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No one can say it wasn’t an interesting night for the Iowa caucuses!  Other writers can give their take on the Republican side of these caucuses.

The most interesting action taken by a candidate was before the vote count was even completed.  Hillary had 49.9% of the delegates and Bernie had 49.6% of the delegates.  However, Hillary “felt the need” to claim victory before it was over!  There is still doubt it is.

To me, this is a typical Hillary political maneuver!  “Get ahead of the game”!  Maybe she thought this would “influence” the caucus that hadn’t finished yet. This was ‘shameful’ and could possibly backfire on her.  Even a prominent journalist said this was not a good thing to do.

There has been much talk and many articles written on the “coin toss” part of this election.  What I found is the “uncertainty” of who actually won is still out there.  According to one writer, even “Sam Lau, a spokesman for the Iowa Democratic Party, said the state party does not track all of the coin flips!  According to Lau, it was Sanders who fared better in the games of chance!  The Vermont Senator won six of the seven coin flips – a fact that underlines how incomplete the available data remains, and the likelihood that a full accounting of all the coin flips on Monday night would yield a more even result than initial reports suggested.”

The Iowa Democratic Party didn’t give Hillary Clinton the “thumbs up” signal until later Tuesday. Even then, they are admitting there are possibilities Sanders won!   Talk about “complicated”! These were county caucus deciders, not for the state.  As Harry Enten stated,   “These ties are not for statewide delegate equivalents.  They are for county delegates.  Those are different, and not nearly as big a deal.”

I read where the Democratic Party and CBS are involved in a joint investigation into the whole issue.  CBS will not say anything at this time.

This is going to be a very busy week for Hillary and Bernie.  Starting with a Town Hall on CNN Wednesday.  On her Tuesday evening program, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC stated the MSNBC debate on Thursday is still on even if it means just she and Chuck Todd will be the only ones there!

Oh!  The thrill of it all!