health care. He also pointed out he was on the “Obamacare” committee and helped President Obama get it passed and had no intention of “doing away with it” as Hillary suggests!  Bernie was asked by one of the moderators about Hillary’s comments that he was not in agreement with President Obama’s policies.  His reply was he helped Obama with passing many of those policies and that was untrue.  Chuck Todd accused Bernie of never giving a “foreign policy’ speech and asked him  what help he would get on this.  Sanders told Todd that wasn’t true and where he had given that speech.  Bernie also told Todd, as a member of congress he knew many people to consult with on “foreign policy”.

When Hillary became very defensive and accused Bernie of “attacking her, “impugning her credibility”, etc. (on the issues of Wall Street, the term “establishment”, and, the term “progressive”), Bernie explained the difference between a “moderate” (something Hillary had previously said she was) and a “progressive” (which she now calls herself).  He did not back down on the fact Hillary made a lot of money in her speeches to Wall Street and how Wall Street caused the 2008 recession.  Hillary bragged about all the endorsements she has received from Democrats in congress, the Obama administration, Democrat governors and politicians in many states, etc.   Bernie used few words to comment on that saying “they are the establishment”!  He agreed the “establishment” endorsed Hillary and that was o.k.  He went on to say how many millions of ordinary American citizens support his campaign and why.  Hillary had no rebut to that!  Bernie kept “his cool” but was firm anytime Hillary attacked him (and yes, she did attack).  He gave perfectly reasonable replies to all her accusations.  He not only got all his points across but remained a gentlemen to the end!  In his closing statement he said his candidacy for the presidency is to help the American people regain their rights as American citizens and get rid of the “money” that is ruining it.

Hillary took a lot more time to explain her positions and her ideas about what needs to be done for this country. That is a common trait of being a politician many years.  She agreed with Bernie on what has to be done for the country. I found it interesting that in this debate she took every chance she could to describe herself as a “progressive”.  Hillary’s “pat” answer to how she would accomplish these goals was “I have a plan”.  However, she never explained what that plan was, how she could make it work if she was president or how to fund it.  As I wrote in the previous paragraph, she was on the defensive much of the time with her blah, blah, blah rebuttals.  Hillary also interrupted Bernie just as he began to  reply to a question by the moderator!  That was extremely rude!  Particularly when, as I said before, she was given as much time as she wanted for rebuttals. At every opportunity Hillary “bragged” about how she and President Obama were in agreement and how much she supported him.  Hillary explained why she was for TPP before she was against it but didn’t sound very convincing.  Hillary’s defense of all the money she made with speeches on Wall Street, Hillary said “that’s what they offered” and how past Secretaries of State did it also.  She inferred it was a common practice among “high level politicians”.   Once again, she said she was the first one who imposed sanctions on Iran.  This has been proven to be a false statement.  In Hillary’s closing statement she told the audience she is the best candidate to win the nomination and the choice comes down to who has the best policies and who “people believe will make these policies” as president.

Now that the DNC has “sanctioned” more debates as Bernie requested, these debates should get better with each one.  The more we hear from each of them the more we are able to determine which one to vote for.  There is much more to come!