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First, let me say, I would never vote for Trump…but…Wow!  It’s been quite a week of constant Trump bashing by everyone, Hillary, Democrats and even Republicans.  I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be taken to task for his outrageous behavior and comments.  However, I will say, I do think Trump has everyone fooled!  He may be a narcissist…but show me a politician who isn’t!  The harsh opinion that he is actually “mentally unstable” is being pushed 24/7 by the media, every reporter/journalist or news outlet that exists!  I think it’s time everyone calmed down and cut out the unsubstantiated “rumors” being repeated.  There are still three months to go before the election and who knows what will happen before then.  I have made several comments on my concern about Hillary’s physical health because she is on medication that increases her risk for a stroke or heart attack.  This is as serious as the “supposed craziness” of Trump!  Yet, I have not heard or read one word about anyone covering Hillary’s “health!  Seems to me it deserves as much attention as “Trump is crazy and unfit to lead”!  Does anyone have the courage to look into this?  No, I didn’t think so!  This whole week is much ado about nothing and will prove to be nonsensical jibberish!

I voted for Obama twice and believed what he promised in his campaign speeches. Not too long ago, I even wrote an article thanking him for all he has done for our country and I still give him credit for what he has done.  However, as time has passed, I have become more aware that his campaign words do not match his actions and I have been “fooled twice”.  Shame on me!  Obama led the voters to believe he was a “progressive” who would right the wrongs in this country and help the middle class achieve equality. It was his “Hope and Change” speech. Obama has not done that.  I am aware he has had nothing but obstruction from the Republicans on passing bills.  However, Obama did not need congress to have the Justice Department investigate the illegality of G.W. Bush’s war in Iraq.  Obama did not need congress to start an investigation into Wall Street and the banks for causing the worst depression since the 1930’s!  Obama placed former Wall Street members in his cabinet and did not replace other “conservative Republicans” throughout his administration.  These appointments have thwarted any action for “Hope and Change” in any of these government departments!  Obama’s most recent actions have left no doubt he is just another Democratic establishment politician. Obama promised to bring our troops home.  He has now committed more troops to Afghanistan, more in Iraq and more bombing of Libya.  Obama has extended G.W. Bush’s war in Iraq to more of the Middle East and beyond!  I have no doubt!  When Obama spends as much time and energy as he has on trying to get his TPP  (his legacy legislation) through congress, when he very well knows the majority of the people are against another trade bill shipping more American jobs overseas, there is no doubt in my mind.  When he agreed to oil exploration in the most pristine areas of Alaska and other states in the U.S., there is no doubt in my mind.  When he endorsed the most disliked and dishonest nominee for president in the history of our country; someone whose judgement got him into the Libya fiasco, someone who now wants regime change in Syria and more war in the Middle East, there is no doubt in my mind.  When Obama said he “could not believe Trump thinks the election will be “rigged” even after an email proved the primary was “rigged” by the DNC & DWS for Hillary.  Doesn’t Obama remember the presidential election in Florida in 2000!  I have no doubt in my mind!

Since I just addressed the “baggage” of Hillary in my last article, I will not repeat it. I will just add that the Clintons, Bill & Hillary started their “friendship” with Wall Street when he was president by repealing the Glass-Steagall Act.  They have been “milking the system” ever since.  I know Bill Clinton isn’t running for president but you can be sure he will have a “full partnership” with Hillary in her presidency should she win.  Bill can lie as good as Hillary and he uses that “asset” regularly.  Like Obama, Bill is a good orator and is able to sell anything because “he sells it as truth”.  I truly cringe at the thought of this dishonest man and his dishonest wife being in the White House once again!

It doesn’t matter if it is Republican or Democrat, the political party establishments and their presidential nominees are full of greed and power seekers who have sold their souls!