Articles have been written about the Koch brothers “American Legislative Exchange Council but I wonder how many Americans are aware of how dangerous this corporate organization is.  The purpose of this organization is to impose the corporate agenda in every elected position in the entire country.  Corporations pay the Koch brothers’ ALEC to allow their lawyers to write corporate legislation for Republicans to introduce and then pass into law.

If you think the Koch brothers have done all the damage they can do.  Think again!  They are just getting started!  Their goal is to take over all of America, not just Congress and the White House.

An offshoot of ALEC IS ACCE (The American City County Exchange).  This is an ALEC-operated project beginning in 2015.  ALEC is the “Daddy”, working at the national and state level.  ACCE is the “Son”, working on city and county governments.  Sounds preposterous?  Anyone who does not take these organizations seriously and does nothing about them will feel the results of their actions!  They have already taken over governorships, state legislatures and other political positions in a state (think Attorney General, Secretary of State (elections), etc.), city councils, county councils, etc.

Not enough to get you riled up?  How about their plans to abolish public pensions, unions, minimum wage and so much more.  For more information search ALEC at The Guardian.

These Republican organizations will continue their agenda until they are stopped!!









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