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On June 10, 2015 a bill was passed by the Republican house.  This bill repeals the requirement for meat products to be labeled with their “country of origin”.  In other words, we in the U.S. would have no way of knowing which country our meat/poultry is coming from!  We would not know the conditions these animals  were raised in, the process of preparing for market or the condition of the plant it was packaged in.  There would be no regulations on safety.  We already have many other products made in foreign countries shipped to the U.S. without any labeling or safety regulations, including many foods.

This bill (H.R. 2393) was introduced by Rep. Michael Conaway from Texas. The full title of the bill is “To amend the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to repeal country of origin labeling requirements with respect to beef, port, and chicken, and for other purposes.  To read the text of the bill you can go to H.R. 2393.

It is almost impossible to keep up with all the “dirty deeds” the Republicans are doing to help the greedy corporations make even more profit!  They could care less about the safety of anything sold to the American people.  These legislators will do anything for these corporations to line their pockets with $$!! These same legislators are still trying to strike down the ACA (“Obama care”) for the insurance companies even though this would take away health insurance for 6 million people!  Their corruption is truly “mind boggling”!!

If our democracy is to survive we need to vote every “corrupt” politician out of office….ASAP!!  They will never vote “term limits” for themselves.  Why should they?  They have a good thing going and the cash flow is increasing!

I recommend everyone who wants to know where their meat comes from call their Senators and let them know this is unacceptable.  The senate hasn’t voted on this yet.