As expected, Republicans and faux Democrats are crying “Wolf” before they have even read the Iran nuclear agreement!  They have no alternative but they will do anything to keep President Obama from accomplishing this historic agreement.

Lindsay Graham’s comment was “I really fear that this sets in motion a decade of chaos”.  Too bad he didn’t speak up and say these very same words when G.W. Bush was going to invade Iraq!!

G.W.’s twin, Jeb Bush said “This isn’t diplomacy – it is appeasement.” and “The nuclear agreement with Iran is a dangerous, deeply flawed and short sighted deal.”  WOW!  For someone as “uneducated in foreign policy” as Jeb is, this is quite the “hutzpah!

Chris Christie accused Obama of lying to the public!  This from a guy that has done nothing but lie to the citizens of his state!  Scott Walker “promises” if he is president, he will “do away” with the agreement!  Just like he is going to do away with Obama Care!  Donald Trump said “Iran will cheat” (duh!).  As if the people involved in this agreement haven’t covered that!

Hillary Clinton isn’t any better.  She said “It’s an important step” but still has concerns!  This is another noncommittal statement like she made regarding the TPP agreement.  Hillary believes she can win by sitting “on the fence” and casually addressing the same issues Bernie Sanders has been bringing up this entire time.

Watching the Republicans race to see who can come up with the most nonsensical, inane or asinine comments is like watching “Saturday Night Live”!  They are falling all over each other trying to get that “face time” with the media!

I can hardly wait for the debates to start!


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