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With the news yesterday that the U.S. Central Command, in charge of the wars in the Middle East, has not been truthful about how these wars are going, who can we trust?  It was reported they have not been telling the truth about these wars since 2014!  When they give reports that ISIS is growing weaker and we are winning, why would we question them?  Now, we have reason to question every move they make!  This not only includes the U.S. Central Command but every government agency and even the president who knew of this deceit and are complicit in this lie.  Who can we trust?

One of President Obama’s campaign promises was to “bring our troops home”.  Obama has done the opposite.  He has expanded the wars in the Middle East.  He has sent more military to Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya.  As I have written before, Obama has expanded the war G.W. Bush started.  It is no longer the G.W. Bush war.  It is President Obama wars!  Who can we trust?

The Democratic Party has promised for years to “bring back” the middle class and achieve equality for them.  They promised to bring back the jobs that were sent overseas.  They promised to tax the wealthy and close the loopholes they use to send their money overseas.  They promised everyone would get free health care.  They promised to make government agencies more accountable.  Not only did they not keep these promises, they actually made things worse by their commitment to the corporations that “own them”!

Our two nominees for president are both liars and deceitful.  They have done nothing to help the American people but they “promise” to do everything “for the American people”!  These two nominees are the most disliked and most distrusted than any other nominees in the history of this country!  Yet, we are expected to vote for one of them.  Who do we trust?

COMCAST cable has a monopoly to service many areas of the country.  Cable users have no choice.  COMCAST keeps upping their monthly fees and adding more service fees.  You pay a “service agreement fee” for help when something goes wrong with this service and they do not honor this agreement. Their customer service jobs are outsourced overseas.  These customer service people, through no fault of their own, are not trained well and some can barely speak English.  Who can you trust?

The Corporate grocery stores are buying most of our food from other countries that have no regulations on sanitation, how it is produced, how it is packaged or how “old” it is.  Fresh caught salmon in U.S. waters are shipped to China to be packaged in these plants and sent back to the U.S. for sale!  Again, these packaging facilities have no sanitation or safety regulations. The same goes for many pork products and other foods.  Who can we trust?

The Pharmaceutical industry has prescription drugs manufactured in other countries as well.   The majority of prescription drugs manufactured in the U.S are now being replaced with prescription drugs produced in other countries.  Why?  Because corporate headquarters say those produced in the U.S. are too expensive!  They discontinue their use and leave the customer with no choice but to buy those made in other countries.  I researched a company, Aurobindo Pharma, which is in India.  I found they have been given “warning letters” by the FDA in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011, 2015 and February, 2016 for failing to document positive results containing microbial growth, the quality of the sterile API and finished drug products manufactured at these facilities.  Their packaging and labeling systems are inadequate. The FDA stated “these violations are not all-inclusive of violations that exist at these facilities.”  In a June 2015 report by Boston Consulting Group focusing on the quality of manufacturing in the biopharma industry and its possible solutions, noted that “from 2010 through 2014, 11 of the top 15 biopharmaceutical companies received warning letters from the U.S. FDA. It further added that the manufacturing quality levels in the drug industry remained well below those in other industries….” My question is, what does it take to have the FDA actually “shut down” these manufacturing facilities?  The FDA sends these warning letters, yet, Aurobindo Pharma is still in business and has 21 active manufacturing facilities!  They are now the “new” manufacturer used for my prescription!  Who can we trust?

I have yet to find clothing or household items that are not made in other countries.  They are “cheap knockoffs” of very good products we used to be able to buy in America!  They are “throw away” products that are defective from the start and don’t last long!  Who can we trust?

The citizens of the United States are living in a “shadow world” where what we believe to be true is covered by the shadows of lies and deceit by the very ones we trust.