Let me preface this article by saying I admire Hillary Clinton for what she has accomplished.    She has been First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.  What other woman in history has attained this much in her lifetime? However, that is not enough for Hillary Clinton!  Now, she wants to be President of the United States!  I am extremely sorry Hillary puts her “wants” ahead of what is best for this country.  Hillary knows full well that a “Hillary campaign” will, once again, “relive” the “Clinton past” (Hillary and Bill’s past).  Hillary knows she will get “full press” wherever she goes. Most importantly, Hillary knows full well how much time will be spent on Hillary, the person. Time not spent on what this country needs or what she, as president will do about it.  This is why I am so disappointed in her choice to run for president.  She is putting herself first and the country last.

Hillary is a skilled politician.  However, this is not “the” qualifying factor.  Being an experienced politician does not necessarily mean she is capable of being president. She did not show these “necessary capabilities” for president in the 2008 primary and she has yet to show them this time around.  What I see now is very smart politician “putting all her ducks in a row”.   Hillary has a very “slick” campaign prepared to “woo” the voters.  She will have “chats” and drink tea, coffee and whatever else with them.  She will talk about being a grandmother (all warm and fuzzy), talk about “breaking the glass ceiling” and other topics “of her choosing”. This is all “political gamesmanship” and has nothing whatsoever to do with what the American people need from their president.  All of this “hullabaloo” does not change Hillary’s “inner self”.  It only shows her “outer shell”.  Hillary is a “driven politician” and her objective has always been to “win” whatever office she runs for.  This is what Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have accumulated a large group of people “who owe them” for favors given all these past years. This is the “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” crowd!  Hillary’s supporters believe it is “Hillary’s turn” (as Ann Romney believed it was Mitts)!  These people who actually believe running for president because yes“It’s your turn” are so far out of touch with the American people, no amount of “coffee chats” will get their vote!  These supporters believe it is time for a woman president.  A recent poll showed it makes no difference to the voters if it is a man or woman.

To those who say she is qualified to be president…. I say, “show me”!   My first question is “why did you vote yes to invade Iraq”?

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