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**Preface: This article was written March 4th of this year when every media was paying attention to this subject.  Here it is seven months later and I still don’t understand!



I cannot understand President Obama’s insistence to Fast Track the TPP!  I do not understand why he is not giving the US Congress the details of this agreement before they have to vote on it.  Nor do I understand why he does not go to the citizens of this country and explain his reasons (not the short explanations he has given). This is contrary to everything I believed about this president.  I believed he would always be transparent and open about what his agenda is.  He took a much longer amount of time to explain his health care program, which was needed. Why won’t he do the same concerning the TPP Agreement?  This agreement needs the same amount of explaining, if not more.

It is common knowledge that all the previous trade agreements have resulted in the loss of jobs for Americans.  The pay for the foreign workers who make these products is minimal.  These workers are made to work long hours with no overtime in appalling work conditions. These agreements have certainly not helped the poor in these countries.  These countries continue to break the rules without any consequences.  The only people these agreements have helped are the corporations who make outrageous profits at the expense of American jobs and the labor of people who have no choice.

I understand how much our president cares for the “downtrodden” (whatever country they live in) and I appreciate his concern.  However, this agreement falls short of actually helping them in any true sense.  As much as I am sure he wants to help them, he must remember he is President of the United States, not the world.   I believe he would serve the citizens of this country better if he continued to work on the many problems here in America.

This article is not intended to “criticize” our president.  It is to ask for clarification on every one of the details in this agreement and the hope he will consider the will of the American people on this Fast Track proposal.



 Preface:  This article was written but not complete before the good news from the U.S. Supreme Court on upholding the ACA (Obama Care) and the legalization of marriage for the LGBT community in all states. I thank President Obama for this and congratulate him.  However, in spite of all the good news for Obama and this country, this article pertains to his most recent presidential actions that many Americans feel very strongly about.  Their voices need to be heard as well.

With reference to the title of this article, I begin: This must be President Obama’s position now!  He has been doing more legislation to benefit the wealthy and corporations than he has for the American people recently. It is hard to face the fact that the President I sincerely believed in seems to have changed his values. That is the only conclusion I can come to with these recent actions.

I am not writing this easily. I do believe Obama was sincere during his campaign and most of his presidency.  I believe after almost six years of continuous Republican obstruction he has given up and given in!   I guess he just couldn’t “go the distance”!  I truly believed Obama was stronger and more dedicated to the American people than this.  It breaks my heart!!

Obama joined the Republicans on the largest and worst Trade Agreement our country has ever seen, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).  The full content of this Trade Agreement is still unknown. Yet, Congress voted on it!!  After the required time and Obama’s vote on this, it will be too late to add any amendments or amend anything in this agreement.  It will be impossible to undo for six years!  With the majority of the American people and literally all the labor unions against this agreement, Obama has ignored them and pushed it through Congress.

There will now be drilling in Alaska thanks to the Obama administration.  Also, according to an article by Carl Hiaasen: ….“in January, the Obama administration proposed a plan that would open offshore oil leases in the Atlantic ocean from Virginia to Georgia.  Ten new leases would be granted in the Gulf of Mexico; one is in the eastern zone near Florida.  Obama has also moved to allow seismic testing for possible offshore oil and gas reserves all the way from Delaware to Cape Canaveral. The process involves the staccato firing of big compressed air guns deep in the ocean over periods of weeks.  Prominent scientists from Duke, Cornell and other institutions say the method poses a “significant threat to marine life.”

There are so many things Obama could be pushing as hard for as he has the TPP.  What about funding for the infrastructure problem in America?  That would create jobs.  What about working against these corporations shipping jobs overseas instead of helping them?

Whatever happened to the “Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act”; “to investigate and prosecute fraud in every corner of the financial system or the “Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission” “to investigate the financial fraud that led to the economic meltdown”?  I have not heard of one person being held accountable.

What happened with the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009” to close offshore tax avoidance loopholes?  Corporations still have their offshore tax havens!

Obama expanded trade agreements to include stricter labor and environmental agreements such as NAFTA.  Yet, there has been no action on any of these rules.  These agreements are useless when it comes to enforcing anything written in them!  Obama knows this.  Another reason why I question his insistence on the TPP.  His reason is the U.S. should make the rules, not China.  This does not “compute”!  If we don’t enforce the rules, what difference does it make who “makes the rules”?

As I said, President Obama has helped America in many ways.  However, his term isn’t up yet.  I just wished he would end it the way he started it…with the interests of the American people first and foremost!       –